Sunday, January 22, 2006


I hate heat.

I live in the South.
In ARK - AN - SAW and I hate heat.
I abhor it.
Beyond measure.

In the winter, I keep my windows open.
IF and only IF I have company . . . I will turn the heat on.
To 65 degrees.
Anything over that is too stifling.

Even when it's 20 degrees out, I sleep with my fan on.

None of this is important.
Just a tidbit.


Indiana said...

Meghan, your back...and HOT ~grin~

Coyote Mike said...

I'd hug you, but that would transfer body heat :P

Adam said...

Yesterday was 44 degrees celcius here, we hang out only in swimming pools.

That was a bit of freak weather though. Today is the far more practical 26 degrees. I think it's time you moved to Melbourne young Meghan.

Drunken Chud said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Drunken Chud said...

too many typos in the first post.

let's see... it's 26 degrees here... farenheit... so that's -3.5 celsius. and that's warm for this time of year. normally we're in the single digits. i will gladly trade you. i would love to somewhere warm. so i could golf year round. that's all i want. i'm a simple man really.

Lizzie said...

I hate heat and cold. Anything out of the range of 70 to 72 and I'm uncomfortable.

trueborn said...

Uh oh.
I'm gonna disagree with ya Megs.
I love the heat.
I have a theory to explain it though. It is all determined by when you're born. If you're born is the early spring the chances of you liking crazy fluctuations in the heat or cold is low. Now if you're born during the height of winter, me thinks you'd like the cold, it's what your momma was exposed to the last couple months of pregnancy.
Having said all that, I'm a Summer Child, I love the heat, I love the humidity, I don't mind sweating. I'm a September Baby so mi madre went through her third trimester during the summer. Consequently I love the summer.
Thing is, I know I need the winter. Too much sun and I become a lazy fucker. The seasons are where it's at. Moderate, just right, that way I can look forward to spring. I can motivate myself eaisier and I can tolerate just that much more bullshit than the normal Joe. So yeah I hate the cold but I need it too.
Make any sense?

angel, jr. said...

i also have a terrible aversion to tropical weather.

beachgirl said...

Y'all I can testify to this.. I stayed under a blanket while I was at her house... But it was so cozy!! Meg- swear I'm going to steal that leather chair and ottoman!!!

Oswald Croll said...

In the summer time I blow all my money on air conditioning and fans, make it freezing cold..... then put two big quilts on my bed. I like to feel a chill all the time. I also eat 3 day old pizza and lemon peels, so what do I know?

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I like going to bed when it's really cold and covering up with my blankets and comforter. Anndddd my snuggy partner.

I hate heat too, unless I'm trying to lay out then I want the sun blazin down on me.

beachgirl said...

snuggy partners are WONDERFUL!!!

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I luv me a good snuggy. :)

Coyote Mike said...

I need a snuggy partner :(

beachgirl said...

mike- you need a lot of things... I think I'd start with medication.. ;)

auburn said...

I can handle hot or cold. I just don't like the EXTREMES. As Adam said, the weekend in Melbourne was 44degrees. I packed for 'Melbourne weather''s supposed to be icy!! But apparently it's always ridiculously hot when the Aussie Open is on.

Anyway, i love the snow. I love the beach (a little bit less though because i tend to roast in a heartbeat, darn English-Irish genes).

Glad you're back Meg:)

Coyote Mike said...

I need meds cuz I want someone to snuggle with?

meghansdiscontent said...

Indiana - Baby, I'm always HOT. :)

Coyote - NO body heat at the moment, please. PLEASE. But, I might take that hug anyway.

Adam - I can't do that, the best man in Australia is already taken - darn those hottie rock girls.

Drunken Chud - THANK YOU for telling me who deleted, it drives me crazy. As for a trade, Ummm YAY! I love cold. LOVE it. But I am not sure I would enjoy being there, so just send the weather here and I'll send my weather there upon delivery.

Lizzie - Goodness, if you lived here, you would be comfortable like umm 5 minutes out of most days. :(

Trueborn - Hate to bust your theory, kat, but I was born in July. The second hottest month EVARRRR. Momma was MIS-ERRRR-AY-BLE. Probably why I HATE heat as well. I love winter and cold and snow and sleet and fires - as long as I'm not too close to them and getting hot. BUT, I'm a water baby. So, my ideal is a snowy 20 degree evening in a heated pool. Can ANYONE oblige me??

Angel, Jr. - I knew I liked you.

Beachgirl - NAN, fool. That's my favorite chair in the world! :) But glad you got to enjoy it.

Os - honey, you sound just like me. Do you eat the orange peels sometimes too?? Citrus peels are WONDERFUL for your digestive system.

Laurie - EXACTLY!!!

Beachgirl - I think I've forgotton . . .

Laurie - lucky duck.

Coyote - Ditto.

Beachgirl - Be nice, sugar.

Auburn - I live in Arkansas, the definition of weather here IS extremes. If it's not 20, it's 120. Ugh.

Coyote - I think beachgirl was just covering all your bases. There are SOME things that MIGHT indicate you COULD benefit from a few meds. :)

Rude Cactus said...

Methinks you live in the wrong state!