Saturday, December 03, 2005

Possibly the Most Non-PC Post Ever

1. Do ugly people know they are ugly?????

And in the same vein:

2. Do white trash know they are white trash???? (and if so, why don't they do anything about it???)


Kate said...

White Trash Palace - Come on in my garden gnome won't bite

trueborn said...

A joke:

What do white trash d owhen their car breaks down?

They build a house next to it.

trueborn said...

White trash face a lot of the same pproblems that those in the ghetto face. Poor education, poor oppertunities, and a cycle of violence with drugs and alcohol that has them hamstrung. I'm not saying that they cannot overcome these hurdles, I am saying that the deck is stacked against them

As for the ugly. It's unfotunate but they know. It would be so much easier for them to be ignorant, but alas that is not their lot in life. Whether she has a mustache or if he has an unibrow, people have made fun. They know. But one can always get surgery as evidenced by the Train Wreck that was The Swan

Chairborne Stranger said...

Dude, they totally both know.

trueborn said...

Yeah, you're right

janestarr said...

My frustration is when good looking people choose to stay with a fashion that makes them unattractive. There is the woman at work that has the mullet style perm and wears "mom jeans" She could be so much more attractive if she would just update a little, alas, I don't think she cares, she is too far gone.

angel, jr. said...

I think they know...white trash has comediens like Jeff Foxworthy who reminds them what they are.

The ugly have Hollywood glam mags to remind them.

TFS said...

1. Yes.

2. Why don't they change? You're assuming that they don't like being white trash!

meghansdiscontent said...


True - Honey, I laughed and laughed. How sad is that? As for the deck . . yeah, it's a bit stacked but it's not hard to do SOME THINGS. You know, brush your teeth, bathe, not wear things that are air-brushed or tie-dyed . . . I've been to Wal-Mart, I've seen some cutie clothes CHEAP. You don't have to be in Manolos and BCBG to be cute. I've seen people who were "white trash" but you would NEVER know it to see them. Why don't these people clue in??

As for ugly, I hope so. But I know some that DONT. There was this REALLY unfortunate looking fellow in high school. REALLY unfortunate. He asked me out EVERY DAY. Now, I ain't the cutest thing around, but I hold my own. He saw the guys I dated. Did he really think he was on par??

Chair - Baby, per usual, concise and to the point.

Janestarr - EXACTLY!!! I saw a girl in the grocery store today who was wearing an applique T-shirt and SHOULDER PADS!!! SHOULDER PADS!!! She could have been SO cute, but she missed completely.

Angel, Jr. - True dat, true dat.

TFS - Are you telling me that this "white trashness" is their way of bucking the system??

trueborn said...

What gets me is women with mustaches, ugh. Shave off that beast. I mean that's gotta be all natural birth control, and if it's not, what kind of dude has sex with a woman with a mustache *shudder*? To be clear, this isn't bleached, it's thick and it's dark hair and you can see that badboy from far away. Like a third eyebrow.

trueborn said...

True swimmers
Speaking of which, I have this hilarious post about all things that I have witnessed swimmers do to one another and to other people. can't decide if I want to post it though, slightly nast after all.

meghansdiscontent said...

True - The mustache thing . . . UGH . . kind of like the guy with the unibrow. That's why there are waxes, creams, razors, whatever.

However, we women must be careful. A few months ago I had to use a ton of makeup for WEEKS because I left the cream on (trying to prevent a mustache from emerging!) a little TOO long . . and chemically burned my darn face! I was painting on concealer with a paint brush!

Oh . . and I LOVED your swimmers post. It has made me call two of my guy swim friends! We're getting together next week. LOVE those boys!

Kate said...

Thanks so much to you all. After years of being beyond worrying what people think, I found myself out-and-about today worrying if I was looking too hausfrau. :)

TFS said...

Who needs the system when you have the power of the stylish mullet ;o)

auburn said...

Exhibit A: Paris Hilton.

They know...but they don't care.