Monday, October 31, 2005

Post Script

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HAD to share what just happened . . .

Love my brother, but dear sweet god almighty where was he for our childhood??? He just looked at me and said "Donner, party of fifty. This way please. Donner party of 50." I die laughing and he then says, "I just now get that joke. You know from earlier when they were talking about it on the movie."

Shock and awe EVIDENT on my face - "WHAT??? You didn't know what the Donner Party was all about??"

Male ego poking through - "Uh, yeah, I mean, I knew, I guess, but I like forgot. I remember now."

Uh huh.


Adam said...

Whoa! What if I don't get it?

Steph said...

I'm with Adam. What the? lol.

meghansdiscontent said...

Umm . . so I'm really bad at talking about history so here's the synopsis from Yahoo - - since I hope you were sincere in your not "getting it":

group of emigrants to California who in the winter of 1846—47 met with one of the most famous tragedies in Western history. The California-bound families were mostly from Illinois and Iowa, and most prominent among them were the two Donner families and the Reed family. In going West they took a little-used route after leaving Fort Bridger and were delayed. They suffered severely in crossing the salt flats W of Great Salt Lake, and dissensions and ill feelings in the party arose when they reached what is today Donner Lake in the Sierra Nevada. They paused (Oct., 1846) to recover their strength, and early snow caught them, falling deep in the passes and trapping them. Their limited food gave out, the cold continued, and the suffering of the group, camped on Alder Creek and Donner Lake, grew intense. A party that attempted to make its way through the snow-choked passes in December suffered horribly. The surviving members of the Donner Party were driven to cannibalism. Finally, expeditions from the Sacramento valley made their way through the snowdrifts to rescue the hunger-maddened migrants. Only about half of the original party of 87 reached California. The survivors later disagreed violently as to the details of (and particularly the blame for) the disaster.

Chairborne Stranger said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I liked the history lesson.

I hope you come more and I'll do the same.

PS I liked your comment on my blog. I was trying to remember my friend the best way I knew how, I didn't really even think publishing his name would mean as much.

meghansdiscontent said...

Chairborne - Thanks to Adam, I can't help but come by your blog. I'm drawn to it. Thank you for appreciating my comment, unfortunately sometimes my mouth (or fingers) get carried away. After reading it later, I thought it was too much. But it was what and how I was feeling at the time. Your writing is so true to your heart, I felt that writing any less would be an insult.

Adam and Steph - hope the history lesson helped you guys out! And when the Buddha are those boys going to stop drawing ties. The lack of knowledge of my Olympic standing is driving me bonkers.

Adam said...

I think that helped. The history lesson was way totally interesting, but the quote of "Donner Party of 50"? Is it a refernce to the canabalism?

meghansdiscontent said...

Adam - Yes, it's a reference to canabalism.

In the movie "Patch Adams" Robin Williams is behind a skeleton, pretending to be the voice of the skeleton, and says things like "Do I look thin to you?" and then "Donner, Party of 50. Donner, Party of 50."

Does it make a little more sense now?