Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just for Giggles

Yeah, so I emailed this little tidbit (among many others) to Beachgirl today in response to a love life dilemma NOT of my own for once.

She thought it was CHOICE . . so I decided to share:

Not that I can really talk . . hello, my love life is a minefield . . .

where, surprisingly enough, no one is getting fu**ed.
Most times in minefields, there are legs flying up in the air and people being
royally screwed.

Nope, not my mine field. Totally devoid of any screwage.


beachgirl said...

LOL!!! I love it!!!

auburn said...

Moi aussi.

And we all know my mine field wants a bit of screwage.

Yeah. Blunt. Bad. Whatever. Sorry! :)

Indiana said...

Maybe you need to either:
a. get bigger mines
b. plant more of them

or, maybe, just maybe, looking to get a right seeing too in a minefeild isn't the best place to find a dick with any blood left in it. ~grin~

mrshife said...

Bigger mines are always helpful.

Lizzie said...

hilarious! I'm totally going to be repeating that.

meghansdiscontent said...

Beachgirl - What's sad is, I email that stuff to you and Birdie all the time throughout the day and don't even realize it's funny. It took me reading it again JUST now to realize . . hee hee, it is a bit of a giggle.

Auburn - Amen, sister. Blunt is GOOD. It's all this game bullcrap and hiding things that's bad. At least we're up front.

Indiana - Angel, you have a VERY valid point. But, you seem to forget, it's not like I WANT to be in this minefield. It's just what happens in my life.

MrShife - No comments on sexual minefields from the happily married guy who can have it anytime he wants it. :)

Lizzie - Thank ya, babe. Maybe I should copyright this stuff??

Steph said...

My blondeness is killing me. I have no frickin idea what that post was about....but it is midnight and i'm ratshit tired, so forgive me.