Monday, July 25, 2005

Isn't It Loverly

So . . .

I attracted bunches of attention at the gym tonight.
At first I thought it was the snazzy new hair color.
Yes, after 25 years of thinking natural was the way to go, I have gotten really tired of being blonde. In fact, I can't think of a single blonde I have ever found attractive. Male or female. (There has to be something very Freudian about a blonde who thinks blondes are ugly.) So I went very brunette.
But then, I started to think.

Female; work out shorts; sports bra; low cut high sleeved shirt; scratches that appear to be from fingernails lining her entire body.

I think it was the scratches, far more than the brunette lovliness, that attracted that attention.

What's sad is that I enjoyed the attention.

What's sadder is that it's entirely possible that some other night the scratches may not be from a family swimming exploit with the pets.

What's saddest is that I knew that's what some of those guys were thinking . . and I was looking at thier sweat dripping muscles and thinking - baby, I'd let you scratch me.