Thursday, December 01, 2005

Umm . . So I'm a Stupid Girl

Love ALL of you much for all the support.

But now you get to find out why I was so crazy.

Umm . . yeah . . . so on the way home from the gym just now . . .
I got a visitor - - one I haven't had in 8 months.

240 days of no visitors makes the hormones VERY unhappy.

But after working out, getting my protein shake and then learning the basis of all my troubles - - Happy Girl is home! :)

Promise no more craziness for at least another 8 months.
That's how it works for me.

And sorry to all the males that I just made vomit.

Hugs and stuff!


beachgirl said...

Welcome back!! Gurrrrrl I know exactly what you're going through, all of us girls do... Go get a big bag of M&M's and 2 liter of diet coke and tell the rest of the world to go to hell!!

meghansdiscontent said...

And ruin 6 nights a week at the gym and a mostly protein diet - - oh hell no!

Eunuch's teaching me about restraint and will power. It's working so far. Well, him and Paul the hottie at the gym who grabbed my ass while I was doing prone leg curls tonight.

beachgirl said...

Gurl, you got an ass grab?? So jealous... you know what that awesome 90's artist Dino would say,
"Get up on it"!!! Good advice if I ever heard it!!

beachgirl said...

Precious girl- I'm out for a while, going to get my grub on.. What's with the sudden ghetto slang??

I'll call you on my way home...

Steph said...

Glad to see you're feeling better. Keep simile sweetheart :)

Kate said...

Well so much for the wise advice I was preparing to give you. You've been spared. :) I actually thought that you were saying that some ex of yours came by and you had sex. The euphemism totally went over my head. That's what happens when you live in a house full of men.

trueborn said...

Good to see you're feeling better.

janestarr said...

It's all good!

Ass grabbing at the gym? I would turn into feminist bitch and drop kick the sexist bastard...but good thing it was you and not me, right? It makes think of the bar mitzvah scene Wedding Singer where they all grab each other asses, it is a beautiful scene.

TFS said...


Glad you're feeling better!

TFS said...

And does that stuff really freak most guys out that much?

Maybe I'm just used to hearing about it.


muffin said...

I'm here in sickly spirit, babe.

I'm happy to hear your face is plastered with a big grin.

Eunuch said...

You didn't gross us out here...

VERY glad you're doing better today!

Ang said...

Yay for happy smiling meghan!!

meghansdiscontent said...

Steph - Thank you, Dahling.

Kate - LOL! I almost wish. Almost. And, I fully understand. Other than in college, I never had a female roommate. All males (though I realize you're talking about your family!), all the time. I thought it was easier.

True - Thank you, sweetie.

Janestarr - Umm, yeah, so I probably would have punched someone if it wasn't Paul. Paul and Jeremy are guys we met at the gym a year ago and they're HOT HOT HOT and friendly and wonderful and they would NEVER in a million years be interested in me - - so I knew the ass grab was a friendly "glad to see you back in the gym, can't shake your hand because your gribbing handles and you can't see me because you're face down so I grab your ass to say hello" thing.

TFS - Honey, yes, it grosses some men out that much. The ex I kicked out three months ago would NOT take out the trash in my bathroom because it had tampon WRAPPERS just the damn WRAPPERS in it.

Eunuch - You and TFS are men in a world of boys.

Ang - GIRL! Missing hearing your thoughts and ideas, when are you posting again???

meghansdiscontent said...

AGH! Missed Muffin!

Muffin - Please please please feel better soon. I have thoroughly chastised Adam for even thinking of partying and have ordered him to your house as a nursemaid.

Let me know if that ACTUALLY happens.

Feel better, girl, we're all thinking of you.

janestarr said...

Hmmm, must find friendly HOT ass grabbing guys at the gym. It's good to have goals!

meghansdiscontent said...

Janestarr - I HIGHLY recommend it! It gives you a hell of a confidence booster.

Hell, I was so boosted that I worked out a bit too strenously. I am in PAIN, sister, pain!