Thursday, July 21, 2005

Could Your Ass Pucker a BIT More?

Sweet mother of God.

I could have sworn I told you two weeks ago that I wasn't making out a progress report for children X, Y and Z.

I am positive I told you the following reasons:

1 - Though we tested them in Dec, Feb and March respectively, we didn't get prescriptions for treatment until a month ago because their 14 year old mothers couldn't be bothered to take them to the doctor for their check up after they got out of their Algebra classes.

2 - Since they've only been in therapy one month, there is not enough data to show progress . . . and I could be wrong, but isn't that the POINT of a progress report?

3 - Child Z hasn't even been to the daycare in the past week and half because his mother is too lazy to maintain her voucher for his FREE daycare. How fucking lazy do you have to be to not maintain SIMPLE paperwork for FREE things?

I certainly told you that the company I'm contracted to (which, incidentally has NOTHING to do with you) does not require a progress report for children who have been in therapy less than 9 weeks.


What the hell are you doing calling the woman I'm contracted to and telling her that you're "still" waiting on progress reports for X, Y and Z from me???

Particularly when I saw your over the hill, washed out, doesn't even have her Masters ass at the other daycare this morning and you didn't have the balls to ask me about them to my face. PROBABLY because you KNEW I told you I wasn't doing them and you thought you could force my hand by telling mommy on me.

Oh ho ho . . but you never dreamed that MY boss would side with me. That she would fax me to "not worry" about you and that "we know how she is" - AKA anal retentive, uptight, bossy bitch. That she would tell you I DON'T have to do those reports because it doesn't make ANY sense and because Medicaid doesn't require it.

I am so in hate with you.

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