Thursday, July 21, 2005

These Spots are Blinding

Ever stop to think:

Red is red, isn't it?
Or . . . .
Is the color I call red - and see as red - really blue to you, but you call it red because you were taught that it was red?

This is the shit I do when I should be teaching kids how to talk.
Yes, I really do give them the therapy they need, but in the back of my mind I'm calculating my next check, paying out my bills mentally and dividing the remaining money into my savings and retirement funds, re-analyzing my current relationship and thinking up meaningless questions like the one just posed.

If I worked half as hard at working as I do at thinking, I would be such a better therapist. I'm kick ass as it is - just check the progress reports of the kids - but I would be PHENOMENAL if I devoted 100% of my attention to it instead of 75%.

Why is a school called a school and not mom? For that matter, why is mom mom?

Who decided what words were "cuss" words?

Could I have been a taste tester back in the day? Could I really have pulled things out of the ground, washed them off and said "So, I'm gonna check if this is food. If I keel over later on, don't eat this ever again."

Why are cops the biggest law breakers? One ran a stop sign in front of me, did 90 in a 70 and wasn't wearing his seat belt. He then got off the same exit I did and went through the drive through at McDonalds. I don't think he was speeding to an emergency.

Why do I HAVE to wear my seatbelt??? Am I not old enough to make this decision? I mean, for the love of Christ, there's no HELMET law, but there's a seatbelt law? For children, I get it. I do. But if I paid for the damn car, I should be allowed to go through my own windshield if I want to.

I think I believe in re-incarnation. I had an epiphany the other day. Certain members of society, easily identified by other characteristics, were at one point in their life cows. I know this because they walk out in front of your car and don't care that you were DRIVING. They also walk as slow as is humanly - or bovinely - possible while they're there. Some of them (this holds true for grocery store aisles as well) think that the road is actually a sidewalk. They stand there and chat it up. And if you drive upon them, they glare at you as though YOU are in the wrong, and continue their conversation. And, just like cattle, if you honk at them, it does nothing to sway them into movement. They simply glare at you again, possibly make an obscene gesture, and then continue to stand there talking.

Why do Americans not have to speak English anymore?

Why are there Spanish menus at McDonalds?

Would I move to France and expect them to speak English instead of French to me?

Should scholarship money go to children of illegal aliens when middle class actual AMERICANS can't get scholarships?

Oh wait . . . that one has an answer -- NO, Governor Mike Huckabee, they shouldn't, you pompous ignoramus.


Adam said...

I'm really quite keen on the idea of survival of the fittest. I think the Law of the Jungle would sort out a lot of todays stupidity.

The whole 'cuss' word thing is quite bizarre, I don't swear much myself because everyone around me seems to have an entire vocab of four, four letter words... however, why do we have words that we 'aren't allowed to say'? No one is going to worse off for hearing them, as soon as they aren't cuss words anymore, they won't be offensive anyway.

Chris said...

Yes the Huckster is a pompous ass; No the children of illegaal aliens should not be able to get scholarships and Yes....Ok I will not start my rant here since you did such a good job!

Anonymous said...

you shouldn't be teaching deaf kids how to speak, you are merely oppressing them from their true identity.

Deaf kids shouldn't be speaking english but sign fluently in ASL, period.

you are not a kick ass therapist, but to hurt children.

you should feel ashamed of yourself.

meghansdiscontent said...

Someone is either an idiot, or doesn't pay attention at all. I'm voting on idiot.

1st of all - I DON'T teach deaf children ANYTHING. I don't work with the deaf. I work with children who are language or speech impaired ONLY. At one point I wanted to work with the deaf, but I didn't because there are not enough positions in AR to allow me to do that.

2nd of all - you are entitled to your opinion, however wrong it is. Deaf children should have the OPTION to do what THEY want. I work at a camp every year with deaf children (NOT in a speech pathologist capacity) who had cochlear implants because THEY chose to. NOT everyone wants to limit themselves to ASL or Signed English. It's kind of like American English speakers learning Spanish. It doesn't hurt them it expands them.

The only thing I am ashamed of is people like you who are close minded. Deaf individuals CAN sign and speak. It's not ONE or the OTHER. It is your prejudice which makes their choice that much harder.

I am a big proponent of ASL and Signed English. I took SEVERAL classes in college on it and have deaf friends whom I communicate with via sign. I think it's a beautiful language and EVERY deaf individual should learn to sign first and then decide if they WANT to expand upon that.

I really hope you read this, because it's obvious that you need your eyes opened and that you make a LOT of incorrect assumptions.

Oh, and by the way, even deaf individuals who chose to sign may need speech-language pathology. They may have a swallowing disorder. They may have disorganized language. They may have a below normal language age.

I hate when people decide to derogatorily comment on a profession they know nothing about. I don't just "teach kids to talk". Speech pathologists are so much more. We have more training on neurology than most doctors, we have training in feeding and swallowing, we perform cognitive therapy, language comprehension therapy, language expression therapy, articulation therapy, swallowing therapy, etc. etc. etc. The things YOU don't know about my profession could fill 100 pages.

Even a deaf individual who chooses sign as his ONLY form of expression MAY have a language disorder and still require my services. I know speech pathologists who work PURELY in sign.

So . . . in essence, you have two choices. Educate yourself or live in ignorance.