Wednesday, January 04, 2006

For Laurie and Janestarr

Who understand.
And Beachgirl, who has witnessed it.


I’m listing artists only since I don’t have the CDs in front of me.
Oh, and this list is missing some, I know it. I can’t remember some of the other ones I bought. Maybe Beachgirl can kick some in since she was with me for the purchase of about 13.

The Shins
The Bravery
Our Lady Peace
John Coltrane
Miles Davis
Ella Fitzgerald
Billie Holiday
2 Pac
Keith Urban
Sara Evans
Kanye West
Indie Arie
The Offspring
NOW volume 20
The Gorillaz

Yes, I bought all these within the last week. I told you, I have a problem.


Again, I’m forgetting some.

James Frey - My Friend Leonard
CS Lewis - The Screwtape Letters
CS Lewis - The Collected Works of CS Lewis
F. Scott Fitzgerald - Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Laurell K. Hamilton - Micah
Edna Ferber - Giant
Gregory Maguire - Son of a Witch
Chris Bohjalian - Before You Know Kindness
Chuck Palahnuik - Haunted
Ayn Rand - The Virtue of Selfishness
Jennifer Crusie - Anyone But You
Hunter S. Thompson - Fear and Loathing in America
Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse - Five
Greg Iles - Turning Angel

I warned you - addiction to books and music.
Will you guys visit me in the poor house?


angel, jr. said...

I hope you have an iPod to store some of that music. I can't do without mine. I too am addicted to music!

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I have 7 of the CDs you listed too! Great minds think alike. And as for the books..I've only read from that list "Screwtape Letters."
Question: Did you see James Frey on Oprah on Monday? He was discussing "A Million Pieces" with her and of course now I have to go get that book. If it kept Opie awake I think it will keep me awake. I luv her. But that is off topic.
Did you read that one by him?

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

If you're visiting the poor house too, I want the top bunk biatch.

Trix said...

Add Anita Diamant's "The Red Tent" to your book list. Just read it...freakin' great.

If you don't want to buy it(don't want you to end up in the poor house), I'll send it to you.

Barry S. said...

Good choices, least the ones I am familiar with.

To prevent you from going to the poor house, I'll buy any ones that you don't like...except for the C.S. Lewis books and most likely the Miles Davis cd's, which I already have.

I just released my top cd's and books on my site, so if you are unhappy with any purchases, please peruse and see if any choices of mine tickle your fancy.

Barry S. said...

trix, I have also heard "The Last Days of Dogtown" by her is good, too.

trueborn said...

okay time for a list.
1. John Legend- Get Lifted
2. Maxwell- Urban Gang Suite
3. The Bad Plus- all their albums are good.
4. Ms Dynamite
5. Arcade Fire- Funeral
6. The Doves- Last Broadcast
7. Duke Ellington- best of


1. The Curse of Chalion-- Lois Mcmaster Bujold
2. Pallidin of Souls- Lois Mcmaster Bujold
3. The Tao of Pooh- Benjamin Hoff
4. Neverwhere- Neal Gaiman
5. David Brin- Earth

Rolligun said...

except for shirly manson and a few others, I kind of passed by the music list, the books however I liked, I think I'll take your recomendations on a few

Bone said...

The last week?? Wow!

How are the Fitzgerald short stories?

Lizzie said...

I already live in the poor house, so I'll welcome you with open arms!

Are you a Palahniuk fan? Have you read Invisible Monsters? Very messed up. Good though... -ish.

meghansdiscontent said...

Angel, Jr. - Not yet! I was going to purchase one before Christmas, but held off just in case. I have, however, been advised by my dear friend Jason that I need to buy a "Shuffle" because the other ones break during jogging.

Laurie - I could have guessed we had similar music tastes. As for Frey, totally missed it. I have read the book - thanks to Rolligun making me read my mom's Christmas present. Wonderful. READ IT! PS - you can have top, I like the bottom.

Trix - Own it! Haven't read it yet though. Gosh, I could say that about SO many books! Thanks for the rec though, they are welcome ANY time. Let me know if there are any recent books you'd like to read - I'm always willing to donate GOOD books to someone!

Barry S. - You're a good man. I will certain check out your lists later today!

Trueborn - Music wise, I have some but not all. I have adored all the ones you suggested thus far though, so thanks for giving me EVEN MORE CDS to buy! :) Punk. As for the books - have three, and now have to buy the other two. You're such a bad influence.

Rolligun - Watch out, babe, they aren't recommendations per se. I haven't read any of them - just bought them. You may want to wait until I can tell you more . . . or just send you mine. Whatever.

Bone - Yeah, I have issues. As for the Fitzgerald . . . not sure yet. I'm working on two other books at the moment. I'll keep ya updated though.

Lizzie - Yay! Company. And yes, big Palahnuik fan. Invisible Monsters was . . . ummm, yeah, what you said. I prefer Choke or Lullaby. (I would have said Fight Club, but that's so damn cliche)

Kate said...

Big thumbs up on the Billie Holliday.

Ok, I really love The Offspring too. Don't tell anyone. ;-) I listened to Splinter today.

qwer said...

Since when was liking The Offspring a bad thing, Kate?! ;op

Meg, are the other Palahnuik books any good? I loved fight club but never picked up any of the others.

Kate said...

Nothing TFS, I'm just too old to be listening to them.

janestarr said...

Nice list my dear, you are definitely with issues. I think my two CD's every couple of weeks is bad, you've got me beat! The books well...if I could just read them quicker then the "to read" pile wouldn't keep growing. I need a vacation to read, for reals ;)

My purchases of late:
More Billie Holiday
Jack Johnson
Mariah Carey
Alanis Morisette The Collection, which I have to say is a little depressing, but not in the depressing yet empowering way of Fiona Apple, no, no sometimes she is down right pathetic...I guess I am just trying not to relate to pathetic, ha!

The World is Flat
Lipstick Jihad
Yoga and the True Self
Scribbling the Cat
Writing up the Bones
The History of God
Bachelor Girl...
back to the idea of a reading vacation...

qwer said...

Kate, LIES!! Whoever told you that should be shot!