Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Damaged: Part IV


He watched her get in the shower and wanted to shake her.
What the hell was going through her head.
He’d seen her become distant before, but not like last night.
He had tried to keep his distance from her emotionally.
He knew she wasn’t ready for an attachment, and he hadn’t been sure he wanted one.
But over the past few months . . . she’d gotten to him.
She looked haunted this morning.

They’d met at a birthday party for his roommate, Jason.
She leaning against a wall drinking Crown and Coke.
"Do you want to be alone?"
"Not necessarily."
"Do you want to talk to me?"
"If I gave the same answer, would you think I was rude?"
He laughed.
"Then I plead the fifth."
"How do you know Jason?"
"Through his girlfriend, Melody. How do you know him?"
"He’s my roommate."
"Ah, Air Force guy, eh?"
"You have a problem with the Air Force?"
"I didn’t say that. I just asked if you were one of them."
"Like it?"
"It pays the bills."
"No speech about serving your country and patriotism?"
"College wasn’t my thing. I didn’t want to flip burgers. The military seemed the only viable option."
"At least you’re honest about it."

He waited to see what she’d say next.
Would she further the conversation or wait for him to leave.
The silence was palpable.

"Well, I guess I should go see how the chicken’s cooking."
"Nice talking to you."

He watched her the rest of the night.
She didn’t really fit with her friends.
They were all laughing and flirting, eyeing which guys they were going to give their numbers to and ignoring the rest.
She just kept to herself.
She wasn’t rude, just not really approachable.

"You again."
He laughed. "Does that mean I’m unwelcome?"
"No, just unexpected."
"Well, I figured I was un-something."
He saw her smile for the first time.
"Uh oh. Don’t do that. I might have to make you laugh next."
Her lips twitched a little.
"Don’t you have something else you should be doing?"
"Nothing I can think of."
"Where’s your girlfriend?"
"Who said I had one?"
"Cock-blocked so early in the night? That was cruel of him."
She laughed this time.
"Why are you hitting on me if you have a girlfriend?"
"I wasn’t hitting on you. Just talking to you."
"Does that line work?"
His turn to laugh.
"Okay, so maybe I was hitting on you a little."
"Uh huh."
"Can’t blame a guy for trying."
"You can if he has a girlfriend."
"We’re on the rocks."
"Guess that’s better than frozen."
"Margarita metaphors?"
"Give a girl a break."
"Give a guy a phone number."
"Oh, that was subtle."
"That’s my middle name."
"I get the feeling your little black book is full enough without my adding to it."
"Am I wrong?"
"Who burned you?"
The smile slid off her face.
"No one. I just don’t like taken guys vying for numbers."
"What about guys that aren’t taken?"
"That doesn’t apply here."
He laughed again.
"You’re tough."
"So . . . if I find myself single, can I call you?"
"If you can get my number."
"Good enough."


Carl from L.A. said...

I am always amazed at how some people (i.e. you) can recall lengthy conversations, line by line, word for word.

Coyote Mike said...

Wanna come be in my class so I can have a good writing student?

meghansdiscontent said...

Carl - It comes in handy during relationship arguments, family occassions and work related incidents. What can I say, it's a gift. (even though I get the feeling you were being a smart ass!)

Coyote - If I'm so good . . . do I need a class???? ha ha ha (PS - you're biased, I'm not that good)

Coyote Mike said...

Just cuz you're good doesn't mean I can't teach you something :P

Plus, it doesn't take much to be better than my students.

Steph said...

And then????

Trix said...

I'm with Steph...please, don't let this become like the Soprano's. I don't want to wait two years for a new episode!


Drunken Chud said...

gotta give him props. he was persistent. though, slightly less obnoxious than me.

Jenni said...

Have I told you lately that I LOVE your writing? Wellll....I LOVE your writing. It's amazing. Your stories aren't just stories, they're vivid scenes with great dialogue in a movie in my head.

Adam said...

Those were awesome.