Saturday, June 10, 2006


Do you know when it happens?
Or do you look around you, seeing the faces of people you know grimacing and shadowing over, and begin to realize: I’m melting down.

Things change before you can stop them.
Before you can decide if you could or would or even should.
You find yourself at the center of things.
Faces and objects revolving around you.

Spinning so quickly that you know if you only reached out, tried to grab one, to see it’s shape instead of a blur, you couldn’t withdraw, you would be swept inside or lose your arm resisting.

You start to question.
Are these things revolving or am I?

Curling centrally, rotating so quickly, dizzying, spellbinding, screaming, but the words won’t be heard because the whoosh you're creating overtakes them.

Don’t stop or you’ll be sick.

Don’t stop or you’ll be sick.


Laurie (aka buggy) said...

Hello Sweetheart. <333

Carl from L.A. said...

Dr Carl says:

Don't let things get out of control, Britt. Be strong and believe in yourself.

Take a step back, breathe deep, disengage briefly if necessary, to regain your footing.

People and things will always spin and change around you. Always take care of yourself, and let everything/everybody do their own things, work themselves out. Go with the flow.

Rolligun said...

Alright this post has a bit more depth than my comment, but I know exactly what that feels like, only with the wrong combinination of things. Didn't mean to cheapen it.

Otherwise, I say find one thing, one thing that works for you and startover from there. It should be something close, something you won't necessarily need to reach for.

Drunken Chud said...

you can reach for me. you know i'm a sucker for you. hehehehehe.

Scorpy said...

I may have to re-read this but it does sound a little like the way I feel...I am surrounded by people but totaly alone...they rush by whilst I stand still - not knowing in what direction to turn :(

Officially Fabulous said...

Thinking about you Britt... You are strong, you are inspiring, you are going to make it through. ~hugs from VA~
~Fab : )

Jenni said...

"Don't stop or you'll be sick"...either sick or so profoundly exhausted that you'll never recover to ever spin again.

Steph said...

Enough of the cryptic blog posts. What is wrong. What's going on with you?

Anonymous said...

I think you should try and drink your way through the spinning.