Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Many reasons to rejoice today:

1 - Back at work! - thus a sense of purpose, however brief it may last.

2 - New couch was delivered yesterday! No, I didn't need it. Yes, I love it. And the other couch is now taking residence in a room that is too small for it. Don't ask how we got it in there.

3 - The maid comes today! Hooray! While still VERY tidy, my house has a plethora of dust and other particles which must be removed. I refuse to dust. Bleck.

4 - New books! Though I didn't need any more books, I went out and purchased more anyway.

5 - The doctor cleared me! Supposedly now I can run, dance and perform various sexual positions without injuring my "healed" hip. Gosh, it only took a year and two weeks. However, heels are still off limits - durnit.

6 - I finally went to sleep! After a few nights of insomnia, I slept a full 4 hours last night. I am beyond excited. I just hope tonight follows suit.

7 - New music! I bebopped my way happily to work this morning with new CD's. I'm not sure which I'm happier about - the music or the books.

8 - Back to the gym! Crystal and I agreed that the holidays were too hectic to try and schedule gym sessions. We took two weeks off due to traveling, family and friends. Possibly the main reason I can't sleep. I can not tell you how happy I will be to be doing arms, shoulders, back and chest tonight. And I HATE arms night.

9 - It is officially a New Year! So all those things I did RIGHT before the New Year can be forgotten. Clean slate, thank the Lord.


Coyote Mike said...

I wonder how soon I can get down there to help you attempt those various sexual positions.

Good luck at the gym, and remember, sex burns more calories than any other activity. Except swimming I guess, but sex is more fun :P

sqg said...

So, I guess Sex while swimming would be the ultimate exercise regime.

*starts writing new book "Lose Even More Calories While Swimming" Chapter One - The Breast Stroke!*

I'll make millions! :)

trueborn said...

Yay Lists!
One of my favorite things about the New Year is Best of _____ (insert year here)lists for everything. Here are a couple for you Meg.
Best of the year for books
Best Music #1
Best Music #2

Jenni said...

Happy New Year, Meghan! More power to ya for your excitement about the gym! I cringe when I just drive by one.

pk said...

Happy New Year Meghan. Good luck with the gym.

auburn said...

Happy New Year honeybun!

Lots of books and chandelier breaking sex...

a MAID and gym eagerness...

you are going to have a GOOD year!

Lizzie said...

what are the new books and CDs? do tell!

now that your hip is healed, go perform all those previously off-limits sexual positions and dirty up that clean slate ;-)

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

It makes me happy that you are all hookers. =)

Meghie I am very happy to see all these exclamations and joys. New CDs and books are always wonderful things. Do you open the CD soon's you get into your car so you can listen to it right away? ;)

beachgirl said...

NO,no,no... Y'all don't understand!! Do not encourage more book, CD, or DVD purchases... She has a problem and I'm fairly certain (b/c I've been to her home) that she would put the Library of Congress to shame... I think there are like 10 bookcases and drawers upon drawers filled with every movie known to mankind...
This girl LOVES her books, movies, and CD's... Which is why I absolutely adore her!! But seriously, I think she needs to join a 12 step program for the shopping thing...but maybe that's why we are such good friends- our love of shopping!!

Coyote Mike- DUDE!! You have REALLY come out of your shelll.. Meg- spring for the bus ticket!!!

janestarr said...

You have a good friend there, Meg. Worried about your multi-media addiction and pimping you out at the same time. Lot it!

Well, I can't judge your addiction as there are piles of those various things about my room making a small room even smaller. If I just stopped hanging out at Borders, I might have a fighting chance to overcome it, but why the hell would I do that?

Congrats on the healed hip, use it to do something WRONG this year ;)

Rolligun said...

back to the stress of a life that is familiar...

meghansdiscontent said...

Coyote Mike - You are BAD.

sqg - LONG time, no see. Welcome back, kiddo. And, for your information, my swim team coach always told me NEVER to do breast stroke. It was my worst event. His exact words: "You have too much breast and too little stroke. Stick to butterfly."

Trueborn - Every day you endear me more to you! You KNOW how much I adore lists . . . and books . . . and music. THANK YOU!

Jenni - And to you, as well! I have NO idea why I love the gym as much as I do. It just . . . accomplishment, I guess.

Auburn - Hopefully we will BOTH have a fantabulous year!

Lizzie - I promise to post a list later today! As for performance, would have to locate a good man first. I wouldn't hold my breath, were I you. Most of them appear to be in the blogosphere and absent from my REAL life.

Laurie - OF COURSE I open them IMMEDIATELY. I don't even make it to the vehicle, I'm opening them on the walk to the vehicle. HORRID sense of immediacy. Horrid.

Beachgirl - LOL! Telling the secrets of my house?? Yes, it's true - I have FAR too many books, cds and DVDs. I admit it. I have a problem. Isn't that the first step?? As for the bus ticket, whatever - Mike's a Playa, Playa.

Janestarr - What's sad is, she's reminding me of my mother - chastising my buying habits and pimping me out. Oh wow. What does that say about my family dynamic?? And HOPEFULLY I will find someone to utilize my hip on. :)

Rolligun - Yes, sir.