Friday, January 06, 2006

What the Fu . . nky Cold Medina is this??

BEFORE my run-ins with the police (see below), THIS is what I was going to originally blog about:

Wrist Slap for Rapist

A Vermont man convicted on multiple rape counts against a young child was given just 60 days in jail by a judge who says he no longer believes in punishment. Prosecutors had asked for at least eight years behind bars for Mark Hulett, who confessed to raping his victim repeatedly for four years, starting when she was seven.

But in handing down his sentence, Judge Edward Cashman said harsh punishment, "accomplishes nothing of value," adding, "anger doesn't solve anything. It just corrodes your soul." The victim's mother tearfully disagreed, telling reporters that the rapist "should pay for what he did."

— FOX News' Aaron Bruns contributed to this report

Thoughts??? Anyone want to explain to me WTF is going on here?

Judge Cashman also said he didn't "believe in punishment" . . . as was said by many last night, what DOES he believe in? Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny??


Trix said...

Can someone please tell my why the f*ck this judge still has a job?

Coyote Mike said...

My thoughts on such subjects have never been kept quiet. While I do think that alternatives to jail are sometimes useful, for crimes like graffitti or petty theft.

However, anyone who touches a kid should be summarliy executed. On the spot. No trial, no judge. Or, if they do go to trial, they should be put in general population in the prisons, where they are known as "short eyes" and have a very low survival rate. Life sentences should be for the first offence of child molestation.

I am a liberal, and usually against death sentences. But child molestors and rapists should not be allowed to live.

Jenni said...

Dammit. Aren't there sentencing requirements that this judge is ethically responible for upholding?!!! Has he ever loved a 7 year old and seen how precious they are?!! I'm totally agreeing with Coyote Mike on this one.

pk said...

I feel as though this judge needs to be raped repeatedly just to get an inkling of the torture caused by the rapist. And to think if the rapist was caught with say a pound of marijuana he would have been put away for a much longer amount of time.

Hopefully Karma will come into play and the rapist will disappear.

Lizzie said...

It's not just about punishment though. Putting this asshole in jail would ensure that he wouldn't rape another child - at least not during the years he's behind bars. Doesn't the judge believe in sparing other children what the poor victim endured?

More to the point, how can a judge that doesn't believe in punishment keep his job? That's like a teacher who doesn't believe in education or a doctor who doesn't believe in medicine.

p.s. ditto pk - the judge may change his mind about punishment if he were repeatedly, brutally violated - which he deserves.

beachgirl said...

Ditto Pk-

What do you want to bet that he's a freakin liberal judge that was appointed to the bench 500 years ago and will be on the bench until he dies.. Think, Strom Thurmond...

Appointment to the bench and election to the bench both have their downsides but at least with election people can change their minds after a couple of years... Appointments just like tenure can be a lifetime pass to play god...

meghansdiscontent said...

Trix - Who the hell knows. Bastard.

Coyote Mike - I am not a liberal, obviously, but agree totally with your non-liberal view. This guy should not be allowed to live. OR should be raped 8 times daily with a wooden Louisville Slugger. Let him pick splinters out of his arse every day and decide if it was worth it to diddle a 7 year old.

Jenni - Amen!

PK - Maybe the judge and the violator should be lined up for their daily Louisville rapings.

Lizzie - EXACTLY!

Beachgirl - just talked to you, we're on par.

EVERYONE - I implored Kate to talk about this since she's more politically minded and she had a LOT to say on the subject - all of which is wonderful . . check it out at:

Rolligun said...

First of all I have to admit there may be some oppurtunity in living in that county, hmm.

But anyway, that sentence was just wrong in every way possible, I feel bad for the victim/family, what kind of justice is that?

I think that judge is allowing personal truama of some sort to cross into his professionalism, otherwise there is no way he could still be in that seat with that kind of history.

Dorothy said...

I had this big ol comment planned, but I think I might just do a post on this on Monday and link you in.

Kate said...

This judge's ends do not justify the means. I hope we can all agree that the child is first priority.

beachgirl said...

Sean Hannity is ripping this judge on his radio show right now!! He's got some freakin liberal on that is saying the punishment was not an injustice... the liberal jerk is saying he (the rapist)should have gotten "help" for his problem from the state!! Oh give me a freakin break! Yeah, and George Bush doesn't care about black people...

Coyote Mike said...

How did I end up with so many conservative friends? This is kinda scary.

qwer said...

I think you'll find that the sick fuck of a judge was buying tape on ebay of that exact sort of bullshit.

They need to take it to appeal, and they need to do that fast!!

Someone also needs to kill that judge. If he's gonna let a sick fuck like that off with 60 days in jail, he doesn't deserve to live.

mrshife said...

It is absolute lunancy that this judge can dole out such a pathetic sentence. What an ass clown. And they wonder why people take the law into their own hands.

Thomas said...

We just had some fall out here for Viagra being prescribed to a sexual predator... great. Way to go.
In your case, my soul feels pretty clean when I think about being on a firing squad for rapists and murderers that commit crimes over and over again.

janestarr said...

I think TFS has a point, this judge obviously either was boinking the rapist or doing the same thing on the side. What a bunch of bullshit! And no self-respecting liberal would think that a repeated rapist is going to respond to some crackpipe psychiatrist. Jail first, medication next, talk therapy last. Let's have a plan, people!!!

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

It's BAD enough as it is with child sex offenders getting off and not registering. I personally think ALL SEX OFFENDERS..CHILD OR ADULT RAPISTS should be locked up for LIFE so they can't fuck up someone else's life.
Do you watch Nancy Grace? I wonder if she will be talking about this story you posted Meghie. She always talks about these absurd laws and how criminals get away with this shit.

trueborn said...

That judge needs his ass beat. That is so wrong.
It's shit like makes people doubt the justice system.
It's shit like that that brings fathers to the courthouse with shotguns.
Hopefully this idiot will have some justice delivered to his sorry pelt

Chairborne Stranger said...

this is terrible, meghan, really bad stuff. it is offensive to the child and to a sense of justice.

we can only hope this wrong can be righted by people like you who take the time to bring it to our attention.


angel, jr. said...

yeah, I agree WTF?

Drunken Chud said...

yeah, i'm gonna have to jump on board with everybody and say he needs to be "dahmer-ed" in prison.

TFS- the only way to get an appeal would be if the defense were to appeal, which there is no way they would since he got off super easy. the prosecutors can't appeal a verdict or sentence just because he doesn't like it. that falls under the double jeopardy law. cuz that would just suck if you are found innocent of murder, only to have the prosecutor constantly appeal till he gets a jury/judge to do you in. but anyhow, i don't think there's really any recouse the family has criminally. however they can woop his ass in civil court and basically own everything he owns and will ever own.

beach girl... george bush doesn't care about black people... lol. i still get a chuckle from that.

meghansdiscontent said...

Rolligun - It isn't justice.

Sallwood - Good plan.

Kate - The child is always the first priority - and as many have said . . . where the hell were the parents for the 4 years this was going on??? How did they not know?? On some level, I think they should be as thoroughly investigated as the rapist.

Beachgirl - Hannity cracks my stuff up. Oh, and he's cute. Not that that has ANYTHING to do with why I listen to or watch him.

Coyote - Be nice. I'm not a conservative or a liberal. I'm a Libertarian.

TFS - Most possibly. My mother said the same thing: "That judge is going to end up in a ditch with his throat slit."

MrShife - Precisely. I promote vigilantilism on some levels for EXACTLY this reason. Think "A Time to Kill."

Thomas - Nice. Very nice. Jayzus, we're going to fall soon. This is the Roman Empire all over again.

Janestar - I like your plan, let's go with it.

Laurie - Yes, I watch Nancy Grace. I guarentee that she will address it.

Trueborn - Refer to my comment to Mr. Shife.

Chairborne Stranger - It's getting to where I question whether it's an act of cruelty to bring a child into this world at all. And you do more for us and this country than I ever could, save your thanks for yourself, babe.

Angel, jr. - succinct.

Drunken Chud - Our justice system needs revamping. However, NO OFFENSE TO EXTREME LIBERALS, there are far too many lenient liberals to affect the changes that need to be brought about. As for your comment to beach girl - gotta love Kanye West. Jayzus.