Thursday, June 02, 2005

Apologies, Kind Of

Okay, so I just read over that last post.

I apologize for the extreme use of profanity.
And for some of the ways I expressed my ideas.
A little logorrhea going on there.
But the ideas and beliefs were sound and honest.
I just could have been a little more . . . umm . . tactful in my expression of them.


noelle feather said...

nah, don't apologize! You go! This is what our blogs are for! :)

duckie said...

I second that. If people don't like it, fuck em!

duckie said...

i like using the word "fuck"

it just works for me.

sqg said...

Fuck! :)

Bozo's Monkey said...

You are sorry and bashful because of a word you used on your own blog?