Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I Digress

And home I am from shopping at Kroger.
Which is not the hell that is Wal-Mart.
But is a close second.
Considering I abhor shopping.

Regardless, here is the dilemma.
I ran into Mr. Clean.
In the dairy section.
While feeding my addiction to skim milk.
Well, not feeding per se, but loading my cart with four gallons thus sustaining myself for perhaps 5 days.

He was so . . . HIM.
He smelled good.
He was gorgeous.
He was articulate.
He managed to NOT stick his foot in his mouth.
And I remembered how much I liked that mouth.

So I flirted.
Big ole flirty eyes.
Yep, uh huh.
And agreed to accept a phone call - promised to be delivered later in the week.
And possibly a dinner next week.

Which brings us to the weekend.
Stephen, god love him, has decided I would be PERFECT for his friend D.
D is apparently a tall drink of water with a college degree, a good job and a desire to find a good girl.
Were it not for that last little fact (the girl, guys, the girl), Stephen would probably jump him.
Thus, he is employing my #6 tactic (read below) of hooking him up with a friend.

I was initially somewhat excited by the prospect.
BUT terrified, because in Stephen's eyes (I'm guessing) I'm a gorgeous flower of a girl who can do no wrong.
Which makes me wonder how I was described to D.
Or IF I was described to D.
I have demanded Birdie attend any function which requires my presence and possibly D's.
Hence our Superbowl plans are on hold until we hear from Stephen.

Not understanding the dilemma?
Here it is . . . is it fair for me to allow Stephen to attempt to set me up with a good guy if I'm sabotaging my life by allowing Mr. Clean to re-use my digits??
Little help here people, little help.


Steph said...

No it's not wrong. It's perfectly fine. You're dating girlfriend!! Enjoy.

trueborn said...

Dating. Male Harem. No talk of exclusivity. Mr. Clean bad. Bad man. Want nothing but bootay. Which nice sometimes. But Megs did that already with mixed results, re: ex boyfriend. So see if new bootay better before returning to nasty old bootay who wants an army. And talking hard for old bootay. He not good.
I need sugar.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

No way. You're not exclusive with someone. It's a law that if you're not with only one person that you can see and date and meet and hook up with anyone you damn well please. If you couldn't, you may as well be in a committed relationship with none of that fun of dating around.
You ARE able to date around so do it and enjoy it and EMBRACE it because when it comes time for you to be in a new exclusive relationship you want to know that you dated both D. and Cleaniepoo before figuring it all out.

And the other guys you sometimes see who you mentioned posts back.

It's not your fault if your nice friend Stephen portrayed you as Dorothy from Wizard Of Oz.

So what if Mr. Clean is nothin but good for bootylicious times.

do it. DO IT.

Coyote Mike said...

And, its just a first date. And if need be, your dinner with Mr. Clean can be seen as just one of those dinners where you talk about old times, then go home without jumping his junk.

auburn said...

Stick with Mr Clean.

I will come over and get it on with D.

*grinning widely*

Yay! Thanks Meg!

angel, jr. said...

I say go with Mr. Clean. Is Stephen going to live vicariously through you if you go out with his friend?

Barry S. said...

Give D a chance...nothing too pressured like a date. Maybe like you said he can stop by during Super Bowl Sunday. That way if you like him you can continue hanging with him.

If you don't like him, there will be lots of other people to talk to (that way it doesn't get weird if you don't want to talk to him).
Did Mr. Clean treat you good? If so, place him on the back burner, just enough to keep him there but not enough to get him too comfortable...

So what if he smells good? If he treats you good - that is more important IMO.
If D smells bad but you like him, you can always buy cologne for Valentine's Day. :)

I know, I know, I should get paid to do this.....

beachgirl said...

Gurl- I already told you I how feel about this and buggy wrote it beautifully!!!


Rolligun said...

I don't get it?? Was Mr. Clean an old teacher, and why did you end it the first time? Was it because you didn't know his first name. I don't care anymore, I'm moving on the the next guy...yeah go out with him. Why not, it's not often that you find a guy who has a degree AND wants girlfriend. Sounds like a keeper.

Dirk the Feeble said...

You are an available woman, and therefore uninterested in a "good guy," so what's the problem?

Spin_Doc1 said...

Have fun and enjoy men, that is why they are here, to amuse and entertain us.

meghansdiscontent said...

Steph - The wise and wonderful female that is Steph - I'm NOT dating. I'm tired. I'm fed up. And I want a MAN not boys. So . . . read the above post. And thank you for being sane.

Trueborn - Angel, Mr. Clean is bad and I know it . . damnit. Bootay is bad, as I discovered with K. . . damnit. You do need sugar.

Laurie - Amen. BUT, not embracing anything. My life is a bit too chaotic with males that I know mean nothing to me and never will. So, I'm trimming the fat. I'm keeping my terrific guy friends (and who knows, maybe they'll develop into something more . . .AS IF I'm that lucky!) and eliminating the entourage of bad seeds.

Coyote Mike - I'm not jumping anyone's anything. I'm going to see how long it takes sexual organs to atrophy.

Auburn - Honey love, you are MOST welcome here anytime. And most welcome to the boys. You KNOW how I set my friends up! :)

Angel, Jr - Possibly. But not going with anyone.

Barry S - You should get paid. :) But I'm taking none of the advice and going solo. Sorry :(

Beachgirl - Since you've so DEFTLY taken over the minefield of love lives, I feel the need to retire. Wear the crown well, my dear. I will be here to advise but no longer to commiserate. I'm outtie 5000. Loves ya.

Rolligun - Cupcake, sweetie, child, Mr. Clean was Mr. Clean because I met him at the Dry Cleaners. Ended it the first time because he was insensitive about my illness. QUITE insensitive, actually, downright WRONG. Not going out with D because we can't get crap organized and I'm . . . well, hell, I'm just not interested.

Armaedes - You're back! And that's all I have for that.

Spin Doc - Welcome, welcome! And if only that were true . . :)

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I luv you beachgirl. <3333333