Friday, March 25, 2005

Friendship Beyond

I'm mentally kicking myself, though gently, for being such a devoted friend. And have no question, I am devoted.

Good Friday . . . a day that I have never held dear to my heart because all those around me have had it as a vacation day, and I have not. However, that changes today. I am officially on vacation.

Unfortunately, I have been on vacation all week - though inadvertantly. On Tuesday morning I awoke with NO voice. Not a good start for a speech/language pathologist. I hastened to my family practitioner and discovered I had bronchitis, strep throat and laryngitis as a result of the coughing from the former. Don't you just love germy kids?

I am starting to feel better (thanks for mentally asking, I know you are), however, mentally I'm feeling worse. I awoke at 4 a.m. in the midst of a severe coughing fit. More is always more, right? So I took two very large doses of Tylenol nightime cough and sore throat. I slept like a baby for the next four hours. Unfortunately, I should still be sleeping. Here comes the friend part.

Despite medicine head, severe respiratory disease and a vacation day, I'm helping one of my best friends from college paint the entire interior of her new house today. Largely because it is my duty as a friend to rejoice in the fact that at age 24 (and her husband being 27) they are finally home owners.

Is it intelligent of someone with a respiratory disorder to breathe in paint fumes all day?? Probably not. Should I be on my feet all day considering I have a severely sprained ankle and a cracked femur from a car wreck a month ago? Probably not. Should someone who mixed Tylenol cold with Oxycodone be driving to said house let alone be lucid enough to intentionally add paint fumes to the mix? Probably not. However, I'm a good friend.

How the fuck did that happen?