Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Weirdness That Is Me

Five things.
Just five.
Have to remember that.
Or I'll list things all day.
Five weird things about moi:

1 - I know when I'm going to be sick.
No, really. The night before an illness hits me, I have a dream.
It's the same dream EVERY time.
It's about a Jack in the Box.
The handle turns on it's own, out pops this huge clown, waving back and forth, and then . . . he pops out of the box and chases me (child form of me) on a pogo stick.
He's on the pogo stick, not me.

Side note: VERY odd thing - I told my mother about the dream when I was 5. She told me she does the same thing. When she's going to be sick, she dreams of a clown. NOT a jack in the box, but still . . . a clown. Umm, WEIRD!! Dreams can run in families?????

2 - I hate feet.
Hate 'em.
Don't touch mine.
Don't go near them.
I hate them.
And I have pretty feet - - or, at least, I did before the last car wreck.
It's just a thing.
I hate them.
But LOVE shoes.
Adore them.
Have hundreds of them.
But I would rather be barefoot than in shoes.
Even though I hate feet.
Uh huh.

3 - I can't/won't eat chicken off the bone.
My meat has to be boneless.
Or I don't touch it.
And white meat.
Or I don't touch it.

4 - I zone out.
My mom used to think I was having seizures.
Very blank look on my face.
And I zone out at the most inoportune times.
And it's not a reflection on whomever I'm speaking to or where I am.
I will just zone out.
Stare off into space.
Hear NOTHING that is said to me.
And then snap back to and say "Huh? What was that? Were you talking?"

5 - I have to have a watch on.
Have to.
I feel naked without it.
And I'm time obsessed.
I have to have a schedule.
And the watch keeps me to it.
And if something throws me off my schedule, even if it's just a random one that I've thrown together in my head - watch out.
I'm not a happy camper.
Oh, and I have to be early.
Again, the need for the watch.
Which is set at least 5 minutes fast.
And I know this, but I still act like the time is DEAD ON.
If I'm not somewhere 10-15 minutes early, assume I'm not coming.
That's just how I am.

So - - there are the very long explanations of just a FEW of the weird things about me.

Oh oh oh
Addition of a sixth, because posting on Indiana's site made me remember another one that's pretty representative:

6 - If I REALLY like a guy.
I mean REALLY like him.
I'll try and set him up with my friends.
Because deep down I think I have no chance or that the relationship will go badly.
Setting him up with my friends allows me to have something really good to look at and to make my friends happy as well.
And - - it works. THREE of my friends that I have set up with guys I was semi-in love/lust with have gotten married to them.
Happily ever after.


Indiana said...

And thats a bad thing because...ohhhh right, you wanted to experience them first ~grin~

Jenni said...

Wow, dreaming before you get sick. And your mom does the same thing. That is amazing.
Hating feet here too, EWWWWWW.

Bone said...

The dream before you get sick thing is freaky.

And #6... I think you're carrying the being a good friend thing a bit far :)

I go thru phases with watches. Right now, I'm in a non-watch-wearing phase. Have been for about a year.

Kate said...

Okay, I'll give you that the clown thing is freaky. I have a recurring dream but it doesn't predict anything. It just lets me know that I'm overwhelmed with things.

#6- Girl, just get over that one because you deserve first-pick or don't make anymore friends because eventually you'll run out of girls to set up. ;-)

beachgirl said...

Megs- I'm with you about the feet thing, I would rather be barefoot than anything else...

The chicken thing- hellfire I'll eat me some fried chicken and lick right off the bone.. but no dark meat for me!! Blech!

As for the zoning out?? I have seen it first hand.. and it freaked me out.. I was like, megs, are you alright.. I didn't have the explanation then, which by the way, would have been extremely helpful....I was a little worried...

and #6 for the love of man, we have to break you of that bad habit!! Durnit girl!!

mrshife said...

What happens if you dream about clown's feet?

pk said...

What BG really meant Meg was that she wants to break you out of #6 after you set her up with her husband.

Steph said...

Maybe the setting your friends up thing is a test. You want to see if they'd pick your friends over you before you take a chance on him?

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I'm freaked out about your and your mom's clown dreams. Clowns are scary enough when we're awake. But seriously, too weird.

Does your foot fear mean you don't get pedicures? =O
My sis never gets them b/c she won't let anyone touch her feet.

Stop settin yer friends up from now on. Nice of you to make others happy, but it's time for YOU to be happy. Hm, this thinking that somethin will go wrong is a very big wall you are putting up my Meghie. Don't be so neggy. OMG. DON'T BE SO NEGGY, MEGHIE! ahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i need coffee.

Coyote Mike said...

I had a pedicure once and the lady made my foot bleed.

Also, I'm so happy that this thingie I started last week has kept on going. Go me!!