Sunday, May 01, 2005

Where in the GD world . . .

Long story which may be published later, possible within the obituary of one of my family members. . . .. but some questions resulting from the story??

1 - Where in the GD world, would someone be able to give two days notice before moving out of a place where he/she pays rent??

I'm honestly asking here. Someone please, send me an example. I'm dying to know.

2 - Where in the GD world, would someone be able to move out after two days notice and leave all their SHIT in the previous residence for, oh, let's say a three month span??

Notice when I say all their shit, I mean the following:

Large entertainment unit
Queen size bed
Computer desk and computer
Chest of drawers
Night stand
Two closets full of clothing (yes, ladies and gentlemen, this boy has taken up his entire MASSIVE closet AND . . . AND . . . AND the entire massive guest room closet)
And all other paraphenalia that goes along with a living space

You must be asking yourself what he actually took . ..
I'm anal so I counted. Brace yourself:

19 shirts
3 pairs of shorts
2 pairs of khakis
2 pairs of jeans
2 pairs of shoes
a rubbermaid drawer container holding:
5 undershirts
11 pairs of boxers
8 pairs of socks

And that's it folks.
Not his TV, not his X-Box, not his massive godforsaken furniture . . .

Oh wait . .
I forgot
He took his dog and his girlfriend
Forget the rant, I'm slightly pacified for now.

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sqg said...

Unfortunately, the only GD place that usually does happen, is with family. will the obit. read? -lol