Monday, October 17, 2005

So Excited

YEAH! (happy dance ensues)

Amazing, but finally, after owning a house for 3 years, I am alone in it!
I finally have a house of my own.
Yes, it sucks to afford it, but it's mine all mine.
No roommates.
No family.
No boyfriend.
Home sweet alone.

I have turned my brother's old bedroom/the boyfriend's game and TV room into my office.

I have turned Kade's old bedroom/the semi guest bedroom/the office into a bonafide guest bedroom with gorgeous bedding and beautiful bookshelves lined to the hilt with books.

I can walk around naked and not be self conscious . . . or oggled.
I can wake up, wrap myself in a comforter, stagger to the couch, lay still and read all day long.
I can vacuum at 3 AM.
I can listen to heavy metal at decibels that would kill dogs as I get ready for work - at 5 AM.
I can finally eat dessert without someone telling my mom I eat sugar all day or someone who claims to "love" me saying "Do you really need that cake?"

I can finally relax.
I can finally be me.
Oh dear sweet lord, heaven itself can't be this good.

Is it possible to have this much childish glee yet feel like a real adult for the first time in your life?

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Oswald Croll said...

More importantly, you can drink milk out of the carton and NOT put it back in the fridge, and there is no one to yell at you for it. You can also burp anywhere you want and watch late night reruns of the Cosby show with no fears of being caught. Not that I do any of those things.....