Sunday, December 04, 2005

Thanks, Steph

Reading Steph's post made me finally get something on paper . . . granted, she's being super secretive and not allowing if her writing is memory or fantasy, but mine's a memory that I've been wanting to get down for a while, so:


“Your smile always looks so sad.”
He laughed at me as he always did.
“What makes you say that?”
“I’ve never seen lips that can turn up and yet down at the same time. You’re thinking of something.”
He laughed again. This time shorter. Almost harsh in quality.
“You’re presuming again. You don’t know me as well as you think.”
“You won’t let me.”
The smile stopped. Something in his eyes changed.
“You won’t give me a reason to let you.”
“I can’t.”
The soft breath of his sigh hit my cheek.
He shook his head ever so slightly before placing his lips softly against mine.
Just a second and the kiss ended.
Before I could taste his breath on mine.
“You won’t.”
He was right.
Loving someone hurt too much.
I couldn’t be hurt that badly again.
I wouldn’t recover.
“You’re crying.”
A solitary tear traced the path of my lips.
His tongue caught it.
If anyone deserved to be loved, it was him.
“Just hold me.”
His arms drew around me and I could feel the tension in his arms.
“Don’t make promises. They won’t last.”
The tension increased.
“Mine will.”
But they didn’t.
“Mine will.”


janestarr said...

That was very beautiful, the fantasy is that it shouldn't be this hard right? I wish you love, it is a wonderful thing when it is right...I hope.

Eunuch said...

A promise is forever.

meghansdiscontent said...

Janestarr - Thanks, doll. I'm always hesitant to post my writings like that one . . or actually any of my personal semi-non-fiction fiction, but Steph's post pushed me. As for the love part, hmm . . maybe one day we will both know.

Eunuch - a promise from the right man is, other ones fade. It's not sad, it's not wrong, it just IS.

Steph said...

Ohhhh sista! We do share the same soul. I can relate so strongly it was like you crawled inside my head and wrote down what was there. Very eerie!

I just dared you to write about a perfect moment on my blog. I want you to find one. I know you have some. You have to.

Steph said...

P.S. you've been TAGGED! My christmas present to you.

Kate said...

Very nicely written. I'm a little confused as to what's real and what's virtual but in my experience the right person and the right situation will come along and make you so thankful that the ones before didn't work out. So if you can handle the twang (and it's not easy), I prescribe Garth Brook's Unanswered Prayers.

auburn said...

That was beautiful and eerily familiar.

Eunuch, it would be nice if a promise was forever. But most people leave out the small print*

* until i cheat on you, hook up with your best friend, get another girl pregnant, get sick of keeping promises, develop know...stuff like that...

Adam said...

My promises are forever.

If I can't think of anything worse than not keeping my word. I think people promise too readily.

auburn said...

You are a rare gem Adam:)

And i agree, people promise far too readily. Too much, too little, too soon, too late...promises aren't REAL anymore.

It's funny..."My word is good". I got delivered that line yesterday by the guy from the engagement party regarding him taking me out in Melbourne. Hmm...

Adam said...

Meghan, has anyone told you today that YOU FREAKIN' ROCK!!

That is all.

angel, jr. said...

That is awesome. You've captured the trust issue vividly.

Jenni said...

I could feel the anguish in your words.

Dirk the Feeble said...

Why are people liars? I mean, seriously, why don't they just not say things like that? Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it's stupid to make promises like that when you have NO IDEA if you'll be able to keep them.

mrshife said...

Very nicely said. You are a superstar.

meghansdiscontent said...

Steph - You and your dares!!! I promise I will follow through on it as soon as I get a second to think about the "perfect moment." I have tons . . but I want the right one to write about.
And thanks for the tag!

Kate - Thanks, girl. Garth does have a couple of songs to make you thankful, and at times, the twang actually helps.

Auburn - Thank you, sweetie. I think all females have had a moment similar to that one.
And you're right about the promises, but the sad thing is - women do it just as much as men.

Adam - You, as always, prove yourself to be the exception to the rule. Hence the reason we all lurv you!

Auburn - sweetie, RUN from any guy that has to advertise that any part of him (word or otherwise) is "good."

Adam - You always make me feel so good about myself! You're adorable. Have your girlfriend give you a big kiss for me!

Angel, Jr. - Thank you. It's odd how moments just come to you and you feel like you have to get them out . . . sometimes the words end up being the right ones and you convey exactly how you felt.

Arm - figure that out for us and report back.

Mr Shife - This from KING of all that is Hoff?? I am greatly honored!

Chairborne Stranger said...

I must agree with Mr.Shife-superstar.