Monday, November 21, 2005

Captain Forgetful Strikes Again

You may all thank Adam for being my reminder fairy.

I fully intended the list below to be my only post today/yesterday, but Adam brought to my attention via e-mail that I had failed to update my beautiful bloggers about the man from the Dry Cleaners.

He did call back.
3-days after I had called.
Decent amount of time.
We spoke for almost an hour and a half.
We attempted to make plans.
It seems we both suffer from packed schedules.
Last week was completely booked for both of us.
This week I am out of town for family obligations.
Next week he is out of town (France!!!!) on business.
We have resorted to phone friends for now.
I will let you know what happens next.
Somewhat promising!


Dirk the Feeble said...

At least he called, right? Obviously you need to restructure your life right now to make time for him, once you do that it sounds promising.

meghansdiscontent said...

Restructure my life . . hmm . . I offered to fly to France with him, if he'd pay. :) Does that count??

But on a serious note, I offered to come back from the family obligation early, but he couldn't do that because he had family obligations too (DAMN these holidays!). We have tentively scheduled a coffee at the airport the morning he flies out.

How desperate am I? Airport coffee. Sad, sad, sad.

trueborn said...

Nothing sad about it. Not unless you start singing I'm leaving on a jet plane. Then, maybe that will be sad. This is just a hard time to try and date new people. But if it looks promising, follow up.
Good luck to you.

Chairborne Stranger said...

i think it sounds positive. keep it up!
ps lust away, i won't mind

muffin said...


meghansdiscontent said...

Sorry to disappoint you, Muffin. :( Don't sigh for me, Argentina.

I really am making crap jokes today.

Steph said...

Well at the very least you made a new friend. And who knows what might happen!

Walter said...

Phone Foreplay.