Thursday, December 15, 2005


Bash me if you want, but I realized something earlier today.

There is a severe epidemic of male shortness going on.

Realization over.
Back to your regularly scheduled program.


Chairborne Stranger said...

I don't feel very short at all.

qwer said...

In what sense are we talking short?

meghansdiscontent said...

Boys, boys, get your hackles down.

I was not referring to your third leg.

I was referring to height.
Actual, physical, can I wear high heels around you and not have to bend down to kiss you, height.

Kate said...

LOL, I thought you meant that there weren't enouh of them around.

Steph said...

Because of my love of heels. I can't date short guys. Bummer about that.

meghansdiscontent said...

SEE! Steph gets it!

Kate - honey, I'll be more specific next time.

trueborn said...

What do you cinsider short?
I'm 6 even, but I consider myself shot cuz my dad ia 6'4, and I have a sister who's 5'10, so it's all relative. :)

qwer said...

Ladies, ladies, ladies! I think Eddie Izzard is pointing to an obvious solution: MAN HEELS!!!

meghansdiscontent said...

Okay, the guy who asked for my number today was probably . . hmm . . 5'8" or 5'9", I couldn't judge that well because the heel on my shoe was a bit higher than I should have been wearing.

Men should be AT LEAST 5'10". Most of my exes were above 6'.

And the short women need to stop stealing our tall guys!!! My friend Jaime is only 4'10", she married a 6'3" guy. :( There are so few already!!!

Adam said...

Yeah TFS, why do only chicks wear heels. Do our legs not need to look sexy also?

Megs dearest, maybe you're looking in the wrong places. There a basketball court near you?

I'm 5'10" but surely in a good set of man heels I'd rocket up to 6'2".

meghansdiscontent said...

Adam - Basketball courts are filled with 16 yr olds. I have certain age requirements that should match the height.

No heels on men. NO NO NO.
Please, no.
Pretty please.

Adam said...

Sheesh, picky.

Well, make yourself a card that says:

"Hi, thanks for your interest in the prospects of Sweet sweet lovin' with Meghan. Please be aware that to date me, you first need to:

- have an STD checkup.
- have you legs broken and reset until you reach 6'

Please call 555-XXXXXX once these requirements have been met.
Thanks, I look forward to our time together."

meghansdiscontent said...

Ohhh Adam -

Don't you make me out to be Captain Picky! If I remember correctly it was YOU as in Y - O - U who harped me out a few weeks ago in a post about settling. Telling me NOT to settle, um hm, and now you're telling me I'm too picky.

I see how you are. Um hm.


Luvs you, though.

Chairborne Stranger said...

Picky is as picky does.

meghansdiscontent said...

Okay, okay.

I'm confused.
I asked for ONE attribute. ONE.
It's a very small physical thing.

I can see if I was saying:
Can cook
Hates gold
Reads for pleasure
Can carry me

But I said "tall"

Is that such a crime????

:) I love taking things to extremes.

Chairborne Stranger said...

No, you said "short", which I took to mean either my height or how much of a man I was, I couldn't quite tell by what you said, and then, which Kate took to mean there aren't enough guys, so where did "tall" come into this again?

meghansdiscontent said...

Third comment from the top . . I explained I meant height.

:( Sorry, I'll be more specific from now on.

I just want a boy (actually a man, but it's cute to call them boys) who's taller than me.

Just that.
Oh and can speak in full sentences and not sound like Kermit the Frog.

Chairborne Stranger said...

Ah, you are correct, dear, I missed your height comment, and then made you make a 'frown' face. Daggone it. Did I miss the Kermit thing too somewhere?

meghansdiscontent said...

Oh, and Adam, I'm a girl . . you're confusing me posting below AND up here . . so pick, the sad story or this one . . I can't keep running back and forth, I'm simple minded. :)

meghansdiscontent said...

Chair - no, sweetie, you didn't miss anything. It's a blog from WAY back . . . definitely before you were reading.

It was regarding men's voices. Some men are cursed with high voices. Women (well, me and most of the women I know) prefer a deeper voice. Not like James Earl Jones (though, that's nice) or Barry White . . but preferably not someone that sounds like Kermit the Frog or Robin.

Chairborne Stranger said...


meghansdiscontent said...

Oh no no no,

Where's Bevis when I need him?
Umm . . my understanding is that "Robin" is the cousin (or nephew?) of Kermit the Frog.

It's the picture that Bevis has as his Avatar.

Chairborne Stranger said...

Hm, I had no idea.

meghansdiscontent said...

Neither did I until Clokeeey told me . . it was an odd thing.

Funny what you learn on blogs.

Okay, kids, I'm out. Have a good night!! Stay safe. And wish me luck (I think?).

Adam said...

Good night dearest Megs,

Meanie? Me? Surely not.
Okay, okay. Tall it is.
I'll post one up to you, I've got some spares.

P.S) Don't settle.

muffin said...

In agreeance!!!!

qwer said...

I realised you meant height. I just decided to take it to that level cos I could ;o)

Oh and four hour meetings suck arse!

Ang said...

I hear you Meghan! I am just over 5'9" and have pretty much given up on heals. My ex was good as he was just over 6'. I thought of getting a t-shirt made "Must be this tall to ride" but then they would only be as tall as my breasts, and that is NOT the kind of guy I am looking for!!!

Rolligun said...

I'll tie this in with Steph's blog on crushing...with that said, I'm also gonna kill any chance I had of developing any blogging crushes with the females in this forum as I am 5"7.

Arrrgggg...I'm out.

I have however dated several girls taller than me, personally I don't care. It takes alot to make me uncomfortable.

qwer said...

Rolli, dude, heels! I know we can pull this off somehow!!

meghansdiscontent said...

Adam - Okay, you're not a meanie. Not all the time. :) And I won't settle. God, if I haven't settled yet, why would I start now. (PS - come visit me in the Singles Retirement Village when I'm 70, please)

Muffin - AMEN!

TFS - Great, all you Aussie men are meanies today . . baiting me, getting me all riled up, for shame.
As for the meetings, yeah, they do. Sorry I missed ya!

Ang - EXACTLY!! Thank GOD you understand. Being tall is a curse. I wish I was one of those people who thought being tall was gorgeous and statuous, but instead I just feel like I should skulk around so as not to call attention to myself. (oh, and if you're wondering - I'm a bit over 5'9", too . . like 5'9.5")

Tolligun - LOL - you haven't lost your chance, for all you know half of us are already crushing! The good news about insipid physical qualities is that we might THINK we're set on something, but the right guy throws it all out the window. I have a "friend" here who's 5'6" - the most amazing man I've ever met. If he asked me out tomorrow - I would throw away every pair of heels I own and be relegated to flats the rest of my life.

TFS - Babe, seriously, if I see you in a pair of heels, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to topple you over every five minutes. DON'T wear heels.

Having said that. Eddie Izzard is HOTTTTTTT . . . and it has NOTHING to do with the physical. Anyone that intelligent, articulate and humorous is AUTOMATICALLY sex on legs.

angel, jr. said...

if we are talking about a heigh thing, I'm a victim of that epidemic.

Eunuch said...

Well, our friendship is over...I'm 69", but in my opinion, that's the best number to be!

Eunuch said...

"Anyone that intelligent, articulate and humorous is AUTOMATICALLY sex on legs" never mind, our friendship is back on

mrshife said...

Well I am 5'8", but 6' with my afro.

Jenni said...

Short guys are great friends, but NEVER dating material.

meghansdiscontent said...

Angel, Jr. - Ahh, poor baby. I'm sorry.

Eunuch - Hey, be nice! Oh, wait, you were in the next comment. Okay.

Mr. Shife - Woo hoo! Gotta love afros and mullets.

Jenni - Don't I know it, however, as I said . .there are a few exceptions you have to make. I can't discriminate TOTALLY against the vertically challenged.

Chairborne Stranger said...

What about platform shoes for men? Or just really thick soles on Dr. Martens? that's higher, yet not a man heel.

Rolligun said...

Meghan, The "R" key is located in between "E" and "T", and below the numeric row. It' not a problem, I don't want you to worry one bit about it. It's just education.

And thank you for the vertical empowerment, this blogging community is just full of interesting mates, (English for procreation partners, not Aussie for friend)I would like to think that there is hope for the disabled.

I have an interesting story about my first encounter with the "height" issue and the ladies, since I know you will ask me about it, I'll just post it instead.

TFS-Maybe your on to something, I'm not afraid. But I do tend to trip regulary with my usual shoes, so that is a concern of mine.

meghansdiscontent said...

Chairborne - Do men still wear Doc Martens???

Rolligun - Oh bite me, cutie. You're going to feel bad about talking about my typing when you know WHY I am having trouble typing. Uh huh. Read the jail post and then tell me your sorry. :)

Thank you for posting it!! And how do you know me THAT well already???

Rolligun said...

Haven't read that post yet, but I feel the asshole cloud coming in.

Uh oh.

qwer said...

*insert evil maniacal laughter here*

It seems you have stumbled on to my true plan Meg!

*goes off to buy some heels*

meghansdiscontent said...

Rolligun - I told you up there, but I'll tell you again, don't worry about it. You didn't know. And a bum hand is no excuse for laziness!

TFS - NO MAN HEELS!! NONE! I'm not gonna tell you again!!

Is it totally odd that "DUALPAIN" is my verification word???