Monday, May 09, 2005


I'm addicted to trash novels.

Not like sleezy romances (though a good one every now and again never hurts, particularly if you're on a vacation), but crap books that serve no purpose.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good novel, too. My favorite all time book is definitely "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. I love non-fiction books such as ANYTHING by Jon Krakauer - even when things like "Into the Wild" made me want to reach into the not so distant past and jack slap some kid upside the head and scream WHAT KIND OF MORON MOVES TO ALASKA, DROWNS HIS CAR, BURNS HIS MONEY AND VENTURES INTO THE WILD WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A COAT OR A KNIFE!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

But most of the time, say two to three times a week, I want to pick up some ignorant but wonderfully entertaining book. Something that makes me laugh out loud or make me want to jump the bones of people that don't even exist. If you need examples, here are some great trash books (some of them even make you THINK):

Dan Brown - Da Vinci Code (not so trashy, but the list gets worse)
John Case - The Genesis Code
Tom Tupor - The Codicil
Nelson Demille - Word of Honor
Charlaine Harris - Dead to the World
Janet Evanovich - ANY book in her Stephanie Plum numbered series
Jennifer Crusie - ANY book EXCEPT Faking It
Jennifer Weiner - Good in Bed
Harlan Coben - The Final Detail
Tami Hoag - anything from EARLY in her career
Kay Hooper - Stealing Shadows

So, that's my addiction, stupid books. The most recently finished (as in about 10 minutes ago) is the new Charlaine Harris book - "Dead as a Doornail". Female with ESP, fell in love with a vampire, got cheated on, started sleeping with a new vampire, he got his memory back (hard to follow, I know, just pick up the books) . . . . but you get the gist. Mindless, surreal non-sense. Something to take your mind away from everything.

How does a highly educated, somewhat intelligent female over the age of 13 still appreciate these things???

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Bozo's Monkey said...

Well, I am still addict to graphic novels, where many people think it is for kids to read. As of right now, I am more of Vertigo reader, graphic novels for mature readers.