Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Catching Flak

Alright biatches,

I'm catching flak.
I'm down with that.
That's fine.
So I'm coming clean.

Yes, I'm 25, and I have:

A stylist
A maid
A lawn service
An accountant
A lawyer
A broker
Two employees

BUT, I also have:

An oncologist
An endocrinologist
A gynocologist
A dermatoligist
A radiologist (no really, my own damn radiologist)
Malpractice insurance
Useless health insurance
Two employees (if you have a business, you understand that this is both an asset - above - and a liability)

So . . . I think it all evens out.
If you wanna trade, let me know.
I'm down.


mrshife said...

There is nothing wrong with that. You are a successful young woman and you should be very proud of it. You go girl.

trueborn said...

Blessings and curses wrapped up for our favorite girl.
May your blessing out weigh your curses this year dear Meg.
What you really need is a good long laugh and a long vaction in the sunshine somewhere. With Margaritas and naked cabana boys with rock hard abs.
Failing that I'd love for you to get healthy.
I'll pray for you Doll.
Prayer is free. It's on the house.

Coyote Mike said...

who is giving you flak? point them out to me, I will feed them to small dogs!!

Steph said...

Wait, wait, wait. You have a stylist??? Jaysus woman. I always knew i was in the presence of celebrity. Who is this flak giver you're speaking of??

I really hope your health improves this year sweets. hugs and luvs for you xx

janestarr said...

I got your back chica, go on with your bad self! I think it is awesome all you have accomplished, my favorite saying to the flak-giver, bite me!

Rolligun said...

Some one's giving you FLAk?!?!?!

Point the way...

I had a girl at the local store who use to purposely not ring up food or whatever for no reason. The Angel. Other than that, I have no one, and she wasn't on my payroll either, so perhaps she doesn't count.

Between "Team Meghan" and that giganctic family of yours, I don't know what to say, that would just be way to many people for me.

I'd have to change my name.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I would never hate on anyone who can have a maid and all that! It's so lovely to not have to do it yourself! More power to you!!

Ang said...

Now add to your list; a posse!!

Love you darlin!

auburn said...

Do you have a jewellery designer? Or a personal cocktail bargirl?

Pick me! Pick me!

You are a strong-minded, passionate and successful individual. I'd be on your team ANYday girl!

Hugs and snaps xo

Drunken Chud said...

oooh oooh oooh! i'll trade! here's what i bring to the table:
i'm 26 and i have:
a foundering career in real estate (damn michigan economy)
a truck i can't keep running and can't afford to buy a new one.

but i also have:
no health insurance
medical bill debt.
credit card debt.

so, get back to me if you wanna do this. hehehehe.

Thomas said...

I've got $60,000 in education debt and a non-functioning pancreas... so you probably don't want to trade that.

HOWEVER, I would cut you a really sweet deal on an endocrinologist trade. Mine is kind of stubborn and conceited. Let's do this thing.

Drunken Chud said...

now how the hell am i to compete with an endocrinologist trade? that's just absurd. dammit. i so badly wanted a maid...

meghansdiscontent said...

MrShife - Thank you, very much, sir.

Trueborn - What did you and Beachgirl get together on the cabana boy thing??? As for Margaritas, amen. Healthy? What's that? I wouldn't know what to do if I spent 3 months outside a hospital! :) Thank you for the prayers.

Coyote Mike - Can I watch? Can I watch? As for the who, insignificant people and it shouldn't bother me but on some level it REALLY does.

Steph - Celebrity, my arse. :) If anyone's stylin and profilin it's your gorgeous behind! As for flak givers - let's just say I had two emails yesterday from people I don't even know who have been reading my blog - I'm "high maintanence" and should be ashamed of my "excess." Bite me, jealous ass biatches. Love ya, girl.

Janestarr - I swear I hadn't read your comment when I tacked that last sentence on to Steph! And thank you MUCH!!! What's with the negativity on the blogs this week?? Attacking our friends?? What, what?

Rolligun - My knight in shining armor! The Angel TOTALLY counts. What kinda Jedi Mind Trick were you pullin on that girl??? Would it help if I said that I would evict Team Meghan if I got you in exchange? (Not that I really mean that by any stretch, I've gotten used to my "excess" and "high maintenance")

- - - Random - - - Is it "excess" and "high maintenance" if YOU are the one paying the bills for it all????

Laurie - In my defense, some of them were hired on after the car wreck. They were things that I COULD NOT do for myself. WTF? Why am I defending this?? ANd Laurie, chica, if I could, I would send all you guys a maid . . . they are heaven. Anyone BESIDES ME who will dust, vacuum and clean baseboards is ACES in my books.

Ang - Love you, much! And adore that you guys support me no matter what stupid thing I've done this week.

Auburn - GIRL! I've already offered you one of the empty rooms in the house, did you think I was jesting?? :) Come on over, I'll let you design my jewelry any day of the week. Much love.

Drunken Chud - I can loan you one of my vehicles. I may as well have no health insurance (20,000 in medical bills last year alone - NONE of which they would pay), medical bill debt and a TEENY INTSY amount of credit card debt, but a pretty good stack of student loans on top of my mortgage, vehicle note, SEP contributions, etc. But if you think you wanna trade . . . you do realize that you get my body, too?? And not to play with the boobs . . . to have your hair fall out and be unable to eat half the time but eat everything in sight the other half, pee in jugs for DAYS at a time so someone can ANALYZE it, permanent scars from where needles and IV's have been, etc etc etc.

Thomas - Umm . . . hmm. I'll get back with you on that. As for your Endo - - what's the deal, yo?? My first one was like that. I FINALLY got fed up and switched to the OTHER (there's only like TWO in Little Rock that are worth a damn) doctor in his practice and he had the NERVE to come in during one of my appointments and BAWL me out for switching Endo's. Is there something about that particular field that attracts assholes???? (talk to me about non-functioning pancreas - is it as bad as my insulin resistance and refusal of my body to break down anything other than simple food compounds - because I'm so down for another problem! HUGS!)

Rolligun said...

You'd make a trade for me!?!?! (I'm a selective listener)

Oh meghan,thats so sweet!

But I must warn you...I'm none of those things andI'm not even house broken

pk said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beachgirl said...

I'll admit it, that was probably directed at me kids b/c I was giving her a hard time for the whole maid thing yesterday.. I admit it, b/c I'm mature enough to do so..Jealousy is a bitter pill to swallow...
Meg knows I love her, but here I am making a public apology if I hurt her feelings or gave her the Impression I was giving her "flack" as she indicated....

pk said...

BG, you two need to kiss and make out..I mean kiss and make up.

beachgirl said...

Meg knows I love her and meant nothing ugly by it... You're just as bad as CS!!

Here's me sending a big ole kiss to meg!!!!

Coyote Mike said...

Beachgirl, I'm afraid I am going to have to release my horde of corgies.

Adam said...

You also have fans Meghan.... don't forget the fans.