Sunday, August 21, 2005

YEAH Football!!!

So football season is close to it's official start and I couldn't be more excited.
The Hogs are going to seriously suck this year, but that's to be expected. It's not like they were that great last year. And Matt Jones - well, I hope he falls on his face in the NFL. He was a shotty quarterback, but maybe he'll prove a better receiver. It wasn't ENTIRELY his fault, after all. Nutt couldn't make a good play call if someone handed it to him and put neon lights around it.

Not to diminish my football knowledge, but I am a girl after all, and even I can turn around in the stands and announce the play he's going to call before it starts. He's not Captain Imagination.

I wish I could be more excited about the Hogs than I am about the season in general, but from the scrimmage plays, it looks like Barthel should be taking the snaps and NOT Robert Johnson. From the few plays he was in on last year, I've seen pee wee quarterbacks with better instincts. He's not a great distance thrower, he can't make a shovel pass to save his life, and he only goes for the play - he doesn't read the defense and change the play around to better the offense. What is really sorry about the whole thing is that the press, particularly the AR press, is going to give him a lot of slack because they'll think "Who could measure up after several seasons of Matt Jones, star quarterback?" But anyone who REALLY watches football, particularly the Razorbacks, knows he wasn't all that.

Yes, he was a threat. He could run like lightning and could occassionally adjust a play in that miracle fashion that wows the audience. But, he had serious problems protecting the ball in even the best of plays. I used to call him "Matt Fumblejones". Also, he tended to choke in tough situations. I was beyond ticked that I was out a buttload of money to go all the way down to Baton Rouge two years ago to get our asses handed to us. Not to mention the cat calls and ribbing I had to endure just to make it to the gates.

I go to bed at night praying, "Please God, just don't let us embarass ourselves too badly. We're a young team with a crap coach. Please inspire Nutt to pull his head out of his ass and make a decent play call. Please inspire Broyles to convince Nutt to listen to the Offensive Coordinator we finally hired. Please inspire the players to play like they mean it, to not go down until they're actually hit (I can't count how many times I watched a player, anticipating a hit, take a dive into the astroturf last year) and hang on to the ball."

So, there is the prayer of a Southern girl brought up on football.