Sunday, December 11, 2005

Because I'm a Nice Girl

It's 2 AM.
And I'm FINALLY alone.
No one to tell me not to do things.
No one to tell me to take a pill.
No one to force feed me.

Alone, alone, alone.

And what am I doing?
Being BORED.
And because I'm bored, and because I like guys that are a bit forceful.
I'm going to do what TFS told me to do.

I wrote a list.
Just one.
It's a little one.

Men I Wish Existed . . .

So that I might date them:

#1 - Howard Roarke

#2 - Atticus Finch

#3 - Rhett Butler

#4 - James (Jamie) Fraser

#5 - Doyle AKA Darkness AKA Baron Sweet-Tongue

If you don’t know these men, pick up a book once in a while.
Oh - and Rhett Butler is in there for his lines only.
Any man that can and will say “You need to be kissed. And often. By someone who knows how.” Wins my vote for man of the year.


qwer said...

I didn't tell you to make a list :o( I was just kidding!

Get some sleep and take it easy hun!

Ang said...

I would SO marry Atticus!!!

beachgirl said...

RHETT- all the way!!

meghansdiscontent said...

TFS - I have had MORE sleep than I know what to do with. My body is now utterly confused. I've read 5 books, played 1 trillion games of solitaire, written 32 lists, answered every email I've ever received and composed 14 poems and yet avoided the phone like the plague. Give me something to do!!! I need purpose!!

Ang - Amen, sister! Amen.

Beachgirl - Any of those men on my list are worthy of marriage. Any.

Kate said...

You can tell me what books #1 and #5 are from. I could look it up but I'm so lazy and you want something to do. ;-)

meghansdiscontent said...

Kate -

#1 - Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" - the best book EVARRR in my opinion.

#5 - Laurell K. Hamilton's - The Meredith Gentry Series -
1 - A Kiss of Shadows
2 - A Caress of Twilight
3 - Seduced by Moonlight
4 - A Stroke of Midnight

These are about the only "Sci-Fi/Fantasy" books that I can/have read. They're silly little books, but worth the read and lots of fun.

Kate said...

LOL, you don't know the amount of silly little books that I go through. I'm totally into escapism.

My fictional crush is on Ranger from the Stephanie Plum series. He's not even fictional marriage material but totally hot. My husband gives me such grief about him but he did buy me the eleventh book in the series for our anniversary. What a good husband.

trueborn said...

No Carey Grant? No John Robie in To Catch a Theif?
For shame. Granted he is from the silver screen and not the printed page...:)

meghansdiscontent said...

Kate - OMG!!! Amen! I forgot to include Ranger!! Everytime she ends up back with Morelli, I lose my mind a little. Ranger is SO much hotter.

You have a fantabulous husband!

True - lovey, you KNOW that Cary is my man on screen. But probably more "People Will Talk" or "Talk of the Town" than "To Catch a Thief" . .. he was a mite timid in that one, Grace Kelly did all the work.

trueborn said...

True enough.
People will talk was better.

meghansdiscontent said...

True - Showing your medical fetish again? :) The good doctor saves the woman in trouble. . . classic story, amazingly told. Why can't I find Dr. Noah Praetorious (I totally just botched that spelling)?????

Kate said...

Once again not sure what I'm saying about myself.......but Cary Grant. Wow. I am a The Philadelphia Story and Bringing Up Baby gal. Ooh and Charade with the other Hepburn, Audrey. Give me screwball comedy anyday.

meghansdiscontent said...

Kate - Ohh . . . good choices. C.K. Dexter Haven, amazing man. Not too much on the Bringing Up Baby, though. Again, too timid. Katherine did everything for him. Charade, however, was perfect. As for what you're saying about yourself . . what does it say about me that the ONLY movies I can sit entirely through (well, almost entirely) without doing 12 other things are Cary Grant movies? Particularly ones like Operation Petticoat and His Girl Friday??

Oh, and some Gregory Peck films.

Kate said...

Yes and can you separate Atticus Finch from Gregory Peck? I know I can't. I loved Operation Petticoat too.

meghansdiscontent said...

Kate - Nope. Atticus Finch and Gregory Peck will always be the same person to me. Which probably explains my total infatuation with Gregory Peck.

What about Father Goose, though? You have to love a drunkard, louse who turns into a hero and a romantic soul.

See how bored I am? Someone come break me out of bed/jail.

Chairborne Stranger said...

LOL-nice post-it's amazing the things I learn from reading this blog.

meghansdiscontent said...

Chair - Angel, that's me totally. Entertaining and yet informative. :)

janestarr said...

You know the only man I can get into from fiction is Mr. Darcy, Pride & Prejudice. Smart, stubborn, with a wry sense of humor, and a sense of intergrity. And then to have Colin Firth play it on the A&E/BBC mini-series, it was heaven. The new movie is pretty good although a little choppy, the guy (don't even know his name) that plays Mr. Darcy, is okay, but he is no Colin Firth. Love him!

Kate said...

No one can play insufferable pride like Colin Firth and still be hot.

qwer said...

Hmmm...I'm gonna bow out of this conversation...I don't want to marry any of these men!

meghansdiscontent said...

Janestarr - Another good choice! Mr. Darcy is amazing. He reminds me a great deal of Mr. DeWinter in Rebecca. I have no idea why, there's really not much of a correlation . . . just does (DeWinter is also HOT). As for Colin Firth, I readily admit I have that version in my collection. :)

Kate - Well said.

TFS - Thank heavens, studly, we'd hate to think you would.

qwer said...

I only want to date them!

Damn girl, MARRY?! Get tied down?! Nuh uh sista!

*attempts to do that neck thing that black women can do and kills himself in the process*