Monday, November 21, 2005

And the Hits Just Keep On Comin

Since I'm leaving soon to go home for Thanksgiving, I need to post these lists quick. Next to the last today. Last tomorrow. Enjoy:

(Imagine a really whiney voice wailing this) AGAIN with the list?????

35. I pick the chicken out of chicken noodle soup and throw it away. I do the opposite with chicken pot pie; I eat only the chicken and the crust, I throw all the vegetables away.

34. I love tomatoes. Especially homegrown ones. But I hate tomato soup and tomato juice. Just the thoughts of them make me ill.

33. I, apparently, have very odd tastes in men. Examples of how my tastes aren’t mainstream follow: Leonardo DiCaprio - even at 30, he looks like he’s 10 . . and an ugly 10 at that. Matt Damon - simply NOT attractive at all. However, Hugh Laurie - gorgeous beyond all reason, I have NO idea why. Gerard Butler - sex on legs, anyone who’s seen him can tell you why.

32. I have never found blondes (male or female) attractive. This is problematic, since I was born blonde. I, therefore, have never found myself that attractive (Freud would have a field day with this). About 4 months ago, I figured life was too short to be unhappy about trivial things. I now pay someone every 4-6 weeks to dye my hair a gorgeous dark chocolate brown color with pretty highlights.

31. I hate the smell of vanilla. In fact, I hate all those sugary sweet smells that you find in candle shops and body lotions. Anything that smells like you could eat it, I can’t stand. However, I love the following: Victoria’s Secret - Basic Instinct, Clinique - Happy Heart, Kenneth Cole - Black for Women, Davidoff - Cool Water for Women, Elizabeth Arden - Green Tea. Oh . . and men, if you want me to jump you on sight - wear Acqua Di Gio cologne by Armani. OH-MY-GOD that stuff . . . wow.

30. I hate hot tubs. Probably goes back to that hating heat and hot weather thing. I spend about ten minutes in the hot tub, ten minutes sitting on the edge cooling off, ten minutes in the hot tub, ten minutes on the edge cooling off, you get the idea.

29. I hate oak. I basically hate all light colored woods in general. Every wood in my house (save the kitchen cabinets, that they had installed before I okayed it) is either cherry, walnut or mahogany. It just looks more rich, more classic.

28. I have to have at least 3 pillows to sleep. Preferably four. The placement is: (keeping in mind I sleep on my side) Under my head with one arm underneath the pillow, my free arm wrapped around another pillow clutching it to my chest, one between my knees and the fourth at my back - so it feels like someone is spooning me.

27. Regardless of pillow position preferences, I hate for someone to spoon me. It’s all good for about 30 minutes right before your falling asleep to have that cuddling “oh I care about you” contact, but then . . . get the hell off me, I want to sleep.

26. I technically own three vehicles. One is the vehicle I drove in college - there was no point trading it in, it isn’t/wasn’t worth more than $500 as a trade in. It was worth more to me to have an extra vehicle. One is a 1991 Honda Accord station wagon that I paid cash for 2 months ago because my brother wrecked the vehicle I drove in college (and we thought it was totaled - but eventually had to pay only $500 to fix it) and I needed something with really great gas mileage to travel the 200 miles per day that I travel for business. The last one is my BABY. My pride and joy. The majority of my expense each month. 2005 Toyota Sequoia Limited. Fully loaded. Has everything but the kitchen sink. LOVE it beyond all reason.

25. I am the ONLY female grandchild in my family (on either side - and there are about 30 of us) who has not gotten married and had children. Yep, even the younger cousins have done so. My father’s mother does not understand this and gripes at me every Thanksgiving and every Christmas that I’m not getting any younger. Would someone please tell this Southern Bred and Born woman that being 25 and unmarried with NO children is NORMAL and NOT the end of the damn world as we know it? Just because I live in AR and didn’t let some fumbling boy knock me up in the bed of his pick-up truck and put a ring on my finger right after (or before in some cases) high school graduation does NOT mean I’m going to die alone.

24. I keep in touch with NO ONE from high school. I had great fun in high school, but the few friends that I counted as “close” all followed the pattern of getting knocked up and married directly after high school . . . they didn’t go to college, they never left our hometown and after 6 months at college - we had nothing to talk about. Nothing. Our lives were just completely different. I live in terror that this will also happen with my college friends. As it is, out of the many many people I counted as “close” only about 8 of us keep in touch. In fact, it already has been happening. See Birdie’s blog for further information:

23. I have VERY extreme political views. And I always think I’m right about them. Even when I’m wrong. Telling me your political views and reasons behind them won’t make me change mine. Trust me. (Ex. - Abortion should always be legal. Always. As should the death penalty. Don’t believe me? - read my blog about my recently deceased friend.)

Had enough yet? Too bad, there are still 22 to go . . .


Anonymous said...

#32 - Me too! As my stylist says, "the only people with blonde hair these days are high school girls and prostitutes."

Ang said...

Totally with you on matt and leo... not saying anything about their acting abilities-but if i met them in a club i wouldn't look twice!!

#28 - i am so with you on this one too!!! even when ex and i camped across canada i insited on 2 pillows - which spured him to give me the 'indian name' she who sleeps with two pillows-which i used as a new email address...two pillows(plus last name)
i later found out that everyone thought i was refering to my rather large breasts!!! OH GOD!!!

mrshife said...

Keep 'em coming. My first visit to your blog, and I need all the information about you I can get. Different strokes for different folks is all I can say. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you again sometime.

meghansdiscontent said...

DIJ - You have wonderful tastes and a stylist to die for! Amen!

Ang - Thank God, I'm not a complete freak. Those boys are just not cute. Maybe they have great personalities!

Hm hm hm, you and Carie and your dirty pillows.

Shife - Only 22 left, if you want more you can go to the bottom. It was a list of 100. Laughed my ass off at your blog today!

Chairborne Stranger said...

Pillows are nice!

Steph said...

OHHHH please don't be a blonde basher!! I was born blonde and it's just ME. I've died my hair brown before and didn't recognise myself. If i'm a highschool wannabe or prostitute, so be it. I'm getting tired of the blonde bashing. Seriously!

meghansdiscontent said...

Steph - Babe, we love you as a blonde. You are NATURAL though . . . when I blonde bash, I'm bashing the bottle blondes - I can't count the number of girls I know over 20 who think dying their hair blonde makes them "young and fun". If it's YOUR color that's completely different.

Sweetie, I can't bash it too much, I was born blonde too! Half my friends are still trying to get used to this dark hair.

meghansdiscontent said...

Chair - I meant to ask . . would the "pillows" be more attractive if I had them surgically implant an IPOD in them? I would hate to think you wouldn't be able to sleep with my pillows. :) LOL

Steph said...

Let me clarify. I was born blonde but it has gotten darker and it's kind of mousy/blonde so i do dye it to make it the original colour. So i guess i qualify as a bottle blonde tooo WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TFS said...

#32 and #29 are probably linked.