Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Things I Need To Tell You . . .

1 - I’m not depressed, kids.

Thank you guys, more than you know, for your concern. It means a lot to me that you care!!! Only, I'm not depressed. On this I can swear. Regardless of the posts, I’m not depressed. I’m happier and healthier than I have been in a long time. I’m living it up. The writings of last week were just that: Writings. Memories. Played out on paper. Getting them out is what keeps me as happy as I am. It’s a cleansing. Now, proof that I’ve been happy:

A - I spent Thursday morning working, Thursday afternoon watching an old VHS of MTV’s Greatest Videos Ever from 1987 . . . courtesy of my momma. Valerie and I spent the afternoon shimmying around the house to Beat It, Devil Inside, 1999, Take On Me, Shout, Addicted to Love and the like. Thursday evening playing with my “niece” who was one-year old as of Feb 8th and Thursday night sitting in a hot tub being delivered drinks by handsome older men.

B - I spent Friday in bed. Reading. Reading, reading, reading. When I finally stopped reading, it was only to pull out another oldie but goodie. Instead of going to the gym in the cold, I pulled out 1997's MTV “The Grind” danceaerobic video and did the Gator, Box Step, Pump It Out, etc until I couldn’t breathe. I haven’t had that much fun in a LONG time. HILARIOUS! I then showered, got all dolled up and headed out on the town with friends. Got hit on a few times, got a tad tipsy, kissed a very cute boy and got the smell of cigarette smoke permenantly lodged (I fear) in one of my favorite tops.

C - I spent Saturday watching MetalHead music videos, the Winter Olympics and other random things with my brother, his cutie roommates and my baby puppy. I rarely have as much fun doing ANYTHING as I do just being with my brother . . . but being with him and his roommates takes a close second. Those boys are insane. High comedy, people, high comedy. Saturday afternoon, our lovely Birdie met me at their place and we went shopping. Then we met my parents (they flew back in from Costa Maya, Belize, Cancun and Cozymel Saturday - cruise - punks) at my house with my brother and we all went out to eat. Again, nothing like being with family . . . and your best friend. The best night I’ve had in months. When Birdie left, the family watched a movie together then my brother went to his house, my father went to bed and then the nerds that mom and I truly are broke out. We watched 5 hours of Jeopardy and tried to beat each other answering questions. We’ve done this since Jeopardy first started. When I moved out, we started taping them so we could watch them together and compete. We watch them whenever we can be alone together. Secret mother-daughter type stuff, you understand.

D - I woke up Sunday and got some one-on-one daddy time. We sat around, talked sports, brewed coffee, made a grocery list and just talked. About everything. Then we went to Wal-Mart and bought the makings of a fantabulous brunch. Ham, sausage, bacon, makings for French Toast, makings for omelettes, orange juice for the Champagne my parents had brought from the cruise, etc. etc. etc. My brother came back over and the four of us spent the morning/early afternoon cooking, dancing around the kitchen to Steely Dan’s AJA album, getting drunk of Champagne Mimosas and just being a family. When my parents had to leave, my brother and I stayed at my place, watched a movie and then went for a run with Kady (my most fantabulously cute puppy). After he left, I caught up on some e-mail and IM responsibilities, did some laundry and reflected on how lucky I am. I have a family that most people can’t even imagine, friends that are amazing beyond reason and everything I could ever want . . . save someone to share my life with. But you know, I feel complete without it. I have more than most people ever will.

2 - You’re not going to like my next post.

Some of you, particularly newcomers, will think I’m being depressive and self-pitying. The truth of it is, a lot of you have been asking about my illnesses and my absences . . and this will explain most of it. I’ve had some opinions from friends telling me not to post it. That I don’t have to explain or go into detail. But, I know how I am when I want answers to others questions. . . so here are my answers to yours. It will probably be up later today.

3 - I’m lazy.

There are SO many comments I want to comment on, but I would end up in the comment sections of the posts I’ve neglected for hours. Just know I read all your comments and you guys are wonderful! DON’T worry so much about me! I’m happy and healthy and having a blast! I will, however, go to NashVegas (BG, you crack my stuff up with that) soon . . . because I miss BG desperately and it’s my turn to see her environment. Ang - chica, you are so right - we could tear it up. I would even give you one of my blowpops when we go out! :) That way you can REALLY catch you a man. Ha ha ha! Steph, melancholiness is alright. We’re all there one time or another . . . you’re so right. It helps us heal, but we can’t live our lives there. I promise you I’m not. And on and on and on. . . . But I’m too lazy to answer them all now. I need to stay on top of them - - 5 at a time - - so I don’t get too overwhelmed. I promise to do that! :)

4 - I’ve missed you guys.

I’m so behind on blogs. I admit to being a lurker, when time permitted, and reading some of your blogs - but not commenting YET. I’m not promising to catch up, but I’m promising to be back for your new ones. :) You guys now how it is!!! I need to see if Rolligun has ceased being so attractive to stare at in public airports, if Auburn enjoyed her bartending experience, if Jen has found some cutie maternity clothes, if Laurie let Barbie back in her group, if Trueborn is still swamped with schoolwork and ladies, if Indiana is back from hiatus, if Bone has realized the extent of his own genius, if Mike is moving or staying put, if Kate is still keeping us aware of the latest political happenings, and all you other guys . . . I could be listing for DAYS.

HUGS all around, kids!


Drunken Chud said...

for the record, i never thought you were depressed. you can't write that beautifully and be depressed. anyhow, glad you're back and ready for some serious blogging chica.

Coyote Mike said...

What she doesn't mention folks is, this afternoon she teased me with what she had gotten to eat today, while poor me had toasted cheese sandwiches for supper for the sole reason as that was all I had around.

Teasing a hungry man with french-toast and sausages is like teasing a horney man with a lillipop, and we all know you wouldn't do that . . . more than once a day.

meghansdiscontent said...

Drunken Chud - Thank you, babe. For everything - the belief that I wasn't depressed, the compliment on my writing, etc.

Coyote Mike - Poor boy. We have to find you a woman. One that cooks. And soon. And - yes, yes, I would tease a man with a lollipop more than once a day . . . but he would have to be someone I was involved with - - and could follow through with. :)

Indiana said...

Megs I think this MFZ is unhealthy you need to go and find a hard man and shag him'll feel better ~grin~

auburn said...

Your weekend sounds like it was pure bliss. My brothers and their friends are high comedy as well. Seriously, only yesterday one of them was here and crashtackling me on the lounge. I am SOOOOO ticklish. Unbelievably ticklish. They have a ball with it.

As for you, honey, you don't have to explain anything. We love you just the same.


meghansdiscontent said...

Indiana - Love, how could I have guessed that would be your recommendation?? :) Babe, I luv ya, but you're totally predictable.

Auburn - It was! It was! And I feel your pain on the ticklish thing. Someone looks at me wrong and I go into convulsions. BAD thing. And I want to explain, too many people have asked for me not to.

Jenni said...

You are one blessed girl to have such wonderful people around you! You really know how to live it up, there's nothing like throwing a few back with family.You, your writing, your life are all gorgeous!

Kate said...

Now you've done it Meg. Between you and BG, you remind me how much I miss my Mom. I probably won't get to see her until summer.

I love your family stories. It sounds like you had a great weekend.

meghansdiscontent said...

Jenni - Yes, yes, I am. If I spend the rest of my life not finding "the One" - I will still die happy knowing I had many. As for gorgeousness - babe, you're one to talk!!! New baby on the way, fantabulous husband, job you love, good friends! :)

Kate - How is it that I'm always making you miss your brothers or your mom?? :) I couldn't bear not seeing my mother until summer. This is such a telling thing, but we have to see each other at least once a month. Thank HEAVEN that we are only about 150 miles apart. I will start wishing for you to have that walk-in closet AND more time with your mom!

angel, jr. said...

Hi! Just giving you a hug back!!!

Bone said...

So you didn't spend any time online this weekend chatting?

PS: What sound does a chicken make?

beachgirl said...

Gurl, you just ain't right.... I spent most of the weekend waiting on the snow storm of the century, no lie, it snowed everywhere BUT Nashvegas. Literally we were like the middle of a donut... Bitter!!!

We seriously have to lock down a date for you to come to Nashvegas.. Wonder if any of the other kids from the blogosphere would want to visit as well??

Lizzie said...

For what it's worth, I don't think you need to explain yourself to us. I just mean that everyone has ups and downs - Lord knows a while back I was afraid anyone reading my blog might try to have me committed - and people may worry, but don't feel the need to justify yourself or anything. (Hope that didn't sound too preachy, I meant it in a nice way.)

ps- I can totally relate to the laziness thing. I've been slacking off on comments too!

Rolligun said...


the gator?!? Could you please describe how that actually works.

...and the looks I got at the airport were more along the lines of those that a child would give while watching someone in a wheelchair conduct a "time trial" It had nothing to do with being cute, but the gator, I think that's something worth talking about.

mrshife said...

It sounds like everything is alright in your world. And your family sounds awesome. You are a lucky gal.

Steph said...

Just know this. we care.