Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Job, The Job, Boss

Tattoo. Nuff said.

One of my best friends in the entire world moved to Fayetteville two years ago.
She didn’t want to go, she loved her job in Hot Springs, but her husband was transferred and it was move or get a divorce.
She chose move.
Good choice.
She got a job at the hospital there and worked her way up.
She’s now head of the therapy department.
I got a phone call on Monday:

Jane: How do you feel about moving?

Me: In general? I would rather die than move again.

Jane: Seriously?

Me: Probably not. Why, what’s up?

Jane: I have this Speech Path working for us that I can’t stand. She does NOTHING.
She lies to Bill all the time about things saying she’s “working” but since Bill’s a Physical Therapist he has no idea how long it takes us to do things. She told him Monday that she was down in Radio doing a MBSS for 3 hours.

Me: THREE HOURS!?!?!? At the longest, and that’s with a crap radiologist and an uncooperative patient, an MBSS takes an hour.

Jane: Exactly. I personally think she went shopping, but who knows. Anyway, she’s leaving in 2 months on maternity leave and I think I’m going to try and make it permanent. If she’s out, I need a new therapist almost immediately. You game?

Me: Hahaha! You know how I feel about salary jobs! They’re horrid. Too many taxes, too much paperwork, too many requirements, not enough patients.

Jane: It’s not salary. We’d pay you hourly AND you’re guaranteed 40 hours a week.

Me: Hmm . . I know a hospital’s idea of hourly pay. St. Vincent’s is paying $40. I can’t live on that. Too many medical bills in combination with everything else.

Jane: We’re not St. Vincent’s. You’re doing hourly on contract now, right? What if I told you we’d give you $10 an hour more than you’re making now. No travel, in a hospital, rarely ANY pediatric cases, you’d be back in the Radio lab and I know you miss it. Plus, you’d get benefits and could drop your shitty insurance. And you get a raise in three months.

Me: I don’t know.

Jane: Did I mention I had 9 hours of overtime last week, and you get time and a half for that.

Me: I would have to dissolve my business.

Jane: We pay for your continuing education, we pay your licensure fees, we pay your liability insurance, we pay your travel and conference fees and we give you a hella good yearly budget for therapy materials.

Me: I would have to move to Fayetteville.

Jane: We pay your relocation costs. We would help you find a house. We will help you sell your house.

Me: IF I moved, I would just rent the house to my brother and his roommates. My house is bigger than their rent house anyway.

Jane: So you’re thinking about it.

Me: I’m thinking.

Jane: Oh and for every 8 hours you work, you earn 1 hour of vacation time. Which starts immediately. So the first week, you would have earned 5 paid vacation hours. Do you even get paid when you’re off now?

Me: You know I don’t.

Jane: See how good this would be????

Me: Just fax me the benefit info and the sliding pay scale.

Jane: Done and DONE. This is so exciting!! I miss you so much!! Especially once football season is over and we NEVER see each other.

Hmm. . . definitely thinking about it. Downsides - MOVING, buying a new house, dissolving my business, leaving my friends, moving another 2.5 hours from my family. Upsides - more money, better insurance, hospital environment again, being in the same town as a large group of my friends who moved after college, being in the same town as my favorite NCAA football team, moving another 2.5 hours from my family. Oh oh oh, and another upside - There's a very SLIM chance of me ever needing to punch anyone . . a hospital's a little more secure than a daycare in the (pardon this) ghetto.


Rolligun said...

What is the potential of your business (current), what do you want to happen with it. I guess, as far as straight job comparisons go, that's the only question I have. It sounds like that is something you built. What's in it for the long term? Otherwise there doesn't seem to be anything attrative about the current job compared your new offer. Its kind of like dating a guy who's 5'9 and getting asked out by one who's 6'00. 'nuff said.

Everything else is a question of priorities..."now meghan, (use fatherly tone) I want you to decide what is most important to you in life. It's not always about the money and your career ambitions. There's relationships to consider too, that's what makes life worth living. You have to ask yourself, What will make you happy?")

Sorry, but I have to practice that shit for having that role one day. I don't mean to use your blog like that, it was just a good oppurtunity.

meghansdiscontent said...

Rolligun - Good questions:

1 - Potential of current business - Shaky. Not because I'm not doing my darndest to make it work, but because the school systems are taking over the daycare systems and enforcing regulations which hurt the children and my business.

Attractiveness - the main attractiveness of the new job (other than the monetary increase) is the insurance. I could find only ONE insurance company in the nation that would cover me, health wise. And in order to get coverage at all - I had to agree to them denying ALL pre-existing conditions. Which, is ridiculous really, because it's the only reason I NEED insurance. So I pay almost $400 a month for health insurance that NEVER PAYS FOR ANYTHING. Venting over.

Nice fatherly tone. - Relationships - Other than my friendships, I have nothing holding me here. And what friendships I do have will remain with me through the move. Hell, Robin moved to NY and we were still closer than white on rice. Yes, I will miss going out with my friends - but I have a ton of friends who already live in Fayetteville. I will greatly miss my brother, but it's only a 2.5 hour drive from Conway to Fayetteville. I know the drive better than anyone considering I drove it at least 4 days a week a few years ago (Jeff lived in Fayetteville).

Use my blog as you wish.

trueborn said...

Go with what makes you Happy Meg. It would be a load off your shoulders wouldn't it? You also now know that you can build a successful business, not many can honestly say that.
Whatever you decide, it sounds like you win. You have friends in both towns, and you have a good job in both towns. Maybe some docs in Fayetteville will agree with your surgery demands too, you never know.

Chairborne Stranger said...

Options look pretty bright either way you go. And Fayetteville is a very nice city with a bit more to do! Always a plus

michellesarah said...

I can only see one maybe-issue. I'm not sure what the laws are over in the US regarding maternity leave, but in Australia the employee has the right to come back to their role after 12 months. If, after 12 months, they don't want it, then you can give it away permanently. But you often see jobs advertised in the paper as '12 month contract - Maternity Leave'... so after that 12 mths, you may be able to say, but you may also be give the boot. And you could work your arse off, be waaaaay better at the job than the woman who is on leave, and she still has the right to come back to the job.

It could be different in the US, but it's something to consider.

Steph said...

hrmmm i seem to recall you saying on my blog that you would NEVER work for somebody else again. Think about that. Especially working for a friend??. Maybe i'm a negative person but it sounds a little too good to be true. Just check everything out thoroughly before you make any decisions.

They are asking you to uproot your life and give up a business you've worked so hard on. That's a lot. Even for the benefits you'd gain, it's still a big ask.

Go with your heart but listen closely to your head too. Hugs for you sweets.

beachgirl said...

Precious girl- it sounds like a great opportunity... Do what is going to make you the happiest...Weigh all of your options carefully...but I think the offer sounds AMAZING!!!

qwer said...

I say go for it! It sounds like an awesome opportunity!

Yes, there are some downsides, but if in the long run it'll take you forward, then why let it pass you by?

meghansdiscontent said...

True - Ha ha ha! You know what the doctor said "no surgeon in the country" . . damn my indecisiveness on whether I wish to procreate. However, the rest are all valid points. I'm definitely doing some pro/con lists. Is it sad that I use lists to determine my future??

Chairborne - Very much so! I spend at least half the fall in Fayetteville as it is . . between friends and football. I love it there, just not certain I love it as a place to reside.

Michellesarah - Very valid point. The difference is that she doesn't have a contract and she has a VERY long history of poor work performance. I've been listening to "Jane" complain about this woman since WAY before she became therapy director. Also, Jane called yesterday to alert me that Ms. Pregnancy is talking about not wanting to come back to work after the birth of the child. Her husband can support them and she doesn't want to miss "those formative years." We shall see where this goes.

Steph - VERY valid point. I really do abhor working for others. Between your blogging about work and Ty's . . I'm constantly reminded how badly I DON'T want to be back in that world. However, if I stay in this one, I may commit homicide on un-fit parents. Jail or working for others?? Hmm . . . Thanks for the hugs, chica, I have no idea what I did before you! :)

Beachgirl - The offer IS amazing. It's VERY uncommon for hospitals in AR (though pretty standard elsewhere, I had an offer from AZ last year that put this one to shame!). I think, however, that all of this is jumping the gun . . "Jane" and I are getting overly excited about something that could never occur. . .

TFS - Argh, all the back and forth. But you're quite right, in the long run. Robin and I discussed this at length Friday (and she might go with me if I go!!!! yay!!) and we both came to the conclusion that if it doesn't work, I can always come back. I'm not selling my house, my center directors adore me and I'm CERTAIN they'd let me come back . . and that's the other thing - I don't have to dissolve my business. I've thought about this. I can run it from Fayetteville. I will contract someone to work for me and handle the main problems of the business and fax, email and call me for all other issues. I could have the best of both worlds.

Chairborne Stranger said...

Hm, well the whole contracting out thing might work. Not sure the profit margins on that type of deal.
Why not sell it?

Still, sucking it down over here in the Army, I gotta say if I had my own business it would take a lot to get me to work for someone else. I'd probably drive it until the wheels came off before I went back to the regular 9-5 world.

Although the argument on the children might be worth the effort to switch to something else, or try the contract thing out.

verbs said...

I run my own business and work for someone else. I used to just run my own business but couldn't make enough money to survive, so I went back into the 9-5 routine, but on my own terms. I used to say I could never work for someone ever again...until it came down to survival. Doesn't sound like that's a problem for you.

qwer said...

You've got a working plan hun, run with it.