Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's About Time

Oh Dear God . . .

I can't believe it finally happened. They finally got caught in something they can't possibly buy their way out of, can they???

For followers of the blog; you will remember back in December I was having some trouble leaving my job. It required one month's notice (per contract) but if I stayed, I was in jeopardy of losing my license because of the MANY MANY MANY bad and illegal things which were going on there. In the end, I just left. Well, this daycare has FINALLY screwed up so desperately that it HAS to be shut down FINALLY.

6:20 A.M.
Bepopping down the road, flipping amongst radio stations, attempting to find either a rocking song or something to make me laugh. For WHATEVER reason (AKA fate) I stopped on the local Power 92.3 radio station, widely known for nothing but Rap and their Black Power commentary. Don't ask why I stopped, I still don't know. About 30 seconds into their news reporting about the Pine Bluff ban of smoking in public restaurants, I hear the name of the company I used to be contracted with to provide speech therapy services for the children. What the hell are they doing in the news? And then I hear the rest:

A child died yesterday afternoon when the driver of the Childcare Center of Arkansas's van failed to drop him off at his house. The driver forgot the child was in the van and proceeded home after his route. Parents reported the child missing at 8:20 P.M. The child was found dead in the van parked at the driver's private residence.

There are SO many things to question here:

First of all, the van route begins at 3 P.M. and ends no later than 4 P.M. What kind of neglectful, ignorant parents do not realize their child, their 3-year old no less, is missing for almost 5 hours??

Second of all, what kind of MORON doesn't do a walk through of the van after the route to check and make sure all children and all belongings are off the van??

Further reports throughout the day have noted that he is being charged with manslaughter because the child is ABLE TO BE SEEN FROM THE DRIVER'S SEAT OF THE VEHICLE. And he didn't see him???? He didn't see the kid??? WHAT????

Now, I know that SEVERAL of the therapists who have left have REPEATEDLY reported this daycare to DHS for violations of codes, illegal actions, etc. Yet, DHS has done NOTHING. I was actually there when DHS would visit. There would be GLARING discrepencies from codes, yet not even a warning was issued. And what's even scarier is that they ALWAYS knew when DHS was making their surprise visits. They would come over the intercom and say "All teachers, be advised that DHS will be making a surprise visit at 11 this morning. Make sure you are in ratio and your room is in order. If you have too many children come to the front and we will find people to put in your classroom with you." And then the teachers would LEAVE their classrooms (always good to leave 2, 3 and 4 yr olds unattended) and come to the office to say "Man, I got sefemteen (17) kids up in my room. How many I supposed to be having?"

Now, whenever I or other therapists would notice these things and say something to the director she would say "I will take care of that. I had no idea such things were happening," and yet nothing would change. Well, except that her 2 daughters and 6 other relatives that worked there would say things like "uppity white bitches" loudly when they were around us.

I even found out, right before I left, that they were supposedly stealing from the company. Though not technically stealing I don't guess. Just writing things off that weren't being used for the daycare. An older black woman that worked there, and hated the whole family and what they did, told the therapists that they would order "good food" for the kids for breakfast and lunch and snacks (even though half the time they weren't given breakfast and lunch was beans and white bread with graham crackers for snack, if they got a snack) and then when the truck came to deliver it, they would take the food off and put it in the office like they were going to put it in the building. The minute the truck driver left, they would load the boxes of sausage biscuits, hamburger meat, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, whole hams, chicken strips, etc. into their personal vehicles and take them home.

Now, I KNOW they are making money hand over fist. HAND OVER FIST. Because we had 3 speech therapists and 3 occupational therapists on staff, all working 40 hours a week. All of our children were Medicaid kids. Medicaid pays $76 per hour per therapy per child. So, rough estimate 6 times 40 = 240 times 76 = eighteen thousand two hundred and forty dollars per week for THERAPY ALONE. They were also getting paid for the daycare services by vouchers and parents pay. 75 kids times 50 dollars per week (thats the mean, some were less some were more depending on age) = 3750 per week. They paid their 4 teachers minimum wage only and paid the therapist a mean of $35 per hour . . . so hmmm . . 4 times 40 times 5.15 = 824 dollars per week for workers and 8400 dollars per week for therapists. The were clearing at least 12766 dollars per week. They didn't put ANYTHING back into that daycare. They had NO soap, no paper towels, I told you what they fed them. I know for a fact that the gas bill was 6 months overdue (in December when I was there) and the electricity bill was 3 months overdue. So where was that 50,000 dollars a month going??? Well, split amongst the family members for one. And then a good deal to pay off DHS, I bet.

But they can't buy their way out of a murder conviction. Oh please please please let them get convicted. Let their license get revoked. Let these kids PLEASE go somewhere safe and nice. PLEASE.


sqg said...

Wow, that's fucked up. Poor kid.
Never had a chance with those parents and that place.

ty bluesmith said...

make me chase you down, why don'tcha?

meghansdiscontent said...

Update: Owner of the center voluntary relinquished his license. Thus eliminating all need for investigation - since the driver of the van is in jail for manslaughter and the center will no longer be in business.

Problem: This means all other illegal things they did and the benefits gained from it will never be uncovered and punished.

I hate the smart lawyer/ex-senator bastard who owned the center.

sqg - all the kids at that center were like that. That's why it took me 4 months to decide to leave. I kept thinking - yes, this place is horrid, but their homes and parents are worse, and at least they have an hour with me and an hour with OT where they actually get to PLAY and get clean and have a chance to be a kid and not be told to shut up.

T - baby, haven't you figured out I like to be chased.
And caught.

ty bluesmith said...

that shit is deep. poor kid. i thought you disappeared, yo.