Friday, July 29, 2005

People With Attitude Problems Need Not Apply

Wow, so I read the comments posted on my last blog.
And someone out there, most likely someone who doesn't even know me, was a catty bitch.
You can always tell when a female leaves a comment.
Though, it's possible it was a gay male.
So I am disallowing anonymous comments.
If someone doesn't have the balls to tell who they are, they shouldn't leave a comment.

It's gotten scary how badly people react to certain things.
Particularly from people they have no knowledge of.
What I write here is not necessarily who and how I am in life. I think that most people would agree that their blogs are their personal persona. Someone that few people in their life get to see or hear from.
I am still unsure of how or why people take offense at things -- things that were not directed at them in any shape or form.
Therefore, I think that ignorant people should no longer be allowed to post here.
Nor should people who take personal offense to comments about someone else's life.
Nor should people who can't spell.
And to some extent, I almost want to say that women shouldn't leave comments.
Because, it's typically women that lose their GD mind and decide to be bitchy to someone they don't know.
At least anonymously, because it's also women who think "I hate this bitch, but she doesn't need to know who I am, because she might take it into her head to hate me back."
And people wonder why most of my friends are male.


Chris said...

I saw that comment this morning. It was totally uncalled for and I am sorry you had to read it.

meghansdiscontent said...

Thank you, Chris.

Don't worry about it. People are ignorant. Sometimes, they aren't intelligent enough to carry on a real conversation or make a meaningful comment, so they attempt to hurt someone on a personal level.

Luckily for me, that didn't even reach me on a personal level. That person obviously doesn't know me and hasn't seen me.

Even if they have, I'm aware that people have very different personal tastes. I may not be attractive to that person. We all find different things attractive. I have friends who date men that I wouldn't look twice at, but they think they're gorgeous. And I've dated guys I KNEW they thought were unattractive.

It's a matter of taste . . . and to each his own.

Chris said...

Beauty, indeed is in the eye of the beholder.