Monday, November 14, 2005

My Craziness has Culminated

Yeah, so, yesterday when I was feeling particularly down . . . and just happened to be cheering myself by reading Steph's outrageous list (followed by Auburn's), a commercial came on.

The tourism board in Australia is doing an amazing job of enticing people to travel. Particularly since I can purchase a ticket which allows me to fly to Australia (from Los Angeles), then to fly three places within Australia and then back home for the low, low price of $999 plus various taxes.

And THIS is why my craziness has culminated: I took the commercial, at that particular time, combined with my reading of Steph's blog, and the knowledge that I have all these newfound friends as a sign. I have officially started the Meghan's (or, as Adam has discovered, this is NOT my real name, but bear with me) Travel Fund. It will KILL me to follow this plan because I am SO completely OCD that it hurts . . but I will do it:

I am NOW writing all checks for the EXACT amount the bill is for. For instance, if my car payment is 876.92 (which it is!), I will write the check for 876.92, instead of the normal 900.00 I write to Toyota Financial to get myself ahead on bills. However, in my balancing book, I am still going to write it out as 900.00. Thus, in the process, paying my bills completely (but no extra - surely you guys remember the post I wrote about my NEED to have my balance book balance correctly and ALWAYS with an even number), yet giving me unknown amounts of extra money in my checking account. At the end of 6 months, I will take the banks records and balance them against my checkbook - whatever the difference is will be my travel money.

This WILL work, because normally I overpay EVERY bill I receive (Electricity, Car Payment, House Payment, Credit Cards - of which there are TOO many for comfort, Gas, Cellular Bill, etc) with at least $25 dollars more than is due. This is to provide, as most of you know, a cushion should ANYTHING happen to me again, as it did in December and February.

Cross your fingers. My craziness has reached it's peak . . . I may even purchase a large pink tour bus and do the country correctly, I will be Meghan Queen of the Desert. (for those of you who DO NOT get that reference, I pity you greatly)

However, without the cock . . . it will just be me, in a frock, on a rock.


Steph said...

w00t! You in a frock on a rock! That would be cool. Come on down to Oz!

Jenni said...

Funny, his blog today is about Australia too...

sqg said...
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TFS said...

I second that woot! but alas I have no frock on a rock.

Come to Aus!! best move i ever made ;o) just don't tell any Aussies I said that.

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