Monday, May 09, 2005

Is a List Really Necessary???

So, I was told recently (about 2 seconds after posting the last post) that a simple Confession wasn't enough. That someone's list of attributes about themself was a wonderful idea and I should copy it.

I'm not much of a copier.
More a do your own thing kind of gal.
But let me know if I need to make a list.


birdie said...

I had to make a list because I love lists of any form-- I make them all day long. Sometimes I make lists so I have something to cross off and make myself feel productive. It's a disgusting habit.
But by all means, make a list. Like I said, I unashamedly adore them. Though I think breaking them up makes then easier to read. I do have a short attention span. :)

meghansdiscontent said...

It's rather odd how alike we are sometimes. I make lists all day. I made a list today of 5 reasons not to squeeze this one kid's head until his eyeballs popped out.

#1 - His medicaid pays my salary
#2 - He's not as bad as two of my other clients
#3 - His mother's welfare voucher pays for my friend's salaries (they're daycare workers)
#4 - If I couldn't get his eyeballs back in, there's a large chance his drug dealing dad would shoot me
#5 - If I couldn't get his eyeballs back in, his drug dealer dad and 16 year old mom would qualify for SSI money, so just more of my tax dollars down the drain

I just thought a list about myself would be presumptious as well as copying you, my dear friend.