Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Every Morning

Every morning, on the way to work, I pass a business.
This business is still in operation.
I can say that with some certainty.
For when I pass it again on my way out, I see customers, employees and all signs of a bustling business.
The business is a Goodyear Tire Store.

Every morning, on the way to work, I question this business.
Because the front windows are painted with a jaunty display.
Something that obviously cost a great deal of money.
It’s quite impressive.
The block lettering, the faux fireworks, each paint-stroke meticulous.
And still I question, every morning.
Because it says:

Make 2005 a Happy New Year!!!
Giant Tire Sale Occurring Now!

By my calculations, this must have been painted at least 20 months and a few days ago.
20 months.
Because it is now 2006.
And nearing the end of 2006, at that.
And this message was clearly painted in 2004.

What a fantastic way to run a business.


Candy said...

I don't even know what to say. All i can do is laugh

Drunken Chud said...

as busch league as that seems... not only do you know the store type, and the fact that they are still in business, but exactly what the sign says. i'd say that's hella good marketing right there. but, still kinda busch.

Coyote Mike said...

Maybe everybody else in Arkansas still think its 2005