Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bits and Bytes

First Order of Business

It has come to my attention that the FOLLOWING may be the problem (jotted down at 3 AM - damn insomnia):

To those that remain
We don’t talk
He doesn’t read
I don’t hunt
He prefers silence
I need the music
It’s something to do
A way to fill time
There’s a difference
In alone and lonely
Funny, I find
I’m lonely either way

Therefore, I'm taking notes from Steph and becoming a Man Free Zone for a while. At least the men in the state of Arkansas. My male friends and the holiday that is Signing Day (YAY! AR was 28th in the country! We ranked?? What, what?) will sustain me. No dating anyone just to keep myself occupied. There are millions of books and tons of good friends to do that.

Cavaet - IF I actually find a male that I can discuss books with, discuss music with, makes me laugh and I can make him happy - - I will date him. However, I believe all such males, at present time, are living NOT in Arkansas or gay.

And Secondly, Football

Superbowl! Woo hoo.
Just this once.

College signing day earned Arkansas the number ONE recruited quarterback in the nation: Mitch Mustain. It also (miracle of miracles) earned us a few of his FANTABULOUS teammates. The Springdale 5 . . at least two are committed to AR. Williams, nuff said.


My dear and lovely Trueborn (what would we do without him??) tagged me for a list of 7 songs. I ASSURE you that list will be forthcoming. However, it will not be today. :(

And lastly - Fourthly - Finally

I announced this on Kate's site the other day, but I'm doing it here. The blog will be mindless - NOT political - drivel for a while. Because I'm fed UP TO FUCKING HERE with political talk and may just murderize the idiots around me let alone you opinionated people. Let's just all agree to disagree and NOT go into it here. Anywhere else, for sure. Here, no. I am not only a Man Free Zone, but also a Politics Free Zone.

And if you're wondering what brought this about - short and sweet.
My friend who was murdered, her murderer is up for sentencing.
BUT a butt ton of people who did not know the love, light and happiness that this GIRL (yes, 20 is a GIRL) brought into our lives - - but seem to want to argue ON HIS BEHALF (what the fuck is that anyway???) are claiming the . . .

Or I may just shoot him myself.


Coyote Mike said...

No Politics: Check!

No Men: (hides penis) Check!

No Arguing: Check!

No Pants: Check!

Hugs, Kisses, and Love: Check!

There, that should work for ya.

beachgirl said...

Gurl- I'm with ya! Boys are stupid.. beyond comprehension... But it is nice when they call to "check in" (his words, not mine)after a night out with the boys.. See, some of them are trainable...

Oh and megs- that other thing today?? The Chief of Staff took care of it for me.. they both got a huge butt chewin'.... you know what they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.... Well hell ain't met this pretty little southern belle!! Those boys are going to be cryin to they mommas...

Barry S. said...

I was excited about Kentucky's impressive #36 recruiting class, complete with 3 4-star players...until I saw we were still ranked 10th out of 12 SEC teams in recruiting classes! The SEC is tough.

I saw the Razorbacks did get the 28th...nice work.

Kudos for knowing that about your team. Quite impressive, meg.

Kate said...

I'm so happy to be able to come visit your politics-free zone. Unfortunately, I can't give it up on mine because I'm on a mission.

Good luck with the man-free zone. Just remember, you get first dibs on any good ones that show up. ;-)

mrshife said...

Letter of Intent Day should be a national holiday.

Drunken Chud said...

wait a minute... coyote can hide his penis, AND take his pants off? that's amazing.

and megs, i'm with you on Hammurabi justice.

Indiana said...

Megs you know you had me with the suthin accent, but honey a guy has to be allowed to go hunting...I promise we can discus Hemmingway, Dick, Robbins...heck, we can even muse over Shakespeare, Chaucer and the good Book itself, but a guy just has to get up at the crack of dawn, live in a tent, and go hunting with a bow and arrow...sure it's infantile, yes we can get better cuts of meat in the supermarket...but

meghansdiscontent said...

Coyote Mike - You're a little scary sometimes, babe. :)

Beachgirl - Boys aren't so stupid . . . As for the OTHER thing, ha ha ha! "THEY" deserved it. Shit wits.

Barry S. - The SEC is the damn best! And you're right, it's tough to keep up with recruiting here. As for knowing about my team, sweetie, I LIVE for Razorback football. Or football in general, failing a Razorback game.

MrShife - AMEN! How do we go about accomplishing that feat??

Drunken Chud - I knew I liked you.

Indiana - Honey pie, I love men that hunt. I honestly do. I love to eat meat from the hunt. What I DO NOT like is when they have NO OTHER topic for conversation. Save the point count of the buck, how hard it was to "skin that bitch", how few ducks there were on the water, etc etc etc. I'll even go to the tent with him. I've been known to hunt, ON an occasion or two, BUT . . . have a realm of conversation outside your rifle or pole. Well, maybe not your pole. I like those talks.

meghansdiscontent said...

Kate - OMG, I can't believe I missed your comment. And I'm SO sorry. Glad you stop by my politics free zone. :) I stopped by yours, but refused to comment, chica. Sorry. :( And IF any good ones relocate to AR or invite me to relocate, I will definitely call dibs.

Lizzie said...

I'm there with you in the man-free zone... but involuntarily :-(

(hmm, maybe that's why all my frustration has been directed towards politics lately)

Steph said...

Look out boys. The man free zone is speading ;) Sending some sista love your way megs xx

meghansdiscontent said...

Randomness NOT meant for those that DO NOT like football:

Is anyone really surprised that Joey can't keep his mouth shut? Porter, god help me for saying this, has a lot of qualities that remind me of TO. But I love him, none-the-less. Besides, even Cowher said he couldn't believe Joey was quiet so long.

Anyway . . back to the matter at hand:

Lizzie - honey, involuntary?? If you want one, I have some pretty decent guys I could Fed-Ex your way . . check a box: 35-40, 30-35, 25-30. I could go younger than that, but then I'm tapping my brother's frat and not guys I have personal knowledge of. I wouldn't want to give you something that wasn't tested and approved. :)

Steph - Amen! I love you for starting this. As though I didn't love you anyway. I'm trying to get Janestarr to join us, I think she needs some Man Free for a while . . . poor girl.

And who really cares what "soft" Stevens has to say about The Bus? The Bus is a legend . . . and Stevens is a punk tight end.

Indiana said...

Megs, you can't in the same breathe tell us about your love of talking about poles and then tell us your entering the man-free zone...and didn't you get the Memo: Steph started this man-free zone to get all you Sista's on board so she could have all the men to herself. ~grin~

Thomas said...

Never have I been more glad to live in Iowa! It puts me out of your "man free" jurisdiction ;)

Jenni said...

No politics and no boys for Meghan. Gotcha. So I will just say...Go Steelers!

That's good, right?? Considering I don't really know up from down when it comes to footieball.

meghansdiscontent said...

Indiana - Umm, yes, yes I can. As for Steph doing this so she could have all the men -- ummm, honey, have you SEEN Steph?? She doesn't need us to stop to corner the market on the men. Trust me on this.

Thomas - True dat. :)

Jenni - An SEC girl knows nothing about football??? Say it ain't so, Jenni-dear, say it ain't so.