Friday, February 17, 2006

21 Questions

Yes, I grew out my hair
Yes, I dyed it brunette

No, it wasn’t because you always asked me to

Yes, I’m happy
Yes, I’m doing well

No, I won’t kiss you for old times sake

Yes, I still dance
Yes, I still have to have music on to get ready

No, I don’t listen to that song - not ever

Yes, I started the business
Yes, I finished my degrees

No, I’m not taking the job near you

Yes, I’ve changed
Yes, I still laugh at Dogma

No, I don’t watch it with anyone else

Yes, I still think about you
Yes, I will answer your calls

No, I won’t have dinner with you

Yes, I miss you
Yes, I still love you

No, we can’t start over


Anonymous Assclown said...

Ooh, very very nice.

beachgirl said...

yep, I've had that conversation numerous times, or a conversation similar to that one..


Dorothy said...

"Yes, we did the right thing when we ended it"

"Yes, I know where it went wrong"

"No, I don't want a 'do-over'"

Thanks for bringing a nostalgic chuckle to my day.

And good for you for holding out for the fairytale.

Coyote Mike said...

Yes I want the extra cheese.
Yes I asked for the thick crust.

No, you don't get a big tip.

Can you tell I'm hungry?

holy crap, my verification word is "dismeg"

I like dismeg, but not datmeg :D

meghansdiscontent said...

Anon Cow - You are far too kind, dear sir.

Beachgirl - Done and done.

SurrenderDorothy - I hold out because of stories like yours.

Coyote Mike - Not sure what to say here, babe. :)

Coyote Mike said...

The end of the week makes me sillier than normal.

Drunken Chud said...

heh. i noticed nowhere in there did you say you wouldn't sleep with him. or with me... so... life is starting to look up for me! w00t!

janestarr said...

That was honest, funny, and a little heartbreaking...I know exactly where you are, somewhere between over it and under it.


Scorpy said...

Damn...I could have written this and it would have meant almost the same to me but I would have written it from the opposite persepective. Very clever and I suspect a litle traumatic.

Indiana said...

Sometimes in the face of love remembered you have to be strong and realise all things that end do so for a reason...

Way to be truthful.

trueborn said...

Yeah. Fuck him.
He had his chance.
He blew it.
Some things are unforgettable. Forgivable but never forgettable, the scar tissue just won't allow the heart to snap back to it's original shape.
Stay strong Darlin.

meghansdiscontent said...

Coyote Mike - I recommend some food and rest. And possibly some attention.

Drunken Chud - I shant dash your hopes.

Janestarr - Thank you, babe. We all have our questions to answer when we run into exes.

Scorpy - Maybe you should take a stab at the other side of it. I think it would prove a nice contrast. :) Let me know.

Indiana - Truth eliminates whatever hope he may have had . . . and whatever hope I may have been secretly harboring. It was easiest and best.

Trueborn - Thanks, babe. I will.

Rolligun said...

this was a really interesting post,

I also like the rythem you applied, "boom-boom-bang" or something like that, I'm not one for having a musical ear, but I can detect in written down...

Drunken Chud said...

thank you megs. thank you dearly.

Drunken Chud said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Drunken Chud said...

wow... double post... woops.

ChickyBabe said...

Sounds to me like you have clear answers and you know your mind. Well done :).

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

That post was good Meghie. Really good.
In a bittersweet, heartachey, thoughful kinda way.
But I felt yer feelins'.

Steph said...

Sometimes we really have to spell it out hey!

Coyote Mike said...

You heard her, folks: Who wants to give me attention?

Chud, put your hand down, turn around, and walk away.

Drunken Chud said...

mike you didn't say to put my pants on. w00t!

i said...

wow... i've had that conversation before.. the awkwardness.. the responses...

it was sitting on 21 Questions.. 21 Comments.. but i just stuffed it for you sorry!!! :D


Ang said...

good stuff girl! I do know that feeling!

last night...really!!:

yes, I still have great tits
yes, I am showing a lot of cleavage in this top

no, it is not for you, and you can not touch them anymore!

Coyote Mike said...

Chud, go put on three pairs of pants. And another pair on top of that.

meghansdiscontent said...

Rolli - Thank you, love. I like that you actually attempted to respond on a somewhat poetry post. :)

Drunken Chud - Yes, sir.

Chickybabe - LOL, my clarity is deceptive . . but the answers are straightforward enough. As long as everyone else thinks I've got it straight, I'm good.

Laurie - Love ya, babe.

Steph - True that!

Coyote Mike - Are you and Chud turning my post into a gay date finding website?? You two, I swear.

Chud - read what I just asked Mike.

i - It was worth it, babe. If not you, someone else! :) But glad it was you.

Ang - OH YEAH! Date with the ex. . . how'd that go????????

Mike - eh, don't front. You want that boy and you know it.

Ang said...

date was ok...posted a bit about it. but saturday night he decided to show up, alone, at the party I was at. one word...inaproppriate!