Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Dentist, what?

So, how many people has the following happened to:

Loving boyfriend: "Baby, smile at me again."

Confused girlfriend: "Umm . . why?"

Loving boyfriend: "Just do it."

Bemused girlfriend - Smiles

Caustic boyfriend: "When did you say your dentist appointment was again?"

Alarmed girlfriend: "Umm . . . next week, why?"

Asshole boyfriend: "Because your teeth from your canines back are brown."

Nasty mouthed girlfriend runs to bathroom to check. Sees NOTHING of note. Returns to living room, completely ignoring Beauty Pageant Judge boyfriend's existence.

2 hrs later . . . .

Ignored boyfriend: "When you opened your mouth right then your teeth didn't look brown. Smile again, wide."

Pissed off girlfriend snarls instead of smiles - this appearantly allows him to see teeth again.

Ignorant boyfriend: "Babe, appearantly it was just the shadow of the light in the living room. Your teeth aren't brown."

Brilliantly white teethed girlfriend replies: "That sounds oddly like a man who knows he isn't getting any tonight trying to retract a stupid statement by adding a lie to the mix."

Flustered boyfriend: "No, seriously, it was just a shadow I guess. Your teeth don't look brown in here. Remind me to look in the morning when we're going out to our cars."

Abstinate for the night girlfriend: "Eat shit and die."

2 minutes later:

Abstinate for the night girlfriend gets a VERY belated stroke of brilliance: "Then your teeth will be brown too and maybe we can kiss again."

Has already put previous comment out of his head boyfriend: "HUH?"

Pissed off at delay of greatness girlfriend: "Forget it."

My dentist is actually a fine piece of ass. Maybe if my boyfriend keeps making stupid ass comments I'll try and do him instead. At least then I will be CERTAIN that brown teeth are a result of shadowed light.


duckie said...

the dentist can hook you up with Nitrus too. I vote for dumping the current boy to pursue the dentist. But that's just me.

sqg said...

Not to mention the kickass chair he has for.. well you know. :)

meghansdiscontent said...

LOL - unfortunately, guys, I really did start thinking about the dentist hook up . . .and called a friend who is wonderful friends with my dentist. Turns out hottie has found himself a girlfriend.

Probably for the best anyway . . . I actually think I love the one I'm with. Damnit. It's just like stepping in shit.

The Delawarean said...

ROFL... nice

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