Sunday, June 05, 2005

OCD abounds

So, I figured out today that I'm way too OCD.

I always knew I was obsessive compulsive, but until this very minute I didn't realize the extent.

My checkbook always has to balance to an even number. And not even like 1124.50. No, no, no. That would drive me nuts. It would have to be an even 1125.00 or 1100.00. Either I am going to the bank to deposit 50 cents or I'm going to write myself a check for 24.50 and cash it at the bank (because the damn ATM only lets you take out even numbers too! and in denominations of 10). I actually wrote a random check to my credit card the other day for 72.11 just to make my account equal 2100.00 even. I just paid that credit card last week!

I have very pretty, clean-lined glass drinkware for nice occassions, but the everyday stuff is a collection of colorful cups. These cups are stored in stacks of three in my cabinet. Each stack of three has to be three separate colors. And similar colors can not be on top of one another: ex. Coral, red, blue would not work. Since coral and red are separate colors I MIGHT (if there are no other options) put them in the same stack, but NOT on top of one another. The stack would have to be coral, blue, then red. But I prefer not even to have to do that. I prefer to put coral in between a blue and yellow. Coral and red are too similar, from the same color family.

I can only write with black ink. And only ink that flows rather nicely. I actually prefer marker pens, extra fine tip. If I lose my black pen and there are only blue pens to replace it (in a business day), I will write pertinent information on a scrap of paper and then recreate the entire therapy note (or what not) that evening when I have a black pen. To prevent this from occurring too often, I carry around boxes of 12 black marker pens. I have one box in my briefcase, one in my vehicle, a set of five in my purse, etc.

I have a set of files - work files - that I have to drag around with me all day, because they contain all my clients' information and their daily therapy notes. These files must ALWAYS be in order. I can't just finish with a client and throw the file in amongst the rest. It must be in order. And all files are organized first by color (Green for one daycare, red for another daycare, yellow for another) then alphabetized by child's last name . .. but in addition to this, they must be in size order . . . hard to explain but you know how file folders have tabs . . the tab is either all the way to the left, all the way to the right, or dead center . . . well this is how my filing goes:

Green for daycare #1. All names alphabetized . . . all folders arranged with left tab, right tab, middle tab, then again. Left tab, right tab, middle tab. If I lose a client (leaves the daycare, medicaid number no longer works, etc) . . .let's say I lose a Right tabbed green client, I have to redo all following files . . because they have to be in order. I just pull out new folders and relabel them to get back to the left, right, middle groove.

Luckily I only have about 7 kids per each daycare . . . so seven green, seven red, seven yellow. If I lose a green kid - that just means I have to replace 7 folders. And not even seven if that kid was #5 in the arrangement. Then I just replace three. Numbers 5-7.

I have my cds in two separate cases. One case (which holds 500 cds) is arranged alphabetically by artist . . and ALL cds I have by that artist are right there together. The other case is for cds that stand alone. Artists I either didn't care enough about to buy another cd, or artists who have only had one release.

If I see someone in black shoes and a brown belt, it bothers me all day long. I can't even wear black shoes, black belt and carry a purse that has some brown in it. It drives me insane.

I have a very specific morning schedule. Wake up, turn off alarm, go to bathroom, remove nightclothes (if there were any worn to bed) while using the bathroom, get into shower, bathe, get out, brush teeth, dry hair, put on makeup, hang towel up, get dressed, spray on perfume, gather dirty nightclothes (or clothes from day before which were next to bed), deposit clothes into washing machine, get large bottle of water from the fridge, take vitamins, go back to bedroom, unplug both cell phones from chargers (work and personal), gather bottled water and phones, go to garage, get in SUV and leave. If this schedule is violated, my entire day is thrown off. My head literally hurts.

My DVDs are organized, too. Series such as Sex and the City, Lord of the Rings, Gilmore Girls, etc are organized in order and on separate shelves. So are comics. Such as, my three Chris Rock DVDs and two Eddie Izzards are all together and organized by release date. Other DVDs are organized by categories such as comedies, classics, war films, cult films, etc. The categorization of the latter is rather new . . but I like it a LOT.

What's scary is I'm NOT OCD about things I should be. I ALWAYS have to scramble to get things together for an appointment with my accountant. And most times, I can't find what I need, so I access my company and personal checking accounts via the internet and print off statements of every month from the first of the year and highlight the pertinent information - such as business expenses, payment for contractual services, etc. I'm so totally and completely organized about some things . . and then SO lackidazical about others.

Does anyone else do this???


duckie said...

holy crap! You must be exhausted by the end of the day. I don't have OCD or whatever you suffer from, but I do have certain rituals (which i will not divulge for fear of criminal charges) that are required for me to make it through the day.

I've completely given up on my check book. It's a bloody mess. I use online banking and pay for everything with my debit card. it's just easier that way.

noelle feather said...

I have my Friends DVD's on one shelf, and they have to be in order from Season 1 on the left, and then increase chronological (is that right?) from there. Then, on the far right is Season 9 which is the last set I have. My Will & Grace DVD's have to be left to right also, different shelf, from seasons 1-3.

Bozo's Monkey said...

Guess we are pretty exactly opposite. I don't balance my account in my checkbook. I balanced it inside my head.

As for the clean, I keep my apartment clean, but not too clean, just enough that it is not sore to view.