Friday, October 28, 2005

Quote of the Day

Provided to me by one of the endless stream of "baby daddies" that drop their illegitimate (and ill behaved) bundles off at one of the daycares where I ply my trade:

"Girl, uh, you be real fine, for a thick girl. That don't bother me none. Fat be gross but thick gives a man some extra paddin for the pushin. Damn, you just fine."

I desperately need to find a new population to work with. Appearantly my milky white skin and cellulite fluffiness are too much temptation for these men of darker lineage.

Or, I just attract freaks.

Speaking of freaks . . . was the "for a thick girl" part necessary?? Couldn't he have just called me fine??

Ladies, can we PLEASE form an educational group for men. PLEASE.

If you have further questions about this post, see the one below . . . though after that comment I've decided settling is not even an option. I don't want to spend my life hearing how I'm fine - "for a thick girl", or how smart I am - "for a thick girl", or how well I keep house - "for a thick girl." Sweet Jesus.


Adam said...

I think you misunderstood. "Thick" refers to someone being a bit dumb/not bright. Granted he went off on a bit of a tangent talking about fat but he was mainly talking about you being fine for a girl who was trying to push a square peg into a round hole or trying to push a pair of little pants over his child's head. I think he should be commended for complimenting a girl who isn't all there.

meghansdiscontent said...

I so prefer being called the equivalent of FAT to being called STUPID.

I'm so tired of slang. I now abhor the word "thick".

He even tried to grab me in an inappropriate manner (inner thigh) to show his taste for my thickness.

BEVIS said...

Gosh, I hope you let him.

BEVIS said...

PS - Not really.

Adam said...

Meghan, kill word "thick" - it's so wrong on all levels.

I'm sorry the men you run into are so wrong. We may have to organise a "kidnapping" and get you somewhere good.

Did you get my e-mail? Are you going to reply good? That comment you left about Muffin was way groovy. Too bad she's only okayish.

Wave Maker said...

Adam's comment could not POSSIBLY be in earnest. If so, his discrened meaning has to be applied to him.

So what is the population of women to whom such a "compliment" could possible be effective?

meghansdiscontent said...

Kidnap me please!!!

Adam take me away. Screw the whole Calgon thing. A bath will not clean off this dirty feeling.

Wave - honey, we're talking about the Deep South here . . . you would be surprised what women will put up with to get themselves a man. My brother dated a girl for 5 years who he constantly called Chunky Butt or Butterball - - she not only stood for it, she giggled. Oh . . and I should mention she's TINY.

Adam said...

Wave, I was definitely not commenting in earnest. I never do. Except now.

Hey Meghan, plans for the kidnapping are going well. I wanted to ask though, could we ransom you also? Enough for an airfare....?

Jenni said...

The creep actually tried to grab you? should've smacked the grin off his face!

meghansdiscontent said...

Jen - were it not for the fact that he was actually a parent of one of my therapy kids, I would have. But if I offend the daddy, the kid may not show up for weeks - or ever again - and I can't afford to lose 210 dollars worth of work a week just for someone's idiocy and grabby hands.

Adam - honey, I would pay for the airfare myself if need be. I would pay my entire life savings and my retirement to meet ONE man who can string an intelligent stream of words together into an actual grammatically correct sentence.

Adam said...

But, but, everyone I know is intelligent and entirely too correct with their grammer. What is up with your town?!?

We had lunch today, and one of the waitresses had a totally cute accent. All the dudes in the whole place were totally flirting with her because she was from America. I think you need to go somewhere where you'll totally be treated far specialer.

'Specialer' was just for you Meghan!

meghansdiscontent said...

Adam, it's not the town. Trust me!! I've lived in different towns.

In fact, it's not even just the state.

I'm beginning to think it's the country. Okay, possibly not the country, possibly just the Backwoods South in which I live. I love it, I do, but we aren't keen on education in the South. We're keen on football, drinking, eating fried things and being pretty.

Adam said...

I can understand that. For us it's more different suburbs attract different type of people rather than whole big sections of the country.

There are just some suburbs I can't be bothered with for this reason...