Monday, January 30, 2006

What Ruins A Sunday???

This Sunday, there were two things:

Seth's Call

I don't stay in touch with people from high school.
I just don't.
Maybe that indicates I'm a bad friend.
Maybe it just indicates that our lives have taken completely different paths.
Whatever the reason, I don't maintain contact.

There are three - total - people that I semi-keep in touch with.
(to be read, about once or twice a year, maybe, one of us gets nostalgic and calls the other person)

Seth, the person I would have termed my "best friend" from high school, called yesterday.
I assumed he was nostalgic when I saw the number on my caller ID.
I was WRONG.

Me: "Hel . . . "
Seth: "Do you have a yearbook at your house?"
Me: "Huh?"
Seth: "A yearbook. Do you have a year book?"
Me: "Uh . . . yes?"
Seth: "Get it out. I have an experiment."
Me: "Is this for your class or mine?"
(Seth was a year younger in school because he moved to Hope, AR from Montana and they wouldn't count three of his classes)
Seth: "I did mine. Let's do yours."

I dig through my closet and come up with four yearbooks.

Me: "Which year?"
Seth: "Doesn't matter. You got your Senior one there? Use it."

This is SO not going where you think it's going.
Seth gets his matching yearbook and my curiosity is piqued beyond reason.

Me: "What EXACTLY are we doing?"
Seth: "Lisa (his mom, yes he calls her Lisa, don't ask) called and told me T.E. died last weekend. It got me thinking, how many of our classmates are still alive?"

Okay, so this could seem like a really odd thing.
We're from Hope.
Next to Little Rock, Hope is one of the biggest gang towns.
We have NO idea why.
Probably because of the make-up of the town.
The Junior High was across from a crackhouse.
One of my "friends" was shot in a drive-by in First Grade.
Several of my friends died in Junior High.
More died in high school.
So . . . the Senior Year yearbook isn't EXACTLY representative.
But Seth and I were wondering about the Where Are They Now thing more than the how many people died total.

So we started making lists.

Out of MY Senior class alone:

23% of the total people are unaccounted for.
Meaning we have no idea where they are or what they're doing.
It would have been a LOT more, but Seth keeps in touch with high schoolers better than I do . . . and still visits home a lot. Where MOST of my graduating class STILL lives and works and dies.

11% of the total people are dead.
11% of around 300.
I'm 25 and a little over 30 people I graduated with are already dead.
Could be more, considering there are over 60 we can't account for.

Out of those 11 % . . .
7 % were gang related deaths.
2 % were armed forces deaths overseas.
2 % were deaths we weren't sure of.
We know they're gone.
We just can't remember the hows and whys.

Seth's class wasn't as bad.
It was bad, but not 11 % bad.

It makes me wonder what the stats on my brother's class are.
I may call him tonight.
Then again, maybe not.
These stats are DEPRESSING.

The Run

I have been mouthing about starting to run.
Jason has been offering to help.
We've had LONG discussions about how to build me up to actually running.
Then I got sick, and couldn't attempt it.
But this weekend was a turning point.

I felt well.
Well, as well as I get.
So I decided to try running Sunday after my mom left town.
I called Jason and got pointers, again.

Jason: "Whatever you do, DO NOT push yourself too hard. With your hip and everything else, I want to start really slow. Where are you running? Your neighborhood?"
Me: "Nope, too scared to take the hip on the asphalt. I'm going to the McGhee center and running the track."
Jason: "Perfect! Instead of doing 10 minute walks and 2 minute runs, I want you to try this; Walk the straights and run the curves. It will be a slow start, but a good one. DO NOT sprint, DO NOT even run fast, just a slight jog. Barely faster than a walk. I just want your body to get used to the motions. We'll build up to the rest."
Me: "Yes, sir."
Jason: "I know you. I'm tempted to come down there with you. You'll push yourself too much. Seriously, Meg, don't do it. It's not worth it. Not with your history. Just barely jog and ONLY the curves. We'll get to the rest."
Me: "Uh huh. Gotta go, McGhee closes early on Sunday."

Normally Jason's right.
I would NOT heed his warnings and I would just all out do the damn thing.
But . . . I know how walking 3.6 miles per hour on the treadmill at the gym affects my hip, and running will be worse.
I also know that I'm not COMPLETELY over the illness, because I still spend about 2 hours of the night coughing and the other 4-5 hours of it sleeping.
So I'm listening to Jason.

I get to McGhee and up to the track.
Walking the straights, running the curves.
Listening to "Booty Shakin Hits Vol. One" to keep myself motivated.
This isn't so bad.
Yeah, the running part is killing my chest, but the hip is fine.

Coughing a bit.
The hotter I get, the more I cough.
But not worrying about it.
Covering my mouth with my hand to keep my germs from others.
I'm doing good.
Then I look down, after only 3/4 of a mile.
My hand has red in it.


I sit on the bench, pull my cell from my pocket, call Amanda and freak:
"I'm coughing blood again, Manda. BLOOD. It's not much, but it's enough to freak me out. Tell me to calm down and tell me it's nothing."

Amanda, used to my freak outs when I'm sick or getting sick again:
"Meg, calm down. It's NOTHING. It's just like it was a week ago. You've coughed so much at night that you've made your throat raw. You probably just aggrivated it further. It's no biggie. If you think it is, call Naylor in the morning."

Me: "Umm, I was jogging."
Amanda: "Stupid bitch. You're sick. No wonder you're coughing blood."
Me: "I've been sick a damn month, I just wanted to do SOMETHING active."
Amanda: "Then go to your gym and do the free weights. Don't jog, moron."

I have the immune system of a gay man in the 80's.
This bites.
I can't even run.
If this were a horror movie and I was being chased by a psycho with a knife, I would be cut into ribbons.
I suck.


Jenni said...

What an awful Sunday. Depressing stats and then RUNNING. Not my idea of fun. I hope the coughing was indeed nothing. Anyway, I'm gonna go eat lots of chocolate for both of us.

trueborn said...

Megs, sorry about your class, but you escaped!
Thank the Lord.
Seth just wanted to rain on your parade, you know the saying: misery loves company.

As for the running, don't make me come donw there girl, I'd be very cross with you.;) There are much better ways to get worn out.

angel, jr. said...

I'm glad that you survived.
As for exercising, I think there are ways you can exercise, without straining your body to it's limits.

meghansdiscontent said...

Jenni - THAT is why I avoid the phone on Sundays. I couldn't avoid the jogging . . . I gotta do SOMETHING . . the gym six nights a week and the starvation aren't helping, so maybe the jogging will.

Trueborn - Seth has always been THAT kid. In high school, he would call my cell at 2 in the morning needing to "talk" and then come to my house, sneak me out and we would drive backroads talking until 6 AM. That boy! He always had DRAMA. Now, as for being worn out, gorgeous, was that a threat or a promise???

Angel, Jr. - Thank ya, dear. You're right, there are other ways to exercise. I do them 6 afternoons a week, and STRENOUSLY with a trainer, but nothing changes. Gotta love diseases. Damnit. So I'm tacking on the running. SURELY something will change.

beachgirl said...

Girl- you've gone loco!! I thought we had a rule, do not run unless you are being chased... So was Freddy Krueger after you or something???

Sorry I couldn't talk today- things are crazy at the office, but email me... If I'm typing on the computer, then it looks like I'm busy... We have LOTS to talk about...

Kate said...
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janestarr said...

The immune system of a gay man in the 80's, yah, I feel that way lately too. It has taken almost an entire month to get past this freakin, whatever it is. That is a whole month of my life, I have been teetering around, coughing, being delicate with myself, paying ridiculous amounts of money for Nyquil, cough drops, vit c., doctors visits, time off work, it is really pissing me off. But what are you supposed to do?

Spitting up blood and learning 11% of your class is dead is a weird weekend, have a better week, girl and take it easy!

Trix said...

Uugh. This post just reminded me of my HS days. 2 of my former boyfriends have died. Cursed, I tell you!

Indiana said...

Some sundays I think it's best to just stay in bed, pity we can't know for sure until the day is over.

mrshife said...

You need to get that immune system fixed up. Hang in there, it will get better.

Steph said...

I always knew excercise was bad. I can't believe how many of your classmates are dead! That is just insane.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

grrrrrrrrrrr stop making me worry!!! I mean keep sharing what is going on, but damnit.. =( I'm with your girlfriend on this, she must know best.
But God I realize you must really wanna stay active and you can't be blamed for that in any way. Your strength amazes me all the time.

p.s. - i'm sorry about your decreasing list of alumni!!!!! :(

meghansdiscontent said...

Beachgirl - I know! Right! But here's the deal . . . My brother dropped 40 lbs (that he, incidentally, didn't need to lose) by running only. EVERY person Valerie and I know that lost a ton of weight did it by jogging . . so hell, join em. As for talking, what the hell happened last night - your phone went all crazed and when I called back I went straight voicemail.

Kate - I am, I promise. As for Hope, it's not THAT bad, I mean . . it is, but it's not. Hello, though, any school where some moron student who DROPPED OUT decides to burn it down (yes, this happened last year) . . . it should give people some kind of clue.

Janestarr - Oh honey, my heart goes out to you, for I truly know what you're going through. Get better, chica!

Trix - I know what you mean. One of my college boyfriends died and one of my highschool boyfriends. Weirdness.

Indiana - AMEN!

MrShife - As unlikely as that is to happen, I still pray for it. Thanks, champ.

Steph - Exercise is the devil, but some of us must bow-down to him. I am NOW doing it twice a day, six days a week. Pray for me. As for the classmates, it ain't over. Trust me. I can not express to you . . . I lost a classmate a year from sixth grade until graduation - - and they weren't included in the tally. And it was AT LEAST one a year. Trish was thrown out of the truck, by her abusive boyfriend, on a bridge. Nice, eh?

Laurie - I'm so sorry, girl. And Manda does know . . she's the other version of me. All my friend call me for medical advice, and I call her or Stephen. I don't know why . . . I know what's going on probably better than my doctors - but it helps to have someone to freak to. As for strength, ha ha ha ha ha, nu uh, chica. Ask Beachgirl if I'm strong. It's not strength, it's more stamina. Thank you, though. So . . . how many more days until Thirds comes out?????

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

We have to wait till April my dear. :(