Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This now seems so odd

So earlier today this seemed like a much more significant post, but after writing on Bevis's blog (regarding loss) and reading Muffin's comment regarding age . . . I don't feel as though I'm that young anymore, particularly in experience, so this question is one I may have answered on my own. BUT, I still want to know some outside opinions.

How much older/younger than yourself are you allowed to date??
I ask that EVERYONE who comments (ask, not demand) answer that question first and foremost. Then, if you have something you want to say about the rest of the post, feel free.

I was in the dry cleaner's today picking up my items which I refuse to iron myself because I ABHOR ironing. Yes, I realize it is stupid and wasteful beyond all reason to pay for drycleaning of items which I could wash and iron myself. But I REALLY hate ironing. Plus, the gentleman who owns the dry cleaning establishment is hot beyond all reason and I love thinking that I allow him to make his monthly house payment on my patronage alone. Oh, and he's also the reason I schlep 8 miles from my house to get my dry cleaning done when there is a dry cleaners less than a mile away. Anywho . . .

Extremely attractive dry cleaning (married, pooh!) man and I were discussing football while I was slightly dancing around to the Jethro Tull over the speaker system when another gentleman interjected with "Aren't you a little young to dance to Bungle in the Jungle?"

Umm . . . first of all, my music tastes are VERY eclectic and range all over chronologically. I can speak as knowledgeably about music from the 60s as I can about music today. If I want to dance to Bungle in the Jungle, I by god will. And I'm JUST about to tell him this fact when I catch sight of him.

Oh ladies . . . so, you know how hot a guy in a suit is - - even if he's unattractive? This man didn't need the suit, but he sure had it. (Yes, males, I realize my blog is relatively man driven lately, I apologize, but give a celibate girl a little room. One day her mind will return to normal and any male with a pulse will no longer be blog worthy.)

So instead of the scathing remark my caustic mind was forming initially, I instead said, "How can you be certain I'm as young as you think?" He gave the cutest smile, with the straightest teeth, and said "I'm putting you at about 20 or 21." "Close but no cigar." "Give me a clue?" "Better yet, I'll give you an answer. I'm 25."

And, yes, amazingly I was this cool in my answers. In my head I was stuttering and blubbering and melting on the ground, but in life I was cool. Or at least I pictured myself as such. It's entirely possible that I was beet red and sweaty. Ugh. No more negative thoughts.

"Hm, just old enough to ask for dinner?" Cute little lilt at the end which made it a question. "Just old enough? Should I take that to mean you are slightly older than my 25 years?" I promise you he looks 29 at the most.

HELP! He's 39. As in almost 40. As in 14 years older. As in he was born when Jethro Tull was conceiving the idea of Bungle in the Jungle. As in he's only 15 years younger than my parents. So, yes, had a momentary mental freak . . . with my eyes closed. With my eyes open my mind went "39? What's that? It's a number . . forget it." And yet . . .

"Oh, I don't know. My mother told me to never talk to strangers. Let alone attend dinner engagements with them." Introductions ensued. He's in marketing. Divorced for 4 years. Likes that I know old music. Favorite author is Ayn Rand, as is mine, though we differ on book choices -- I'm a Fountainhead girl while he's an Atlas Shrugged guy. Yes, we had this lengthy conversation in the dry cleaners and then continued it in the parking lot. In the end, I still hadn't said yes to dinner.

He, rather presumptiously, removed the ink pen from the collar of my scrubs and reached for my hand. "Here, let me make this easier for you. You're in charge. I'm going to write my number on your hand. If you want to have dinner with me, or to just talk, use it."

Umm, umm, umm.

And with all that said, I promise tomorrow's post will be more intellectual and less fifth grade girl who just discovered boys. I recently re-read all my posts and discovered that when I became single I suddenly went from interesting, thought provoking topics to sex and bubble gum crushes. Again, my apologies. Help me with this ONE small intsy weentsy tiny question and I promise to have a decent post later this week.

Also, I should mention I think I'm going crazy. I posted on Bevis's blog what only 4 people in this whole world know . . . why would I share that with anyone outside of that small circle??? This world of wonderful anonymous friends has made me weak. I am now free with my personal thoughts, ideas and secrets. Craziness. Mayhap I need medication. The local pharmacy should expect me to darken their door. I need zoloft, prozac or lithium. Something mood stabilizing. Or something wonderfully narcotic. Pain killers. Oooh. Tasty. Far quicker than drinking. See you kiddies at the Methadone clinic. Meth would at least allow me to lose weight. Tempting, tempting.


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muffin said...

Ok. Firstly, 25 and 39 isn't so bad. I can't give an exact number of years that should be between two people because it fluctuates depending on how old you are. See, the older you get the bigger the age gaps gets, or is acceptable. In my opinion anyway. For me, at 19. 10 - 13 years older than me I can deal with.

I love the fact you get your dry cleaning done because you hate ironing. We have someone who picks up our ironing and drops it back the next day AND we have a cleaner. Why do something you hate? I dont work for nothing. To go home and clean and iron. No way. Im a modern woman, baby.

Do it. Call. You know you wanna..!

He sounds hot. Diaaal

Steph said...

OHHHHHH how exciting!!! You HAVE to call him. At the very least to chat but hopefully to score a date too.

I once fell in lust with a GREY haired, yes i said GREY haired man i saw in a lift. He was HOT personified. I never did find out his age but he must of been 40+. If he had of given me the come on i would of been on him in a flash!

Myself, I don't date anyone younger than me. And i wouldn't date anyone over 45. They say older guys are the BEST lovers. w00t!

Jenni said...

Your maturity versus the average immaturity of the male gender equals = DIAL THOSE DIGITS. Depending on the guy, a 14 year age difference isn't much.

Chairborne Stranger said...

Call him. It will be fun. Maybe a good story you will remember for a long time and you can blog about that, (plus it will entertain me)!

meghansdiscontent said...

Wow - overwhelmingly in favor of calling him. Seems as though I should take the advice.

Now another question . . . WHEN? I'm SO bad at playing games. I HATE them. Which means I always come across as clingy or not interested. Because either I call the day after because I'm really attracted or I NEVER call or call two weeks later because I'm not that intrested.

And Steph, honey, baby, chile, I'm ALWAYS attracted to older men. Always . . . they're just SO much hotter. Can you say Sean Connery, Gerard Butler, Mark Harmon and Hugh Laurie??

muffin said...

Apparently there is a three day rule. Three days after meeting you have to call. Within in that time period. Otherwise...You get labelled as "not interested". So I hear anyway. Im really out of the dating loop..

ARGH! Do you know how many times I have had to retype the word verification in???

Adam said...

I love dating advice, it's my favourite.

Firstly, the question you've already answered. My dad has had a child (and possibly one on the way) with a young lady who is 24 years his junior. She is 5 years older than me. It sounds a bit weird but if you saw them together you would see as I do that it just works. The older you get the less age is even a question.

Secondly, Chairborne is right. I think you should take every opportunity to meet new people or at the very least create situations that will be an interesting story. It's interesting stories that win people over more than anything else.

Thirdly, when. Games are there for a reason, they are basically to determine whether someone is a scary stalker or not. That said, when actually isn't important as the tone. Cool and confident, he can take it or leave it, 'you'll be fine either way' attitude. I would call the very next day because it shows that you aren't playing the usual games (Muffin is right, 3 days is the norm) and that you're confident in yourself.

Fourthly, be confident in who you are. You're goddam brilliant!! (and possibly even wonderful - yet to be determined, heh)

Adam said...

P.S) Call him now if you haven't already.

littlefaeriegirl said...

call him!

i got to your blog from bevis...he came to my rescue from the truth fairy (just hold on a minute here while i go smash something cos of that stupid pathetic excuse for a person....better now)

do you know, all this time, i've been reading your name as meghans discounters and i thought you must own a shop


im 27 and currently dating a 20 year old. he is very lovely.

call him and enjoy

ps i know this is going to sound a tad redundant, but regarding your post up there ^ i'm sorry about your friend

Walter said...

Age ain't nuthin' but a number. As long as you're not liable for statutory rape, and you don't have to pick restaurants with easy wheelchair access, he can be older than you. Now if he smells like Ben Gay, you may want someone a little younger.