Friday, April 21, 2006

It's a Comfort Day

The alarm went of at 5:10
I rose and felt the heat emitted from my forehead
I was dizzy with the effort of walking
A shower would help

I realized I couldn’t stand straight
I wrapped a towel around my head
Another around my body
I crawled back to bed
I couldn’t sleep
I should be at work
I can’t miss another day
No one to answer to, just myself
But I’m a demanding bitch

The phone rang
My heart jumped into my throat
It’s just Todd
He forgets the time difference since he moved to New York
"Let me make you feel better"
It worked for 10 minutes
Then the fever took over again

The phone rang
My stomach did small flips
It’s just Brandon
Trying to catch me before work
"Don’t lie to me, if she called you, I want to know"
I told him I couldn’t deal with the drama

I laid back down
I tried to close my eyes
But the world was spinning
I watched the sunlight creep blue across my floor
I gave up
I grabbed The Fountainhead and made for the hammock
Reading well worn pages
Marked passages
The words blurred
Back inside

"Angry Johnny"
Cold leather couch against my legs
My upper body on the floor
Don’t throw up
Don’t throw up
Don’t throw up



Coyote Mike said...

even superheros get the flu

Ang said...

Hi....I am sorry I have been shit!

I hope you are ok, not just the I hope you are ok, but the really ok!! I promise an email this weekend. (I am supposed to be writing a final, so I will have lots of time to procrastinate!)

Listen to your body, slow down!

Feel better! Get well!

Trix said...

You read the Fountainhead when attempting to feel better? That would just make me dizzier!

Feel better, sweets. Let us know if you need anything.


Rolligun said...

Hey can you send me the

ThinkingAloud: Terms and definitions handbook

there was a couple of 'em I had to apply to context...

not a very good at that, but I'm glad to hear your phone is working

Steph said...

Hope you feel better soon babe.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

Hey babygirl. I have been a major blog slacker since all this school stuff took over my life.
I promise to try and come by more.
If I don't comment it doesn't mean I don't read it when I'm catchin up on blogs.