Wednesday, November 09, 2005

True To My Word

As promised, this post has NOTHING to do with men or dating.
Well, a bit, but not the fluff pieces I've been writing lately.
In fact, this is completely political, which could be a good or bad thing.

Why is it that we, as a state, approved the death penalty . . . but we don’t utilize it???

Approximately a month and a half ago, a friend of mine was murdered.
We had known each other since we were babies!! Okay, so she was a baby and I was five. But we were in the same daycare forever. Her father was a vice principal at my high school. She was a cheerleader for my brother’s football team.
We weren’t close, but we were friendly and both appreciated the other person.
Another “friend” and sometimes escort of hers had gone to visit her at college.
She revealed to him that she might be pregnant. And, if she was, it was most certainly his. He, of course, denies that this conversation ever took place.
But her three roommates confirm that this was the topic at hand for the weekend.
Her roommates also confirm that they argued the morning before the football game and that’s the last time anyone saw her.
They found it odd that he had left to go home and no one had seen her for the remainder of the weekend. They thought, maybe, that she went home with him. Possibly to break the news to both his parents and her own.
Her parents call the apartment to speak with her.
Confusion ensues.
If she’s not at her parents . . . where is she?
After 24 hours, an investigation begins.
They start questioning friends and relatives.
No one has seen her since the argument.

Tuesday arrives.
The roommates are starting to smell something foul in the air.
They call the apartment maintenance people thinking something is in the air ducts.
Possibly a dead bird.
Or a cat.
No one expected to find our friend wrapped in a shower curtain murdered under her own bed.
Who could expect to find a 20 yr old like that?
Suddenly everyone starts looking for clues.
It’s discovered that her car keys and cell phone are missing.
They put a trace out on the cell phone.

Yes, that’s how they found the friend/escort/murderer.
They tracked her cell phone.
He denied even being around her all weekend.
Ummm, so how’d you get the cell phone?
And how do the roommates remember you being there?
Oh, okay, so yes, I was there, but she was fine when I left. No, we didn’t argue.
Turns out she wasn’t pregnant. But he couldn’t have known that, could he.
Had to insure that someone wasn’t going to trap him into being a daddy.

So he’s in jail.
This man who killed a loving, vibrant, amazing young girl is in jail.
My tax dollars get to feed him, clothe him, provide him with cable television and library books. My tax dollars are keeping him alive.
For the next 20-50 years.
But why should he get to watch TV when she doesn’t?
Why should he get to lift weights and speak to other humans when she can’t?
Why shouldn’t he have to suffer the same fate she did?

No, I’m not recommending we suffocate him with a pillow and then roll him in a plastic sheet and shove him under his own bed for his family and friends to find.
But I AM recommending we shoot him full of a lethal dose of narcotics and let him go to sleep.
I AM recommending that he NEVER have the chance to take another breath.
Yes, I’m angry.
Yes, possibly the anger is driving me.
But previous to all of this, I was still pro-death penalty.
I truly believe in an eye for an eye.
If you kill someone, we will kill you back.
It just makes sense.
Yes, it’s a bit convoluted.
But it just makes sense.
If you take a life, we take yours.
We don’t pay for you to eat, sleep and watch TV in a climate controlled area for the rest of your life where you can write letters to friends and call family and possibly arrange for conjugal visits with the nutsos that want to sleep with you.
I MIGHT pay for it for a month or two if I was assured you would be repeatedly beaten and raped by your fellow inmates. . . before we kill you.

So, my friend’s dead.
And this man is still breathing and eating and talking.
What’s the justice in that?


Steph said...

Oh babe, how fucking brutally tragic. I'm so sorry. I agree with you wholeheartedly. If someone is beyond shadow of a doubt guilty then they should not be allowed to live.

It must burn every day for her family and friends to know he is alive, yet their loved one is dead.

auburn said...

Oh honey, i am so sorry. We don't have the death penalty in Australia, but i wish we did. I truly believe in an eye for an eye. There is nothing worse than losing someone, and watching the person responsible get off scotfree. In a situation like yours, anything short of a firing range for the murdering arsehole is just not enough.

That is just so tragic.

Adam said...

Meghan, I'm actually against the death penalty because for me it seems to easy, too quick. I feel that suffering for 30 years is much tougher than suffering for a month and then being put to sleep, but this has made me think about it more deeply. It's such a tragic story, I'm so sorry you've had to go through that, it's so far removed from everything I know. You make me think big, thanks lady!

Dirk the Feeble said...

This might be a bit of an understatement, but that guy sounds like a real douche. And not a terribly bright criminal mind.

About the death penalty though - I find it incredibly ironic. Killing people is wrong, so don't do it or we'll kill you?

Don't worry, he may have 50 years of ass-raping to look forward to, but I'm sure it will seem pleasant compared with the fires of Hell.

Chairborne Stranger said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I have total empathy, and understand what it is like to see someone die while the killers walk free.

Or even seeing the killers in jail and wanting to end their life for them.

The death penalty is good in some cases. After all, this guy might spend 30 years in and still get to live 20 years of his life free and clear. Where is the justice in that?

I feel like there are some people that prove they do not deserve the life that they have.

meghansdiscontent said...

Steph - family and friends alike are just so horrified that they (we) still haven't wrapped their minds around it. I was speaking with one of them the other day, we were avoiding all talk of April, and then suddenly at a particularly funny part of the conversation she said "I'm going to have to remember to tell April that one!" and we both just got dead quiet. The next thing I knew we were both in tears and hanging up.

Auburn - Amen.

Adam - If I thought he was actually suffering, I would be with you. I would think it was far worse. But he's just . . . it's like he doesn't care. He could care less that he's in prison. He could care less that he killed someone. And to be honest, if you really think about it . . . how do ANY of the murderers suffer? If it "bothered" them to kill, they wouldn't have done it in the first place.

Arm - Yes, killing is wrong so we shouldn't kill . . . but at the same time, if you kill what stronger punishment is there? As I said, it's just such a convoluted argument. If I had it my way, he would be hung by his big toes, naked in the center of town and people could stick things in his orafices, pee on him, hit him, spit on him, etc. ALL DAY LONG EVERYDAY. That's the only thing I can think of that is worse than what he did. And even that isn't enough.

Chairborne - thank you for your very sane and rational comments. I can always count on you to stay grounded and keep a realistic view in all our minds. If I trust anyone to understand what I'm going through with April's death, it's you.