Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What the . . .hmmph . . . Why?

Does this happen to you guys, too??

You go to bed, say, at 10 PM.
You wake up.
You're refreshed, energized, fully rested, ready to tackle your day.
You glance at the clock.
It's 1 AM.

Back to bed.
Fight with your mind for an hour:

You ARE going back to sleep.
It's not even CLOSE to time to get up.
You don't need to re-write that report.
You have recieved no faxes in the last 3 hours.
Stop worrying about the caseload tomorrow.
Stop worrying about the taxes you sent off 10 days late.
Too late to fix it.
Go back to sleep.

Finally, you sleep.
From about 2 AM until your waking time.
Much longer than the 3 hours sleep you had gotten before 1 AM.
When you awoke: refreshed, energized, fully rested, ready to tackle your day.

And now:
You're exhausted, uneasy, grumpy, wishing you could crawl back into bed, your head hurts a little, you curse the sleeping Gods for making you happy as a clam at 1 AM and angry at the world when you SHOULD be up.



Drunken Chud said...

couldn't tell ya. i haven't been sleeping for shit either. get really tired, fall asleep at 9pm only to wake at midnight, and be awake till midnight the next day to sleep till 4. wahoo. but, yes, oversleep does tend be worse than undersleep... that groggy all day cloud on your brain... ack.

Coyote Mike said...

Did you forget to sacrifice a counted-sheep to the sleep gods? Well no wonder you sleep is messed up. Geez, girl, get with the program :P

Jenni said...

Did the same thing last week. Only was 2 a.m. for me. It was rough going trying to convince my brain to go back to sleep.

Drunken Chud said...

that's a great idea there mike. a buddy of mine has one of those serta (sealy) counting sheep... time for a bonfire.

meghansdiscontent said...

DC - I'm so sorry. I feel your pain. I just want to be normal (ha ha ha) again.

Coyote Mike - Umm, I killed a cat accidentally on purpose on the way home from work, does that count???

Jenni - Pregnancy. You can blame that on Pregnancy. My friend "Ruby" has been sleeping for absolute crap - - and I hear it from ALL pregnant women. Particularly early on.

DC - Can I come to the fire?? Cold night, big fire. Ummm . . . my idea of happiness.

angel, jr. said...

Yes, it happens all the time!!!

Trix said...

All the time. I find masturbation helps, tho.

Chairborne Stranger said...

Have you tried liquor?

Whoah-or do what Trix does, lol.

trueborn said...

Oh yeah.
Happens all the time, but I wake up with different results. Megs you know of what I speak.
It blows.

beachgirl said...

Yep- I got NO sleep Sunday night, almost fell asleep at my desk numerous times, got home, took a shower and got in the bed... Nuthin.. completely wide awake and miserable...

Finally took something to make me sleep. I feel wonderful today!!

Velvet said...

Whenever I wake up during the night, whether it's 5 minutes after I went to bed or 5 hours, I jump up in a panic, thinking I slept through my alarm. It's not a pretty way to go through life.

Dorothy said...

The last time I did that, I even showered, got ready for work, and was on my way out the door (6:30 am, I thought) when I glanced at the microwave in the kitchen. It was 2:24 am. So I just read until time to go to work, and took a nap when I got home. I don't argue with the bod. If it's done sleeping, it's done sleeping. Nothing exciting. But a bon fire does sound fun. A nice woolen fire.

Coyote Mike said...

Wow. So many people like my sheep sacrificing idea. Umm, I was only kidding folks.

You guys are freaks :P

Indiana said...

Trix's idea is a great way to ensure a good night sleep...a better way would be to get someone to do it for you ~grin~

mrshife said...

My wife usually puts on HGTV and that knocks me out for hours. You could try figuring out why people like Star Jones. That mind-boggling experiment should put you down in a hurry.

meghansdiscontent said...

Angel, Jr - Poor baby.

Trix - Ummm, how do you think I got to sleep the FIRST time?? :)

Chairborne - Tried liquor, probably a little too much. It helps for a while, but I don't know whether I prefer to be an insomniac or an alcoholic. As for Trix's sugg - see what I told her.

Trueborn - Angel, I know, sweetie, I know. :(

Beachgirl - Ummm, I really REALLY don't think you want me to comment!! :)

Velvet - Been there, done that. Why do we automatically assume the worst???

Sallwood - I have done that about three times in my life. Didn't you feel like an absolute idiot??

Coyote Mike - Takes one to know one!

Indiana - You volunteering, luv??

MrShife - Wouldn't work for me. I love HGTV. And TLC. And CNN. And FOXNEWS. And The History Channel. And Discovery. And ESPECIALLY Discovery Health. And ESPN.

Kate said...

Meg, try the shopping channels. Tacky jewelry does it for me.

Steph said...

BOB puts me to sleep every time.

janestarr said...

Man, good advice Steph, I used that the other day. Okay, that wasn't what I was going to say, I was just going to bitch how much I hate that. But now I am thinking about BOB, what a perv.

qwer said...

Every bloody day...monday to friday...and sometimes saturdays too. I wish I knew what did it.