Friday, December 16, 2005

Wave Bye-Bye to the Not-So-Nice Lady, Kids

Warning: If you're looking for a dating update, it's below. If you wanna feel happy and fuzzy, read below. THIS is badness at it's worst.

Second Warning: VERY obscene language is used in this post. Sorry, it's necessary.
And, by the way, the sweet genteel lady you have come to know and love is NOT in this post.

My next blog may be posted from the pokey, kids.
I'm probably going to jail.
Reconcile yourselves to this fact.
Though, I really dare the mutherfucker to press charges.

I punched one of my kids dad's this morning.
I punched the fuck out of him.
And I'm no light weight.
I hope it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

No, it wasn't professional.
Yes, it was ill-advised.

D. came into therapy this morning happy as always.
We were playing and having fun, per usual.
Then I targetted his goal of Naming Body Parts.

I touched his Nose - He said Nose.
I touched his Ear - He said Ear.
I touched his Shoulder - He said Elbow. Wrong.
I touched his Tummy - He said OUCH and started crying.
I raised up his shirt.
On his stomach and chest were 6 cigarette burns.
And, yes, they were cigarette burns. I KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE! I've had kids with them before. This THIS is what I hate about my job.

I get the center director.
We call the father - the guardian of the child.
The mom's completely out of the picture.
She's in jail.
Dad's the only person the baby's ever with (baby - 21 months old).
I'm praying, hoping that the marks are from someone else.
But they're still the dad's fault.
He's supposed to keep this baby safe.

Dad shows up.
We talk to him.
It's OBVIOUS that he did it.
He yells at the director that we're not supposed to be looking under his clothes. Calls us perverts and pedophiles (big word for this guy).
I tell him that I've already called children's services and he should expect a visit shortly.
We can't LEGALLY keep the child, but I don't want him leaving with his dad.
He's in my arms.
Dad reaches for him.
I tell him to back off.
Dad says "Give me my damn kid, bitch."
I put D. down and give the stare of death to this idiot.
He reaches behind me for D. again.
I move to block him.
He tries to push me out of the way.
I stand my ground.

He goes outside.
I finish what I need to do, grab my stuff, talk with the director and make certain D. won't be released to his custody until DHS arrives and then move out the door.

D's dad is waiting for me.
"It ain't your concern what I do with my kid, bitch."
"Bitch, I'm talkin to you."
He reaches out and grabs my left arm.
I draw back my right arm and punch the fuck out of him.
He yells, let's go of me and screams "You did it now, bitch! I'm filin charges. You gonna be arrested."
"Great." and I get in my vehicle and leave.



Chairborne Stranger said...

Wow, there are a lot of sick people in the world. It is always terrible for the little people who have no one to protect them. I'm glad you decked him. Hitting people feels good sometimes. You should be ok about the jail thing, he grabbed you first. Hope you are ok and that the child will be ok too. Work with CPS. I know it is slow and it sucks but that's all the little people have sometimes.

Barry S. said...

I agree, CS. If he grabbed you first, you have the right to defend yourself!
God, there are some real pieces of shit out there.
It is truly a shame to see people like him have kids they obviously don't love/want/deserve, while there are others in the world who could be wonderful parents if given the chance.

meghansdiscontent said...

Chair - Yes. I would like to say that this was the first case of child abuse I've been in on, but I've called child services more than I can count. Decking him felt really good at the time, but now my hand hurts. How do you guys do that punching thing and not break knuckles and such????

Barry - I hope the law sees it that way. But I really don't think idiot boy will be stupid enough to call the cops. Surely not.

I toyed with the idea of NOT blogging about this and just letting the date update below be the happy go lucky post of the day, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to vent.

Plus, this may later explain any absences that might occur.

beachgirl said...

From a legal perspective, barry is right, if he grabbed you first, then you had the right to defend yourself. The attorneys in my office say the cops might question you but there will be no arrests made... Trust me on this..

I'm glad you decked the S.O.B.

mommy22ss said...

Oh, wow. That's terrible! I agree with both above that he provoked so you should be fine.

Also want to say Thank you for protecting that child. He's probably not capable of thanking you himself so... I am.

Thank you.

Chairborne Stranger said...

I certainly wouldn't arrest you (I'm an Army Military Policeman by the way). The military system isn't much different. I could write about the litany of kids that I've seen abused but that would just depress all of us.

meghansdiscontent said...

Beachgirl - changed my mind. Instead of waiting on Emily to get out, I called my lawyer. He agrees with your legal - no way am I getting arrested. But still . . ugh. He's lucky I didn't kick his ass while he was down there. I did notice, however, that my ring has some blood in it - I think I did cut him. God, I feel horrible and great at the same time - is that possible??

Mommy22ss - Thanks for the gratitude. I hate people who pick on kids. I've actually been here before . . I kicked a guy in the balls last year - sexual molestation of his 3 year old. He knew better than to try and go to the police though. I'm starting to think I NEED to change jobs.

Chairborne - Hmm . . interesting. Daddy was a MP. Glad you're not going to arrest me . . but the idea of handcuffs . . I digress. I know what you mean about the kids though - I used to work for Arkansas Children's Hospital . . the stories I could tell.

Chairborne Stranger said...

Well watch out wearing rings when you punch someone. Also, we do break knuckles sometimes. I have some scars on mine as well.

angel, jr. said...

It mortifies me that people would harm children that way. When I was doing my pediatric rotation, there was a patient on the floor, who wouldn't move--at all. He acted catatonic. Never spoke a word. One of the other fourth year medical students finally got the kid to open up. The kid told the fourth year that he had been raped by his father--and that if he remained absolutely still, no one would know that he was there, that he could be invisible. It broke my heart. It was the first time I cried like a baby when it came to a patient.

meghansdiscontent said...

Chair - I wouldn't have worn a ring if I had thought I was going to punch someone's lights out. Maybe I should just be jewelryless at all times . . just in case. Scars?? Oh, babe. I hope I never hit someone hard enough to give me scars later on.

Angel, Jr. - I try and try and NEVER understand people. Never. They're KIDS! I had two patients like that at the hospital. Never moved, never said anything. One from being beaten so often and the other from being sexually abused so much. It's why I quit working in the hospital, I got so disillusioned and scared that I would never have kids - - because I wouldn't want to bring them into a world like this.

trueborn said...

I would've tried to knock the motherfucker out too. Hell, people may have had to pull me off the guy.
*deep breath*
I can't stand people who abuse kids like that. It goes back you your platform for president.
There should be some sort of test for parenting.
Oh, and the way you hit people is with your thumb on the outside, otherwise you break it, otherwise it always hurts. It merely feels great while doing it so the pain is put off.
Good for you Meg.
You kick Ass!

qwer said...

Next time, use a brick on the fucker just for good meassure.

Rolligun said...

Yeah, there's that cloud.

And Bravo!!! you're a hero to that child and an example decensy and human conviction (no pun)to the rest of us.

You beating his ass is the least of his worries and the beginning of hope for D.

I take back everything I said, ask as many questions as you like. And if you don't like my answers, please take off your rings.

michellesarah said...

What a seriously fucked-up day. I don't think I can say much more than has already been said - you did the right thing for the kid, and the fact that he was trying to pass off blame onto you guys (paedophiles!) instead of being shocked and appalled only confirms his guilt. He'd have to be pretty fucking stupid to try and press charges against you - but then again, a guy who burns his baby with cigarettes obviously isn't that strong on the smarts. If your lawyer thinks you'll be alright, then I'm sure you will. Your honesty in the situation will shine through, I'm sure.

Once it blows over, you can be confident that you helped get this kid some help. That's what really really matters.

Kate said...
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Adam said...

Good work young Meghan, how could anyone do that to a child, especially their own child. He's a monster and you did good, especially with the law on your side.

I'm proud you stood your ground.

meghansdiscontent said...

True - I had to pull myself together quickly. As much as I would have LOVED to have kicked him a few times while he was down . . the prospect of having a big black man beat me senseless did NOT sound appealing. I got outta there. And I DID hit him with the thumb on the outside, my daddy didn't raise a fool . . but the damn knuckle . . wow. I made Crystal check for a break. It HURTS. I'm so glad I'm not a boy.

TFS - Maybe I should carry one in my briefcase? I would have smacked him with that, but I didn't want to have to pay to replace the laptop (shudder).

Rolligun - DON'T feel guilty . . my spelling and typing have been off all day, I would love to blame it on the hand, but I think it's more laziness. Thank you for the praise though, sweetie pie. And, just a note, I wouldn't punch you if I didn't like your answers - - you might think that was foreplay.

Michellesarah - Welcome! I am VERY worried about D. I called the center director later in the afternoon, DHS showed up, but who knows what happened after that. I'm almost as worried about him "in the system" as I was with his father. I also hate that I now have no way to check on him. Oh well, I did what I could. But, on my end, I did call friends at the police stations, no warrants have been sworn out . . . I think I'm good.

Kate - I told my lawyer that AND got the center director to put the tape from the outside security cameras back so we could copy it and save it for evidence if needed. I loved being able to protect myself, but hated having to do it. Here's hoping the weekend is UNEVENTFUL! And the thought of being related to you all is a bit scary. Hopefully not, right? Most of my WV family are transplants . . . I think.

Adam - Thank you, babe. But I should have killed the bastard. If they give D. back to him . . I should have run his ass over "on accident" to assure they didn't. I've seen it happen dozens of times. They take the child for a month or so and then give them back. It's like nothing changes, nothing matters. But we keep on going anyway, right?

How does this crap always happen to me?? I called my mom and she freaked with "Meghan!! What were you thinking?? Are you crazy?? You call the authorities and let them handle things, that's what they're for!! You're going to get killed." Wow, mom, very supportive.

Steph said...

Goddamn i wish i had of been there. I was once in a bitchfight with a lady who hit her child on the head in front of me. Nobody deserves an asswhipping more than somebody cowardly enough to strike a child. Let alone burn them.

Oh god my blood just fucking boils. That retarded bastard deserves a heel right in the goolies *balls.

If they dare to arrest you i will fly over there and protest outside the jail. That is just wrong.

You my girl ROCK. I respect, admire and plain old LOVE you!!!!

Indiana said...

I would have bashed fuck out of him when he tried to push past you...actually I take that back...I would have punched fuck out of him the moment I knew it was him who did it.

Ang said...

Good for you!! Very proud!

Rolligun said...

Meghan, how sweet,

"How do you know ME so well already?"

Eunuch said...

For the child's sake, I hope you took pictures of the burns; and this also goes back to one of the first postings of yours I read about adults being required to go to school and get a license to have children. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that, and I pray for the child. Good luck, and I KNOW if felt good to deck him. He deserved it.

Kate said...
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meghansdiscontent said...

Steph - Chica, I wish you had been there too! Your ever present heels could have turned him into ground meat. Surely he's not stupid enough to file charges, I checked again this morning - NADA, so save your plane ticket money for funner (yes, I'm making it a word) exploits . . like serious shoe shopping. Speaking of - how do you feel about purses??? And I love you, too, my lesbian soulmate.

Indiana - It took every fiber of my being not to knee him so hard his balls were lodged in his throat when I figured out it was him . . . but without provocation . . I didn't want to go to jail for that piece of shit. Funny how that didn't enter my mind later.

Ang - Thank you, doll!

Rolligun - Ah, did I guess correctly?? Hmm hmm hmm . . .

Eunuch - I have pictures on my cell phone, the center director has polaroids and I think DHS took pictures. And NOW you know SOME of what prompted my thoughts about licensing to procreate - THESE cigarette burns are the tip of the iceberg . . you have NO IDEA the things I saw at the hospital or at another center where I worked. HELL ON EARTH for these kids.

Kate - Sweetie, trust me, it's not YOUR gene pool that concerns me! :) And yes, my family moved to WV . . . don't know what I think about all that just yet.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

Oh my God what a fucking asshole. I'm so glad that you spotted this and acted on it. I woulda probably punched him too. And the nerve of him to talk about you guys being the bad guys. UGH. I'm just sick about it.

Rolligun said...

Yeah, good guess.

Female aggressiton is a turn on!

You can yell and swear all night in the bedroom and I won't change my mind, to stubborn too proud. But if you get physical with me, then I'll listen too you, proving in the end that I am in fact trainable. Your hot, your the boss and I'm turned on!

Dorothy said...

If he grabbed you first, and you were in "Fear of bodily harm" ( This is assault III, then you were defending yourself. The fact that you fled is actually good in that you got out of the situation for your own protection's sake.

I hope this MFSOB fries for this. No child should hurt like that. Link in the news report if you come across it or can, I'd like to keep updated on this child.

My husband and I can't have more children. We would love to adopt, but because of Mr.'s age we aren't at the top of any list. It kills me to see these stories, given my experience.