Monday, April 24, 2006

What I Want To Scream At You

Stop calling me
Stop coming around
Stop listening
Stop caring

Stop smiling at me
Stop holding me
Stop checking on me
Stop asking

Stop being so perfect
Stop making me sad
Stop holding my hand
Stop buying me things

Stop playing me songs
Stop writing me letters
Stop opening up
Stop expecting the same

Stop everything you do
In regards to me
Because I can’t stand it
I don’t want it
I won’t bear it

Just stop
Just stop


Faltenin said...

The worst thing is, when he reads this, he'll think it's a cry for help and he'll call you up...

Or is that the best thing?

Coyote Mike said...

you have no idea how friggen jealous many of us are about having someone care for us like that.

janestarr said...

It's not that she doesn't appreciate it, it's that she can't reciprocate to the same level, or reciprocating will be falling in love all over again. Those are my two theories. But either way, she appreciates more than he knows.

Steph said...

I can so relate to that right now. The "forgiver" is still being forgiving, when i just want him to yell at me or tell me to "fuck off". Sometimes people can kill us with kindness.

Jenni said...

I sooooo do NOT envy the place you are in right now. It's tough to stop taking calls, stop responding. You don't want to be mean, but damn you've got to get the point across.

Rolligun said...

What if I just call you once more?

Trix said...

Honey, if this is what you really want, then don't you think you should be saying this to him instead of us?


ChickyBabe said...

Not taking no for an answer, or is he still hoping?

meghansdiscontent said...

Fal - Sweetie, you nailed it. And no, it's not the best thing. I want him to move on.

Coyote - Umm . . don't be. I don't think it's real caring. Yes, on some level it is. But on other levels it's just want of something he can't have and pity.

Janestarr - THANK YOU! Yes!

Steph - Thank heavens you ladies are understanding! Exactly! I just want him to yell at me and walk away or ANYTHING but this.

Jenni - I've done everything I can just short of being a complete bitch. I don't want to lose my friend, but it looks more and more like that's the road this is going to go down.

Rolli - Oh, honey, NO. :)

Trix - I DID tell him. I swear. I said all these things. Though it was more tearful than the adamancy (right, that's a word) you see here.

ChickyBabe - Both. I think both. He told me last night that he thinks it's not ME telling him No. It's how overwhelmed I am and that I am just looking at him as another problem. That he will wait until my problems subside and I will realize that he's an answer. ARGH!