Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Everyone Else's Doing It

Is Better
Than the Reality
Of You


duckie said...

what is everyone doing? fuck them anyway.

sqg said...

Where all da Arkansas wimun?

And what happened to the Birdie's place??

Jbsss said...

Interesting statement. Here is a little something that I read in Psychology Today (Feb. 2005 PG. 95). Maybe it will speak to you the way it spoke to me.

It is simply our nature to root for a cursed team (refers to previous case of a guy that spent his whole life waiting for the Red Socks to win the world series) or to chase a dream that, when realized, will never be as sweet as it is in our mind's eye, then we can try to appreciate the joy that comes in the striving.

What i got from that, simply put, is that just because we took a long time to get where it is we thought we wanted to be, that does not mean that the trip there was not KICK ASS!