Thursday, June 02, 2005


I'm so beyond happy today!!

Why, you ask??

I shouldn't be.
Monday was Memorial day, so I had a non-paid day off.
Tuesday I discovered that several of my kids (aka, livlihood) have gone awol because their 14 year old mothers are out of school for the summer and their 27 yr old grandmother's refuse to pay for daycare during the summer when their momma's could watch them for free.
Not to mention the three that are on hold (aka 9 hours of work per week) because their medicaid numbers have expired because their mothers (between the ages of 14 and 20) are too lazy to maintain their information for their FREE healthcare.
So, I worked 7 hrs Tues, 8 hrs yesterday, 6 hours today . . . and have NO hours for Fri and couldn't have worked any more hours Tues - Thurs.
Woo hoo 21 hr pay week. Note the sarcasm.

Perhaps my happiness is due to the snazzy, rocky, makes you want to jump all over the car on your commute Killers CD that I have been rocking for over 6 months now.

Maybe it's due to the gorgeous sunny weather that is outside my very window.

Possibly it's a result of my reading not ONE but TWO good, borderline very good, books in the past day and a half (because it has been so VERY long since I found a new author that I enjoyed).

It could be that my bestest friend in the world since I was 18 is coming over for dinner (insert Birdie or Robin's name into the bestest friend slot).

It could be that I made so wonderfully tasty make you wanna slap your momma food that it may be gone before Birdie can get off work and to my house - 9 p.m. is LATE for food when you've been up since 5:45.

Or maybe it's because I FINALLY have my checkbook completely and utterly balanced. No unaccounted for debits or credits. COMPLETELY on the level.

It's just a good, great, fantabulous day.

Oh - with one down spot. Delewarean - I've been trying to leave "opinions" on your blog for some time now . . . and it WON'T let me . . . . HELP! Give me some way to communicate with you. Your blog is beyond hi-fucking-larious.

Now, for some social lubricant. . . . hmm . . . tequila or rum. Jose it is. That man has always treated me right.


noelle feather said...

what are the books you just read? I just picked up Catch-22. Do you have the link of delewaren to share?

birdie said...

Ok, so i just read through your latest bazillion postings and I LOVE YOU and support you in your efforts to cull the herd. While we're at it, can we cull the herd of the stinky-footed beotch who sits next to me because DEAR GOD i'm about to pass out.
and that food last night WAS DAMN GOOD it's been so long since i've eaten ACTUALLY FOOD i almost didn't know what to do.
and, um, can we talk about how you made a reference to someone as a "brother-in-law" b/c you would tell me if you snuck off and did the j.p. marriage thing, right? i at least want to be there to give you a shot of tequila before you go on. this is the deal. you're there with the drinks on mine and i'll be there with the drinks on yours.

duckie said...

social lubrication? that is some funny shit. never heard that before.