Thursday, June 02, 2005

Holy Hell

Jesus Christ ametly . . I just found out I'm a libertarian.

Makes some sense.
I think the government butts into my damn life way too much - particularly since I have my own corporation and taxes are EATING ME ALIVE both privately and business wise.
I think the government should stop supporting losers and let them get their own damn job. No one's too good for Burger King. The King will support your ass for $5.25 an hour . . . in other words, more than the fucking NOTHING you're making sitting on your ass.
I think Social Security has far outlived it's usefulness and that I'm paying Social Security to support my parents . . . because not dick of it will be left when I get there. Not to mention, if you're in your 20's, the way the damn economy is now, you would make FAR more putting your money in a CD or even a damn savings account than investing it in IRA's and 401 K's and Social fucking Security. I have a SEP and I have consistently lost money this year - I realize it's a pendulum and it will swing back up, but damnit . . I can't help but think if I had put all that money in my LOW yield savings account I would still have ALL the money I saved plus a TINY bit extra.

I think income tax is a joke. It's ridiculous that I work my ass off to pay 1/3 or in my case close to 1/2 to the government. If I wanted to work to support other people, I would give birth.

I think drugs should be legalized and taxed the hell out of. If you're stupid enough to buy the things that kill you (hell, I contribute, I buy lots of alcohol) then support the government while you're doing it . . plus killing some of you people off would be culling the herd. I'm all about drug legalization.

Abortion should always be legal. ALWAYS. PERIOD. If you don't have a vagina - you can't say a damn thing about it, because you don't understand. You also can't say anything if you haven't been pregnant. I met someone, rather recently, who was VERY VERY VERY adamant about being anti-abortion. Guess who had one last week -- oh yes, same girl. Turns out being pregnant and actually having a baby is a lot scarier than she thought. Particularly when her boyfriend was screwing her best friend.

Wow, libertarian, whoda thunk it. Here I was thinking I was a Republican with some very liberal leanings.


duckie said...

I don't even have a vagina and i feel like the goverment is all up inside mine! Fucking Republicans. How could you have even thought you were one?

sqg said...

Yep! What the duck said.

Fucking republicans!

meghansdiscontent said...

But how are Democrats any better????