Friday, September 16, 2005

Just when you think . . .

things can't get any worse.

I have a car. A piece of crap, 1996 Plymouth Breeze with about 150,000 miles on it. Crappy almost velour like interior, the carpets which were once a lush grey are now a very matted down black and it has power NOTHING. I've had it since I was a freshman in college. It was a replacement car for the third car I had totalled in three years (and NO none of them were ever my fault).

I have a SUV. A very beautiful, fully loaded, cost way too much, but love it love it love it SUV. Lush taupe carpet that has and will always be maintained, taupe leather interior that is soft and supple as a baby's behind, power everything, 0 miles on it when purchased, it is heaven.

But nothing says heaven like 34 miles to the gallon (as opposed to the 20 I get on my baby). So, set to start last Tuesday, I was going to drive the piece of crap - because, hopefully, it would have dropped my gas bill (remember that I drive about 200 miles a day on business) to $400 a month instead of $700.

And yet . .. .

My brother, who's truck gets about 14 miles to the gallon, borrows the car every weekend to travel the 300 mile round trip to our home town to work. I don't mind, that's why I kept the car.

Monday was Labor Day, so Ty was staying to work until Monday afternoon/night.
I wait and wait and wait and Ty never comes with my car, so Tuesday, I drive my baby to work.

Tuesday, no return of phone call and no car. Finally at around 10:30 PM (according to my voicemail), he calls. He wanted to bring the car over. I think this was deliberate. He KNOWS that I get up at 4:45 in the morning and therefore am in bed NO LATER than 10 PM.

Wednesday: 2 PM - phone rings - "Hey, whatcha doin?" "Working, like normal people who support themselves. What are you doing?" "Nothing. Hey, come by my house when you get off and you can get the car." "Alright, I'll call on my way back to Conway."

Wednesday: 3 PM - phone rings - "What? I told you I'd call when I got off." "Don't bother, I just wrecked the car."

And so, yes, he did. It's totalled. There goes my 34 miles to the gallon. Also, because it was such a piece of crap, I only had liability insurance on it. So, no insurance money to get it fixed (HA! As if they would!) or at least get a little cash out of the deal.

This is so not my year for vehicles.

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